35 Cute Animal Coloring Pages: Printable and Free!

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Need some cute animal coloring pages for your kids?

And it wouldn’t hurt if they were free and easy to download and print right now?

I have to tell you that free printable coloring pages were one of my main “go-to” things when I needed to keep my girls busy with a screen-free activity,

The only thing that could hold me back was my printer cartridge.

My youngest child still loves coloring, so I decided to pay it forward and add my own printable animal coloring pages to the moms searching the internet for a little peace and quiet. 

They are such a fun way for children of all ages to use their favorite colors and enjoy the relaxing, calming effects of coloring.

Fun Ways To Use These Cute Animal Coloring Pages!

1. Dot markers are so much for kids of all ages!

It somehow combines a kid’s love of pushing buttons, markers, and coloring.

My kids loved using them, but I would recommend a high-quality washable brand…for obvious reasons. 

These are the ones I love and you can get them on Amazon!

2. Gel Pens are a very close second!

They come in so many colors and are a blast to color with – especially when you’re coloring adorable baby animals!

Of course, you want to save these for older children who are unlikely to color your walls with them.

We got a huge pack of them from Five Below, but you can definitely grab a pack from Amazon too! 

Check out this pack on Amazon – it’s very close to what we have.

3. Mixed Media for the win!

Mixed media is just a fancy term for using different things to create art. It is so simple to do with kids and a fun activity to take these cute coloring pages to the next level.

Give your kids regular household things like toothpicks, cotton balls, pieces of sponge, washable paint, small pieces of fabric, and let them create!

Cute Animal Coloring Pages: Click for Instant Download and Printing

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see all of the animal coloring sheets!

There are 35 pages of animals to see: cute baby animals, farm animals, jungle animals, and zoo animals!

Feel free to print them all out and make your own coloring book! 

Please keep in mind that they are for personal use or classroom use only.

Cute Bear with Bow Coloring Page

I just love the big eyes of these baby animal coloring pages. I made sure to include ones with bows and ones without, so make sure you scroll till you find the one you like!

Cute Bear Coloring Page

Cute Bunny with Bow Coloring Page

Cute Cat coloring page

Cute Cat with Bow Standing Coloring Page

Doesn’t it look like this cat is standing up for a hug? I’m not a fan of cats, but this is so precious!

Cute Cat with Bow Sitting Coloring page

Cute Deer Coloring Page

This is supposed to be a baby deer, but it’s totally fine if you want to tell your kids that it’s a baby Sven. The resemblance is definitely there.

Cute Dog with Bow Coloring Page

Cute Elephant Coloring Page

I just have to drop in and say that out of all 35 free coloring pages, this baby elephant is my favorite! 

Cute Hippo sitting Coloring Page

Encourage your kids to use unconventional color choices. What wild color can they dream up for a hippo?

Hippo with Bow Coloring page

How doesn’t love a baby hippo wearing a bow?? 

Cute Hippo with Bow Standing Coloring Page

Cute Jellyfish Coloring Page

Jellyfish are dangerous, but also very beautiful. This coloring page is a great option to get in the mixed media I was talking about earlier. Consider using paper streamers or pipe cleaners for the tentacles.

Cute Lion Coloring Page

Lions are usually the fierce kings of the jungle, but this jungle animal coloring page makes him look so cuddly!

Cute Owl Coloring Page

One of my daughter’s favorite animals is the owl. She has a tiny stuffed one that she used to carry everywhere with her, and this one looks just like it!

Cute Pig Coloring Page

My kids and I saw baby piglets at a farm last year and I cannot tell you how cute they were! These free printables remind me of those rolly polly pigs so much!

Cute Pig with Bow Coloring Page

Cute Rabbit Coloring Page

Cute Rooster Coloring Page

Cute Hen Sitting on Eggs Coloring page

Below you will find a different coloring page design to mix things up! They still feature super cute animals for your kids (or you!) to color!

Cute Baby Squirrel Coloring Page

Cute Baby Deer Coloring Page

Cute Bird Coloring Page

Cute Lion Coloring Page

Cute Baby Bear Coloring Page

This cute animal coloring page reminds me so much of bear cubs or my kids’ favorite teddy bears – you just want to squeeze them!

Cute Baby Bunny Coloring Page

Cute Baby Duck Coloring Page

Cute Baby Hippo Coloring Page

Cute Baby Porcupine Coloring Page

Cute Baby Rhino Coloring Page

This little baby Rhino coloring page truly melts my heart. Doesn’t he look like a little tough guy?

Cute Snail Coloring Page

Cute Baby Duck and Baby Squirrel Coloring Page

I made sure to include some more complicated designs for the older child who may enjoy more of a challenge. I just love the sweet pairings of these animals!

Cute Baby Rhino and Baby Deer Coloring Page

Cute Bear and Lion Coloring Page

Cute Snail and Snake Coloring Page

Recap Cute Animal Coloring Pages

I hope you loved scrolling through these free cute animal coloring pages.

Coloring really is a great way to bond with kids, teach them early color recognition, and get them off the screens.

For some extra educational fun, consider having your younger children write or say the name of the animals. Older children may enjoy learning fun facts about each animal they color from YouTube or library books.

Or maybe you just need an easy way to get some peace and quiet at home – that’s okay too!

Either way, I hope you love these simple designs and happy coloring!

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