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Looking for some free letter V printables for your kindergarten kids or preschool students?

Well, I’m back with another letter of the week pack!

Last week we dove into the letter U, and this week we are going to be doing all things letter V!

These printable worksheets are full of coloring pages, letter recognition worksheets, a printable book, a play dough mat, and more educational activities!

They will fit into any and all lesson plans as you teach the letters of the alphabet to your younger children.

I include easy step-by-step instructions for teaching each of the pages. You may think that it is a cut-and-dry thing to teach, but there are always twists and turns when teaching little ones.

At the bottom of this post, you will find an instant download page for all the alphabet worksheets.

Check Out Your Amazing Letter V Printable Pack!

Letter V Printables - 1

We’re starting things off with a letter V coloring page!

This fun coloring page is perfect for teaching the sound of the letter v. 

See if your student can correctly identify each of the images. No worries, if you have to jump in and help.

They should see a vacuum, volleyball, vulture, violin, and volcano.

Do they hear the same sound repeated over and over and again? 

Can they guess what makes the V sound?

Letter V Printables - 2

This is the first time I’ve included a playdough mat in my alphabet worksheets, and I’m kind of obsessed with it!

It is such a fun, hands-on approach to introduce the letter V before diving into a tracing worksheet. 

Work with your student to roll playdough out into a “rope” to make the V shape. 

Point out that the V has a point at the bottom, which is what makes it different from the letter U.

Another activity you could do is glue popsicle sticks to the mat and decorate them!

Letter V Printables - 3

Alrighty, now it’s time for the dotted lines!

Help your younger kids follow the numbers and trace the capital letter V. 

Encourage them to really focus on making that point at the bottom. Being intentional about this will help them so much to avoid making a sloppy upper case letter V that really looks like a U. 

Letter V Printables - 4

This page looks familiar, right?!

Well, the lowercase letter v looks a lot like the uppercase version. 

Your child might struggle a little with the fine motor skills to make the smaller v. Encourage all progress and just make sure they understand that this v needs a sharp point. 

It is a lot like the letter k in that way. Sharp angles matter and make all the difference with handwriting.

Letter V Printables - 5

Yeah for letter identification!

Help your child hunt for the uppercase letter /V/ with their do-a-dot marker. 

You can also use crayons, markers, pieces of construction paper or whatever you have on hand to make a polka dot!

Letter V Printables - 6

Can your child help the vulture sift through all the lowercase letters to find the baby /v/?

You may think this will be a piece of cake for your kid, but it’s a great way to see if they have any letter confusion with /w/.

Watch them carefully and see if they hover over /w/ and have to think for a minute. If so, tell them that you will be studying that letter next week.

Letter V Printables - 7

This fun coloring page is the perfect way to see if your child is retaining the letter v sound.

Go through each image and make sure they understand what each one is.

They should color van, vest, vulture, volcano, vault, and vase.

Letter V Printables - 8

Your kid might dive right in with this activity, but if not, challenge them with a few riddles!

My favorite kid of ice cream is white. It’s…v-v-vanilla!

If a snake is poisonous, that means it has…v-v-venom!

When my dog is sick, I take it to the…v-v-vet!

As always, your child shouldn’t stress about their art skills. Tell them that just need to make their best effort. Professional artist-level skills are not required.

Letter V Printables - 9

Letter V Printables - 10

Letter V Printables - 11\ Letter V Printables - 12

Letter V Printables - 13

Letter V Printables - 14

Kids always love making these fun alphabet books!

Older children may be able to complete it in one day, but most kids at the kindergarten/preschool level will need to do this a bit at a time over several days to do their best work.

Two staples should hold it together with no problem.

Letter V Printables - 15

Yep, there’s another fun coloring picture! 

For an added touch, glue some googly eyes on the vulture. 

If you have some scraps of fabric and a creative streak, you could also glue a little v-v-vest onto him!

Letter V Printables - 16

Tracing pages are usually not the favorite of most kids, but it is such helpful review and practice for little hands.

This sheet is printed large enough that they should not struggle too much with the tracing.

If your child is still a little shaky with the letter sound – which would be understandable now that we’re towards the end of the alphabet – have them name each of the pictures while stressing the first sound.

For example, v-v-violin, v-v-volcano, v-v-vegetables. You could also have your child hold their hands in a “v-shape” while saying each word.

Letter V Printables - 17

This is the last of my printable alphabet worksheets for letter v.

It gives a nice review of the concepts that we have covered. 

Your child can color in the violin and then practice tracing the capital and lower case letter v. There are letter mazes and a chance to draw something that starts with /v/. 

Be ready with another riddle for them!

Lastly, your child can enjoy the maze and more handwriting practice.

And that’s a wrap for the alphabet letter V!

Click Here To Download Your Letter V Free Printables!

These hands-on activities are definitely the fun way to teach letter formation and letter sounds!

I hope you and your child enjoyed the free printable letter v coloring pages and other fun activities. 

If you are looking for more things to tie into your lesson plans, consider checking out my Letter Of The Week Movie List and/or this vase craft from All Kids Network.

You could also listen to some violin music on Youtube, read up on vultures, make a vest out of an old t-shirt, or even do a simple volcano experiment with baking soda and v-v-vinegar!

Of course, we will keep trekking through the letters of the alphabet.

So expect to see a free letter W packet on the blog soon!

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