Draw the Verse Review: Fun Scripture Memory for Kids!

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Are you looking for a fun way to help kids memorize Bible verses?

I have worked as an AWANA volunteer, a leader in American Heritage Girls, and I do daily Bible lessons with my three homeschooled girls.

I have tried just about every method there is out there to make memory verses fun for kids…but I’ve been running out of ideas lately. 

Trust me, I have combed the internet looking for new approaches, but I just couldn’t seem to find anything.

It felt like we were just going to be doing the same ol’ activities over and over…until I spotted something during my Facebook scroll.

A fellow homeschool mom had produced a Bible verse memorization method that was…new!

Draw the Verse Review: How Does It Work?

Student Drawing in Draw the Verse Book
My middle daughter drawing a picture of her dream bedroom to go along with Psalm 63:6-7. She is also my worrier, so it was lovely to talk about what we should be focusing our minds on at bedtime.

Draw the Verse is a workbook-style program from author, Julie Parido, that includes 24 Bible verses to memorize.

Each Bible verse is broken up into 6 steps that should be done over a week: Memorize It, Draw It, Learn It, Discuss It, Live It, and Study It.

1. Memorize It!

In this section, your child is introduced to the verse.

My girls and I read through it several times and then just worked on one piece of the verse for that day. Every day we added another piece on as we worked through the lesson.

2. Draw It!

Draw the Verse Sample Lesson Pages
This is what Week 3 looks like. Sample picture on the left and lesson details on the right.

In the “Draw It!” section, your child will be prompted to add their own details to a provided template. 

For example in Week 3, the verse is, “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.” Proverbs 4:18-19

A simple outline of a cave is provided.

The child is asked to draw in his own ideas of what he would find in a cave – bats, creepy crawlies, or bears.

****There are tear-out drawings in the back of the book. Make sure you use those you so can hang them up or put them in a binder later for memory recall!

3. Learn It!

This portion of Draw the Verse explains what the verse actually means.

The author writes it out in kid-friendly language for you to make it clear what the scripture is saying.

You can read it straight to your kids, or you can paraphrase in your own words what is written. 

4. Discuss It!

I love this!

“Discuss It!” provides discussion prompts to help your child verbalize back to you what the Bible verse means.

This helps them to internalize the meaning of the verse, and it also helps you to see if they understood what you were teaching earlier. 

We all know kids tend to nod their heads even when they are confused, so this is a great way to solidify the meaning of the verse for them.

5. Live It!

The “Live It!” section provides guidance on how you can apply the verse to your daily life. 

What a crucial concept, that so often gets missed!

What good is memorizing God’s Word if it doesn’t affect how we live?

6. Study It!

“Study It!” is an optional section that gives you and your kids an opportunity to study further in the Bible.

Bible verses related to the memory verse are provided for you all to look up and study together!

Do You Need a “Draw the Verse” Book for Each Child?

Three Draw the Verse books


As you can see, I have three books…which was completely unnecessary.

No matter how big your family is, you will only need one!

You can easily tear out the drawing pages from the back of the book and photocopy them for your kids, or there is a code the author provides in the book for you to download and print out as many copies as you need. 

Where Can I Buy Draw the Verse?

Draw the Verse can easily be found on Amazon for about the price of a Chick-fil-a value meal – but a much better investment I would say!

Prices on Amazon do fluctuate, so click here to hop on over to Amazon, read all the 5-star Draw the Verse reviews, and grab a copy for your family!

5 Things To Love About Draw The Verse

Student Presenting Work from Draw the Verse
My too-cute 6-year-old presenting her Draw the Verse work.

1. Learning What the Verse Is Actually About

This is by far my favorite thing about Draw the Verse.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved having my kids in AWANA, but I felt like very little time was spent explaining what the Bible verses were actually about. 

My 5th grader was memorizing verses like crazy, but when I asked her what they meant, she was clueless. And honestly, she didn’t care because her eyes were focused on those AWANA Bucks.

I love that Draw the Verse prioritizes understanding God’s Word right along with memorizing it – so important!

And to make a mother’s heart melt even further – there is life application. So many sermons these days don’t even have that. 

2. Everybody Can Memorize Together

As I said, my kids love AWANA, but they were all memorizing different verses every week.

That made me feel so disjointed during our morning Bible time because everyone seemed to be on a different track. I felt like I was running out of time every morning to work with each child to memorize and understand their verses.

With Draw the Verse, we are working together and learning together! That helps so much for time management, but also to help us apply the verse in our daily lives.

3. Art + Bible Verse Memory = Awesome!

Example of tear-out pages for drawing in the back of the book.

I have yet to meet a kid that doesn’t love art!

Drawing definitely brings such a fun spin to morning memory work. My kids are delighted to work on their pages and present them in front of all of us! 

Anything that makes God’s Word more engaging and fun, as opposed to boring, monotonous, and overwhelming, is a huge win in my book!

4. Unique Verse Selection

So this sort of surprised me. 

For some reason, I was expecting the 24 verses to be common verses that I had already memorized.

Not so!

I did see some verses I’ve known since childhood, but there were plenty that were new to me.

So even if your kids have been doing memory verses for years, I think they will still be challenged by Draw the Verse.

****As a side note, some of the verses can get long for younger kids. I found it helpful to work on memorization but prioritize understanding what the verse meant if it was too much for them.

5. Cost

As I said earlier, I thought that 3 books would be necessary for my three girls, but you only need one.


That makes Draw the Verse so affordable for any homeschool or family!

There is another Bible Study curriculum that I have loved, but it costs $15 per book. And I need a book for all of us.

That adds up quickly – yikes!

If you are a homeschooling family…or any kind of family really…it is always so appreciated when the resource is family budget-friendly!

Draw the Verse Review: Recap

Bible open

If you are interested in helping your kids memorize scripture in a fun, fresh way, Draw the Verse is a no-brainer, Homeschool Mama!

It covers all the bases and fits in just about every budget.

The only complaint I can think of is that it only has 24 verses. 

Hopefully, Julie Parido will be putting out her next book soon though!

Slide over to Amazon and grab your copy of Draw the Verse to add to your summer learning, morning time basket, homeschool routine, or family devotions!

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