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Looking for some w-w-wonderful letter W printables for your kindergarten kids or preschool lessons?’

I have been having so much fun making these free alphabet printables for young children, and I can’t believe that we’re already on the 23rd letter of the alphabet!

We are getting to the end here, so I made sure to pack in all the hands-on activities and fun that I could.

The following activities include free printable letter tracing pages, free coloring pages, a playdough mat, a letter W craft, a make-your-own letter book, and more!

Your young learners will be working on letter recognition, letter formation of capital letter W and lowercase letter w, the letter w sound – all while developing their fine motor skills!

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link that will take you to an instant download page for the whole printable packet. Please only use it in the classroom, co-op, and homeschool setting.

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter W Worksheets!

Letter W Printables - 1

This first page is a letter w coloring page – definitely the fun way to introduce what the letter W sounds like!

Work with your child to identify each of the pictures: whale, wheelchair, watch, worm, wave, web, waterfall, and watermelon.

Can they hear the sound that each word starts with?

What other pictures could have been on this printable worksheet that make the same sound?

Letter W Printables - 2

Every kid loves getting their fingers into some playdough!

A great way to get started is to have your child make their playdough into a long w-w-worm.

Then have the “worm” follow the white line into the “dirt.”


Letter W Printables - 3

This tracing page is a very gentle introduction to writing upper case letter W and lowercase w.

Your child’s hand will not be overwhelmed and exhausted with only writing them four times each. 

If you think your child will need extra practice, be sure to slide a blank copy into a sheet protector. Use dry-erase markers for quick, fun review!

Letter W Printables - 4

This sheet will have your child writing lowercase letters and uppercase letters without the help of dotted lines.

If your child starts to look confused, have them trace the guides at the top of the page. 

As a side note, isn’t it interesting that this letter is called “double-U” when it really looks like a “double-V”?

Remind your child about writing letter V last week. Tell them that this is really just writing two of those. They can do it!

Letter W Printables - 5

Time for letter identification!

Uppercase letters have spilled out of their boxes. Can your child find all the capital W letters that go in this box?

Feel free to use washable paint, do-a-dot markers, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, or whatever your child will enjoy the most.

Letter W Printables - 6

Oh no! This w-w-walrus seems to have lost all of the lowercase w letters.

Can your child help her sort through all the small letters to find the missing ones?

****Feel free to have your child glue some googly eyes on this walrus for a little extra fun!

Letter W Printables - 7

This coloring page will help you see if your child has nailed down the W letter sound. 

Go through the images with them and see if your young children know to color the wig, walnut, wolf, window, waffle, walrus, and watermelon.

It might be a nice touch to have a little watermelon or waffle on hand after this page is complete!

Letter W Printables - 8

There are a lot of w-w-wonderful words that start with W, but if your child needs some extra help, ask them some riddle-style questions.

It’s so hot outside. I need a cold glass of…w-w-water!

The opposite of man is…w-w-woman!

It’s a fun way to help them think through the worksheet without just giving them the answer.

Letter W Printables - 9

Letter W Printables - 10

Letter W Printables - 11

Letter W Printables - 12

Letter W Printables - 13

Letter W Printables - 14

This letter W book combines so many different things: the letter w sound, letter w words, tracing, and coloring!

The best way to complete this project is over several days.

Consider giving them just one or two pages at a time to avoid their little hands getting too tired.

Letter W Printables - 15

This printable template is a simple, fun letter W craft.

Have your child tear pieces of construction paper into pieces and glue them to the letter.

The end result will be a beautiful mosaic!

Alternative option: Tear up small pieces of blue tissue paper. Wrap each piece around the eraser end of a pencil.

Dip the end of the pencil in Elmer’s glue and then stick it to the letter. Have your child cover the W in blue tissue paper this way and tell them that they are making w-w-waves in the w-w-water!

Letter W Printables - 16

This letter w printable is another chance to practice letter w words and handwriting. 

Letter W Printables - 17

This last worksheet is a review of all the educational activities your child has been doing this week. 

They can practice tracing, handwriting, coloring, drawing letter W pictures, and even a letter maze!

The perfect way to round out the week.

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter W Worksheets!

I hope you have enjoyed this printable pack and you head back for letter X next week!

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