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10 Gifts Any Homeschool Mom Would Love!

Needing gift ideas for the homeschool mom in your life?

You are probably frustrated because she says things like, “Oh, I don’t need anything,” whether it is Christmas, her birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day.

She spends her time dreaming about shiny curriculum, color-coordinated bins to organize school supplies, and all the books. All of them.

She doesn’t spend much time thinking or shopping for herself. Sound about right?

Fear not! I have assembled the perfect Gift Guide for the Homeschool Mom!

Here are my Top 10 Gifts that will make any homeschool mom swoon!

Top 10 Gifts for the Homeschool Mom

I bet we all have more homeschool moms in our life this Christmas! Be sure to recognize her hard work and surprise her with these fun gifts that any homeschool mom would love!

1. Sling Bag


Surprised? The homeschool mom in your life is busy. She is likely on the go all the time. Hauling a purse around can be pretty impractical for her active lifestyle.

This bag is fantastic to throw in snacks and journaling books for a nature hike, schoolwork for the waiting room at a doctor’s office, all those library books that need to be checked out every week, or all the things for the field trip!

I love it because it’s not a true backpack – I don’t want to look like a super-sized elementary school kid, you know?

It also comes in such fun prints – Check them all out HERE!

2. Amazon Alexa Products

I thought the whole Alexa/Echo craze was silly when it first came out. My parents gifted me one and I was like okay, whatever.

Let me tell you that we have had ours for 3 years and I would consider saving it if there was a fire.

We use it every day! My kids love to talk to “Alexa,” have her play all their favorite songs, and dance around the house. I love listening to the “Top Christian” station while I’m doing just about anything.

We have become such a musical family, and we definitely were not before Alexa. I also love that my phone is no longer needed to play Pandora in the house.

What does all that have to do with homeschooling?

I found so many uses for Alexa in my homeschool that I wrote this post – 8 Alexa Skills that Will Rock Your Homeschool

Check it out to find out what Alexa can make homeschooling so much easier!

Btw, I bought my mother-in-law the cheapest one and she loves it. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one to get these features!

You can see all the Alexa/Echo options HERE!

3. Subscription

There are so many books that I would like to be reading – homeschool encouragement, historical fiction, biographies…but there are only so many hours in the day.

The homeschool mom in your life probably wants to read more…but the needs of the house will often suck up most of her time and energy.

My subscription has changed that for me! I can listen to books while I am getting ready in the morning, folding laundry, or working out.

My husband also has an account and we can share books with each other – yes for date night discussion!

4. Bluetooth Headphones


This is a must for any mom who is interested in listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

I love podcasts, but I don’ have much time to myself and I don’t want my kids hearing everything – many things out there – even homeschool podcasts – are not meant for little ears.

The headphones can also be used for hands-free phone calls while washing dishes, folding laundry, or safe driving with a car full of kids! She may also enjoy working out and listening to music with them!

These are the style that I own and they stay put. They also have a ridiculous battery life that just keeps going.

Send this gift to the homeschool mom in your life and also include this list of awesome homeschool podcasts to encourage her heart:

  • The Busy Mom
  • The Homeschool Sanity Show
  • Homeschool Solutions with Pam Barnhill

5. Homeschool Mom T-shirt

Surprised again? It is very likely that your homeschool mom spends time on Pinterest and enjoys seeing all the hilarious graphic t-shirts that find their way there.

She may giggle, but would never order one because she doesn’t need it, it’s too expensive for a t-shirt, or any other excuse as she scrolls on.

You may not realize that gifting a homeschool mom shirt is a way of saying you respect her choice to homeschool and you think it’s cool!

She will feel that every time she picks it up to put it on – and she will remember that you are the one who gave it to her.

If you are panicking about sizing, you can always just buy it extra big and tell her its meant to be like a nighttime/pajama shirt – nice and comfy and roomy!

Check out more fun homeschool mom shirts HERE!

6. Back Massager

I LOVE this little back massager. I literally just turned around to grab mine and plug it in when I started writing this post.

I have owned other massagers, but they were bulky and had to be stored away when not in use. I would forget about them after a while, so it was just a waste of money.

This little guy can be kept close by because it is small and fits in lots of places.

I love being able to position it anywhere my back is aching after a day of running around with my kids. It is heaven to sit in my recliner with this massager, a cup of decaf, something sweet, and my favorite show.

My parents visited and bought one after using mine. I then bought one for my in-laws too!

You can’t go wrong with this gift for your homeschool mom!

7. Ember Coffee Mug

The ember coffee mug is no ordinary coffee mug.

It is a smart cup that can control the temperature of your hot drink! It uses bluetooth to connect to your phone so that you can set the exact temperature you want. your drink to be.

When the cup reaches that temperature, it will notify you on your phone that your drink is the ideal temperature!

The best part? It will HOLD that temperature!

That means the very last sip is just as hot as the first sip.

Are we living in the future or what?!

I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of person who has to microwave her coffee at least 5 times every morning – not anymore!

This cup is a winner and any homeschool mom would be thrilled to have such a fun gift!

Check out different colors and sizes HERE!

8. Keurig

Don’t panic! I am not talking about getting a $250 machine – do you know how much curriculum you can get for that much money?!

No, Walmart has a fantastic $60 Keurig that I LOVE. We actually bought two of them because we wanted to be able to make coffee in our bedroom while getting ready for the day.

I have had ours for years and can vouch that is dependable, despite being inexpensive.

It is so nice to be able to walk over and make a quick cup of fresh, hot coffee any time of the day -first thing in the morning, during my afternoon quiet time, or while I’m rushing out the door with a travel mug.

Check it out here – Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

9. Homeschool Mom Bible


Many homeschool moms run on a lot more than coffee. We need Jesus in the morning so we don’t turn into monsters by 10 am!

I love, love, love that this Bible is filled with 365 daily devotionals that are designed to feed the homeschool mom’s heart.

There are great joys with homeschooling, but also hard days and this devotional might be what holds her up on those days.

Check out more about this Bible HERE!

10. Time + Gift Card

This one trumps all the others by a mile. Maybe 10 miles.

Do not let the make-up and coffee that props her up fool you – the homeschool mom in your life is tired and needs a break.

Women rarely ever admit that though and we just hope someone will one day offer to take all the things and let us run away for a while.

And yet when people offer to help, we still tend to say, “Oh no, I’ve got it. I’m fine.”

So the first thing is to arrange for some time off. Like a whole day. If your schedule can allow it, maybe one day a month for 3 months. That would be like a dream to look forward to for her.

If you can, the other element is to give her a gift card to spend somewhere.

During her day off she is unlikely to spend any money because that is just how moms tend to be. If the money is already spent, she doesn’t have to worry or feel guilty about treating herself.

Thankfully, you don’t have to actually go to her favorite stores to buy her a gift card.

Check out all the gift cards you can have shipped to your from Amazon HERE!

Stay tuned!

Hopefully, you found some awesome gift ideas for your homeschool mom.

Maybe think about bundling some of the smaller items together.

Or you can you try buying one thing for Mother’s Day, another one for her birthday, and so one – building on each other!

I can just see her now. Resting with her back massager on, wearing her comfy t-shirt, drinking hot coffee from her Keurig out of her Ember mug, reading her encouraging devotional Bible, while listening to some calming music from Alexa.

Then the kids come barreling into the room, so she switches to her bluetooth headphones and turns on her audible book. She sighs and looks forward to the day off that is coming up. Ah. That would be the life!

Be sure to pin this to your favorite Pinterest board or share with your friends. I will continue to update the post with more gift ideas as inspiration hits me!

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