Ultimate Homeschooler Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for the homeschooler in your life?

I have been homeschooling for going on 6 years with three kids, so I have the inside track on what these kids need and want.

And more importantly, I know what their parents will be thrilled that they received!

The Christmas gift ideas you will find below walk the balance of supporting the homeschool life and being super fun for kids!

No math workbooks in disguise in this gift list!

Rest assured that all of these gifts will be ones that your homeschooler brags to their friend about after Christmas break – and their parents will be so thankful for! 

Want to find out what the homeschooled kid wants for Christmas? 

Let’s dive into the 2023 Homeschool Christmas Gift guide!

Best Christmas Gifts for Homeschoolers

2023 Gift Guide for Homeschooler Pin1. Bean Bag Chair


A beanbag chair is such a classic, fun gift for kids – no matter what decade it is.

All three of my kids have beanbag chairs in their rooms and they love to plop down on them to read books, do assignments, and just hang out. 

They have also been known to drag their beanbags all around the house during school hours. 

No matter what kind of homeschooler you have, I’m sure there is a bean bag chair they will love for Christmas! 

One of my kids fell in love with this unicorn bean bag, another kid went for this seafoam colored “chair,” and my oldest loves this oversized foam-filled chair!

****Always read descriptions very carefully for bean bag chairs while shopping for your homeschooler’s Christmas gift. Many bean bag chairs marketed to kids these days are actually empty “storage” bags that you are supposed to stuff with blankets and stuffed animals. Make sure you are really ordering a bean bag chair.

2. Camcorder

Do your kids love to watch TV….like most all kids?

Instead of sitting on the couch all the time, tell them to get out and make their own movies!

Handheld camcorders are very affordable (check Amazon’s prices today here) and can be a blast for kids!

Then can videotape their pets, a play with the neighbor kids, their trail hikes with the family, the wild storm outside – and then share it with everybody! 

3. Science Kits

A cool science kit is an easy Christmas gift win for just about any homeschooler. 

Who doesn’t want to mix things together that might explode???

Parents love them too because they come with ALL the things you need to conduct the experiment – no running out for random things to make the experiment work!

As a homeschool parent, I also understand that students often tire from reading or watching lessons about science. They want to DO the experiments!

My kid especially loved this kit. It came with tons of fun experiments, test tubes, beakers, and your own lab coat!

Months later she still asks for me to get out her science kit so we can do experiments together – unusual for kids who often forget about toys after a few weeks.

Depending on the age and interests of your homeschooler, there are tons of cool science kits you can choose from. Check out some of these awesome options for your homeschooler’s Christmas gift:

National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set 

National Geographic Earth Science Kit

Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls

Kaboom: Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit

4. Dance Mat

My kids have asked on and off for a video game system, but they are so expensive, a little addictive, and promote too much sitting.

I happen to come across this AH-MAZING dance mat system and I think it’s a perfect compromise. 

The price is much more reasonable (check Amazon prices here today) than any of the leading brand name systems.

42 games are already downloaded and ready to go – sports games, running games, dance games, exercise games, active math fact games, and even some old school Mario games. 

I think it is the perfect gift to get my homeschoolers moving before school, during breaks, when there is bad weather, or when their friends come over!

Click here to see the video of this game system in action! 

5. Beginner Microscope

Your homeschool kid (and homeschool parent!) would love a top-notch microscope to add to their homeschool classroom!

The above microscope includes top lighting, tons of awesome prepared slides, and is very durable (yeah, we’ve dropped it a few times).

A microscope is a wonderful way to magnify (pun intended!) your homeschooler’s curiosity about the world around them.

It gives them the tools to see things that would otherwise just be a picture in a book or on a screen. 

This Christmas, definitely look into (yes, I love puns) picking up your homeschooler this memorable addition to their classroom.

Who knows what passions for education you may ignite and where they might lead.

Check today’s Amazon price for our favorite microscope here.

6. Indoor Trampoline

Not really sure about a video game system for your kids for movement? How about a trampoline?!

Yep, I own an indoor trampoline and it lives in my classroom. 

It is one of my homeschoolers’ favorite things and it is used often – especially during the winter seasons. 

I love this trampoline in particular because 2 kids can jump at the same time and it has an adjustable balance bar that my kids love doing “tricks” on. 

My kids are often hanging upside down, spinning, and bouncing off their energy. Other kids come over and freak out that we have a trampoline in our house, so it’s great for hosting playdates too!

Homeschool Christmas gift - indoor trampoline!









This Christmas, give your homeschooler the gift of fun indoor exercise, and the homeschool parent the gift of rest!

For more indoor activity toys, check out Homeschool Recess Solutions.

7. Awesome Chapter Book Series


There is nothing quite like getting lost in an addicting chapter book series. 

Introduce the homeschooler in your life to a high quality, high excitement book series this Christmas!

Fanning the flame of reading is key to the success of any homeschooler – and a huge win in the homeschool parent’s eyes.

I secretly love to catch my daughter awake WAY past her bedtime because she is reading “one more chapter.” I hope she grows into a lifelong reader, and I will keep supplying the books to encourage that!

Do you need some ideas for a surefire Christmas morning hit?

Check out my post 16 Clean Chapter Book Series for Girls for a huge headstart in finding the perfect gift for your homeschooler this Christmas!

You need a book for a boy?…Hmmm

Got you covered! 

Check out – Best Chapter Books and Series for Boys

8. Chromebooks


Tired of your kids monopolizing and fighting over your laptop?

Do you live in terror that they will spill something over it?

Thankfully, Christmas is a great time to get your kids something they may already need!

This is our 5th year of homeschooling and we are definitely starting to need more than one computer as my three kids get more and more independent with their work.

I was shocked to find out how incredibly affordable and practical a Chromebook is – since I am writing this on a Macbook.

They are now cheaper than some field trips we’ve gone on! 

Check out Amazon’s price today for their top Chromebook here!

9. Field Trip Experience

Homeschool Christmas Gift - Field trip Experience!

Getting out of the house and going to see things is one of the many joys of homeschool life.

We have a much more flexible schedule to allow for regular field trips!

The problem is that homeschooling can be tight on the budget, so paying for certain field trips can be difficult. 

A wonderful Christmas gift for the homeschooler in your life would be to plan and pay for a field trip! 

Think museum, aquarium, zoo, historical landmark, or whatever else is in your area. 

The experience of going and doing something like that will last much longer than the vast majority of toys and other Christmas morning fluff. 

Want to go a step further?

Consider getting your homeschooler a membership so they can all year long!

10. Yoto Box

We gave this to my middle child last year for Christmas and she STILL uses it every day!

What is a Yoto Box?

It’s an audio player that let’s your kids listen to classic and modern children’s books, podcasts and music! All you do is pop a “Yoto Card” into the wireless player and your kid is listening to the audio version of their favorite books!

It can also play “fireplace noises” and other white noise for bedtime.

My kid especially loves the free daily podcasts and joke of the day!  

I love that my kid has media in her room that she can control – BUT she can’t accidentally buy something, there are no microphones involved, and I know the content will always be appropriate

Sound pretty good?

Click here to check out Amazon’s prices today for a Yoto Box!

11. Learn Coding with an Osmo Kit


 This is one that I have not owned, but it is at the top of my homeschool Christmas gift list this year!

Another homeschooling friend of mine has one for their kid and she sings its praises as the perfect hybrid of screentime and interactive educational fun!

What is an Osmo?

Osmo is a device that attaches to an iPad or Fire tablet. Kids can use real manipulatives to play games and solve puzzles while interacting with the app.

The device will scan the manipulatives your child is using and tell them if they got the answer right in real-time. 

This, by itself, is so cool for parents and kids to play with! Plus it’s an over the top fun way to supplement learning and basic skills of reading, spelling, and math.

There are a number of add on kits that I can’t wait to get my hands on, the main one being coding.

Technology is an easy place for homeschoolers to fall behind their peers in traditional schools. With Osmo, I plan to give my kids a fun and interactive way to get started with the basics of coding! 

Check these out to see what would be the right fit for your homeschool kid this Christmas:

Osmo Coding

Osmo Coding Jam: Music Creation, Coding, and Problem Solving 

Osmo Pizza Co.: Communication Skills & Math

Osmo Creative Starter Kit: Creative Drawing, Problem Solving, Early Physics, and STEM

12. Lego Robotics Kit


Speaking of homeschoolers needing help with technology…your homeschooler would love to get a lego robotics kit this Christmas!

It used to be that robotics was something MIT students or other exceptionally gifted people played around with.

More and more though, coding, STEM, and robotics are making their way into elementary education. 

I love that Lego has gotten on board and made robotics something that a regular family can dive into! 

Before you say this is WAY to expensive and complicated, be sure to check out all the options that are out there – you may be surprised! 

Lego is selling one kit that costs the same as a Chick-fil-a meal for my family of 5! 

Head on over to Amazon and check out the possibilities!

13. Wood Working Kits

Teaching practical life skills is a huge reason that many people start homeschooling. 

How about a Christmas gift for your homeschooler this year that helps them learn to work with their hands – building real, useful things!

Thankfully, you don’t need any experience when you purchase one of these kits! 


Beetle & Bee: Build a Bird Bungalow

Lakeshore Build it Yourself Woodworking Kit

SparkJump Candy Dispenser 

14. Sewing and Knitting Kits

I know in the age of coding and robotics that sewing seems like a forgotten trade. 

But the truth is that we still need to wear clothes. And things still need to be repaired from time to time. Knowing your way around a needle and thread can be a real asset!

Your homeschooler can take pride in learning this new school and making some pretty cool things!

Quick Knit Loom

Create Your Own Little Monsters

Sew Your Own Donut Animals

15. String Art Kits

Christmas is a great time to give your homeschooler an amazing art kit!

String art is simple to do, but creates amazing results! Your homeschooler will love to hang up their art in their room and know that they made it with little to no help.

Who knew something as plain as string could make something so cool!

We actually gave one of these kits to a kid for their birthday and she told us a week later that it was her favorite gift that she received!

Creativity for Kids: String Art Star Lantern

Craft-tastic  DIY String Art Space Series


String Art Kit with LED Christmas Tree

16. Musical Instrument + Lessons

Many homeschoolers take professional music lessons. Learning an instrument is seen as a huge part of their education.

Thankfully, there has seriously never been a better time to take the plunge into music lessons.

The internet is bursting with virtual instructors who have perfected the art of online music lessons.

All you need to do is purchase the appropriate instrument and a bundle of lessons. 

Who knows what pursuits you may inspire and where they will lead.

Beginner Guitar Acoustic


Portable Keyboard with Built In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool

Mendini Violin 

17. Fort Building Kits

Indoor play is a must for the homeschooled kid during bad weather and pandemics. 

My kids love building forts, but it can get a bit messy with all the blankets and chairs needed to make the “perfect” structure for their play.

My parents actually gave my kids a fort building kit years ago and they still use it! It makes such a superior fort that the kids have a blast putting it together and playing in it!

It has also served to be great for playdates!

Fantasy Fort Kit Pretend Play

More Fort Kits

18. Telescope for Kids

Is there anything more fascinating than a night sky?

A quality telescope is a way to really bring astronomy to the next level for your homeschooler.

This high-quality telescope can help your kid see things like constellations, the moon, and Venus up close!

Gskyer Telescope for Beginners and Kids

19. Floor Puzzles

My kids LOVE floor puzzles.

They are one of the few things I have bought them that they use over and over again. They are the perfect thing for a rainy day!

Enough pieces to make it interesting, but not so many that it takes more than one day.

I also love that it teaches my kids to think and problem solve as they figure out how to attack the puzzle and search for the next piece.

Melissa and Doug Solar System Puzzle

Melissa and Doug World Map Puzzle 

Melissa and Doug Rain Forest Floor Puzzle 

20. Writing/Journaling

Writing is a core skill for any education and the only way to really improve is practice.

Buy your homeschooler a unique and interesting gift this year that encourages this key skill!

These homeschool gift ideas are a perfect stocking stuffer or stand-alone present that will show your kid that writing can be fun and enjoyable!

Throw in some cool pens/pencils and you’re ready to go!

One Question a Day for Kids 3 year Journal

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

Between Mom and Me: A Mother & Son Keepsake Journal

21. Non-Fiction Books from Sarah Albee 

I am kind of obsessed with Sara Albee right now! She has written so many engaging, exciting nonfiction books for kids that make perfect gifts!

Fairytale Science is a super fun dive into 25 stories that examines the science behind the fairy tale!

Each story has a hands on experiment that examines what *really* happened in the fairy tale. 

Could Cinderella really dance all night on glass slippers? Can air really blow a house down?

Dive into the science with your kids!

If your kid is not into fairy tales, check out Accidental Archaeologists!

“Science meets real-life mystery in this adventurous look at incredible unexpected finds that changed history.

Secret treasures are buried all around us — you just have to look for them!Accidental Archaeologists takes you on an adventure through time to relive some of the coolest surprise discoveries by totally ordinary people all over the world. Meet:- The cowboy who found an ancient skeleton- A famous king buried underneath a parking lot- The team who found New York City’s hidden African Burial Ground- A boy who finds the Dead Sea Scrolls while looking for his lost goat- And many more.Packed with incredible stories and expert tips for making your own exciting finds, this is an accessible, action-packed introduction to the world of archaeology.”

Best Christmas Gifts for Homeschoolers Recap

There you have it!

My ultimate homeschool Christmas Gift Guide for 2023!

The homeschooler in your life is going to flip out over any (or all!) of the gifts you just skimmed through.

Man, don’t you wish you were a kid again?

Sure beats the Cabbage Patch dolls I asked for in the 80s!

Treat your homeschooler this year to a Christmas of educational joy and learning that will keep giving all year long!

Merry Christmas!

Want to save all these homeschool Christmas gift ideas for later?

No problem.

Be sure to pin this to your favorite Pinterest board and share it with your homeschooling friends and followers!

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