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Looking to find some u-u-unbelievable letter U printables for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

Below you will find 15+ worksheets that are packed with letter u coloring pages, printable activities, and more!

Your younger children will learn all about letter U sounds, letter identification, proper letter formation, and letter u words.

These free printables are perfect to go along with any letter of the week curriculum!

Below you will find a preview of all of the worksheets.

This is another vowel, which can be tricky to teach. I always include my notes and tips to help you teach, so be sure to read them before diving into the material. 

There is a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to a digital download pdf file for all of the sheets.

Terms of use include classroom, co-op, homeschool, and personal use. Thanks!

Check Out Your Free Letter U Worksheets!


Letter U Printables - 1

This fun coloring page is a great way to introduce the letter U sound!

Help your student identify each picture: upstairs, underwear, umbrella, unhappy, up, umpire, and under.

Since vowels can be so difficult for children, consider teaching your child an action to go along with the sound. For example, tell them to pretend to hold an umbrella when saying the U sound. 

That will help to activate their memory and really internalize what they are learning.

But What About The Other U Sounds?

With young kids, it is important to introduce the short vowel sounds first. That is why you don’t see pictures of unicorns, UFOs, unicycles, or urchins.  

They will predominatly use the short sound when they start blending CVC words, and it is best to not confuse them with multiple possiblities.

The long U sound and R-controlled U sound are definitely for a later phonics lessons down the road. 

Letter U Printables - 2

This printable worksheet is a fun way to introduce writing the capital letter U and lowercase letter U.

Help you child follow the numbers and trace the dotted lines. Point out that sometimes the capital U has a little tail, and sometimes it doesn’t. 

This can depend on computer font or just personal handwriting style. It is important that they use the “tail” for now so that you can clearly tell the difference between a /u/ and a /v/.

You also want to make sure the student takes their time and doesn’t make something that looks like a sloppy /a/.

Small hands that are struggling through their fine motor skills need lots of practice, so feel free to slide this into a plastic sheet protector for future review and more practice with a dry-erase marker.

Letter U Printables - 3

This is the perfect handwriting printable to help your child start writing the letter U without the help of dotted lines.

Sit with your child and make sure they are following the same directions from the last page.

If necessary, have them trace the guides to help them feel more comfortable.

Letter U Printables - 4

This letter U do-a-dot worksheet will help your student with letter recognition of upper case U.

Kids of all ages love anything to do with do-a-dot markers, so you’ll have no problem getting your little learner to dive in!

Can your child find all the capital U letters?

Letter U Printables - 5

This alphabet worksheet will challenge your student to find the lowercase U letters.

Use a do-a-dot marker again or feel free to make it even more hands-on with stickers, scraps of construction paper, etc. 

Be sure to carefully go through this with your child though, as these letters of the alphabet can have very similar shapes.

Letter U Printables - 6

Help your child identify the beginning sound of each of these images.

Really stress the letter sounds as you say them: u-u-under, sh-sh-sheep.

If they can’t remember the correct sound for U, remind them to “hold their umbrella” as a hint for their memory.

They should color the images for umbrella, under, underwear, upset, up, and umpire.

Letter U Printables - 7

There are not very many words that start with the short U sound.

So, if your student comes up with the idea to draw a unicorn (or another long U word), tell them that they will learn about those types of words later.

Help them to focus on short U words:

The bird doesn’t fly down, it flies…Up!

I wasn’t happy, I was…Unhappy!

Letter U Printables - 8

Letter U Printables - 9\ Letter U Printables - 10

Letter U Printables - 11

Letter U Printables - 12

Letter U Printables - 13

This letter U make-your-own-book is always one of my favorite hands-on activities.

Over several days, have your child color, cut out, and assemble their book.

I know “ugly” is never a word that you want your child to use, but use this word as a teaching opportunity.

Many people would say that the monster is actually cute! Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Letter U Printables - 14

This letter worksheet will give your student plenty of extra practice with tracing the letter U. 

Letter U Printables - 15

Letter U Printables - 16

Letter U Printables - 17

This last worksheet is a great review of everything your child has learned!

It goes over tracing, handwriting, drawing letter U words, coloring letter u pictures, and even includes mazes!

Click Here For Your Free Letter U Printable Pack!

I hope that you and your children enjoy these letter U printables and educational activities!

Grab an umbrella craft template and you are good to go for the week!

As always, stay tuned for my next letter pack – letter V is coming soon!

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