25 CVC Word Worksheets For Kindergarten: Free & Easy Print

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten Pin

Looking for some CVC word worksheets for your kindergarten kids?

Below you will find 25 high quality printables that were carefully designed to help your early readers build phonics skills!

These pages are organized to give you a warm-up/skills check, short vowel mini CVC word packets, and review worksheets to wrap it all up.

This blog post will dive into:

  • Explaining CVC Words

  • Help With Vowel Sounds

  • A Preview Of The Free Kindergarten Worksheet Packet – With Teaching Tips! 

  • A Word About CVC Word Families

  • A Link To An Instant Download PDF File!

Wait, What Is A CVC Word?

CVC Word: Man

I thought the same thing when I first started teaching, so no shame in wondering.

CVC stands for “consonant vowel consonant.”

So, they are essentially three-letter words that start with a consonant sound, have one vowel, and end with another consonant. 

They always have a short vowel sound, never a long vowel sound (which is when the vowel says its name).

Some examples of CVC words would be: bat, cat, sat, bed, fed, pen, pig, bib, wig, dog, log, hog, bus, bug, hug, etc. 

The CVC word activities in the packet below will help young learners read all of those words and many more!

Visual Cues To Help Beginning Readers Remember The Correct Vowel

It can be very difficult for kids in the early years to consistently remember the correct vowel letter sounds.

This goes back to phonemic awareness skills that should have been covered in pre-reading activities, but for some reason, it is still a struggle for MANY kids. 

No matter how awesomely you prepare them.

For this reason, it can be very helpful to teach your kid a visual cue to help them get to the vowel sound faster. Doing these regularly with your child will be a little silly, very fun, and will help them to really internalize the short vowel sounds!

Feel free to make up your own, but these are the ones I like for my kids:

1. Short A Cue

teacher holding an apple

Hold out your hands like you have an apple and you are offering it to your child.


2. Short E Cue

Elephant Trunk

Move your arm like an elephant truck going up and down.


3. Short I Cue

hand flicking something icky

Scrunch up your face, pretend to flick a bug off your arm, and say I-i-icky!

4. Short O Cue

tentacle of octopus

Move your arms around like tentacles slowly moving through the ocean.


5. Short U Cue

yellow umbrella

Pretend you are holding an umbrella in your hand and look up as if the rain is pouring down on you.


Check Out Your Free CVC Worksheets for Kindergarteners!

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 1

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 2

These first two free worksheets are a little bit of a warm-up.

Can your child consistently hear the beginning sound of each of the simple words?

Can they correctly write the missing letters?

Of course, you want to make sure they understand the name of each picture. For example, you can tell them it’s a “ram”, not a “sheep.”

Before moving on, make sure they feel comfortable with this important skill.

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 3\ CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 4

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 5

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 6

This pack of four CVC words worksheets focuses on the short a vowel sound. 

All of the following printable worksheet packets will follow a similar format. 

You are free to go through them in any order that makes sense to you and your kid. 

If you are looking for some structure, I would recommend starting off with the Short A CVC sheet. Cover the picture and have your child write a lower case /a/ in the blank. 

Help her sound out the first consonant, do the visual cue for the vowel, and then the end consonant. 

You may have to do this several times and that’s okay. When they are able to read the correct word, reward them by uncovering the picture!

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 7

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 8

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 9

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 10

Above is the short E CVC word activity packet.

Your child will discover that even though there is a different middle sound, they can still sound out new word after new word!

That is the magic of phonics lessons and the skills you are teaching!

After doing the Short E CVC page, move on to Read, Write, and Color, and then on to the fluency sentences.

Your child may already recognize “I, see, and a” as sight words, but if not, go ahead and help them read those portions.

The goal of these sheets is to sound out short vowel words, so no big deal if they stumble over these sentences. 

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 11

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 12

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 13

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 14

To break up any possible monotony, these Short I kindergarten worksheets have a little bit of a different twist.

Instead of the fluency sentences with coloring, your child will read a sentence and then draw what they read!

This is such a fun way for them to enjoy what they are reading – and for you to check comprehension. Of course, let them know that you are not expecting any professional-level artwork.

Again, if they need help with sight words like “I and the” feel free to jump in and help them. 

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 15

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 16

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 17

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 18

As you can see these mini packets are very similar in how they are organized, so your child will definitely start to feel comfortable with tackling each of them. 

Can they work independently? That might be a huge confidence booster!

Again, feel free to do them in any order that makes sense to you, and use your visual cues to remember what the short /o/ says, 

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 19

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 20

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 21

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 22

There are so many fun CVC words that have the short /u/ sound!

I hope your kids enjoyed discovering that they could read and write all of these new words.

If your child seems to be struggling, consider putting these pages in a plastic sheet protector. Grab your dry erase markers and pull them out for regular review.

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 23

This fun worksheet will ask your child to write the missing vowel. 

Hopefully, this is a light review after going through all of the previous worksheets. If your child struggles though, that’s okay.

Continue to work on the visual cues, be patient, and the recall will come with time.

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 24

This worksheet is another opportunity for your child to review letter sounds for each CVC word.

Can your child write the correct letter?

***If your child gives your some wonky answers, check in and see if they understood the name of the picture. 

CVC Words Worksheet Kindergarten - 25

This free worksheet is probably the most difficult in the bunch. 

Your student will have to look at the picture and circle the correct word out of three very similar words. 

Encourage your child to take their time and read carefully before choosing.

What About CVC Word Families?

A CVC word family is a great way to help kids sound out new words quickly.

It essentially helps kids to recognize word chunks. Then they just have to add on one more sounds!

Some examples of word families would be: -ig, -og, -at, and -ad.

Young learners can use them to sound out words such as p-ig, l-og, or b-ad.

Definitely check out my -AN Word Family Worksheets and my -AT Word Family Worksheets for more on how to use word families as you teach reading.

Click Here To Download Your CVC Word Worksheet Packet!

arrow pointing up

Teaching your child these early phonics lessons can be so fun and rewarding!

I love showing my kids that they CAN read so many words with just the letter sounds they already know. 

If you are a  kindergarten teacher, a teacher for English language learners, or a homeschool mom (like me!), I know these printable CVC worksheets will be just the thing for your readers.

Enjoy and share!

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