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Looking for some ex-x-cellent letter X worksheets for your kindergarten children or preschooler?

You are way in the right place!

I have over 15+ pages of tracing worksheets, coloring pages, letter identification printables, and more!

Why These Letter X Worksheets Are Different Than All The Others

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Well, the letter X is a very interesting letter that is different than all the other letters of the alphabet.

When it’s at the beginning of a word, it usually says its name: x-ray, x-chromosome, x-ray fish, etc.

And sometimes it says the /z/ sound: xylophone.

But that’s not the true /ks/ sound that X makes. Like at all. 

So I’m always confused when curriculum or teachers recommend making an x-ray craft or coloring a picture of a xylophone for letter X.

So confusing for kids!

You Actually Hear The True Letter X Sound At The END Of A Word: Box, Fox, Ax, etc.

fox in a box

For that reason, I have structured these free letter worksheets to focus on the ENDING SOUND, instead of the beginning. 

This will help students tremendously as they learn to read CVC words and when they begin spelling. 

It’ll be a little of a twist for younger children, but it really is the best way to grasp the letter sound.

So let’s dive in! 

Check Out Your Free Letter X Worksheets!

Letter X Worksheet - 1

This fun coloring page will show your child right away that things have changed.

Don’t these all start with different sounds?!

Go through the words with your child and really emphasize the last sound of each word: six-x-x, fox-x-x.

See if they can hear the sound that all of these images share. 

In case one stumps you, the images show mix, ax, box, fox, six, and fix.

Letter X Worksheet - 2

This is a simple tracing page with dotted lines.

Your child will likely say this is “easy” and want to rush through it. Be sure to sit with them and make sure they do quality work. 

A sloppy X could actually end up looking a lot like a lowercase /t/.

Letter X Worksheet - 3

This practice worksheet will help your child stretch their fine motor skills to write upper case letter X and lowercase letter x.

There are no dotted lines, but there are guides at the top of the page.

Again, they may be tempted to rush, so make sure they take their time and do their best work.

Encourage them to say the /ks/ sound each time they write a letter.

Letter X Worksheet - 4

These do-a-dot printables are always a fun way to learn letter recognition skills with young children.

Grab your do-a-dot marker and hunt for all the uppercase X letters that fell out of the box-x-x!

Letter X Worksheet - 5

This is the same worksheet, but with lowercase x. 

The sound may be tricky, but at least it’s pretty easy to spot and write!

Can your kindergarten kids spot the lowercase letter x among all the other lowercase letters?

Letter X Worksheet - 6

This fun worksheet will give you and your student another opportunity to work on hearing the correct letter sound of X.

Make sure they understand what each picture is (while stressing the ending sound) and see which ones they color.

They should color fox, box, six, ox, mix, and fix.

Letter X Worksheet - 7

This worksheet is a great way to bring some creativity to learning. It goes against the typical worksheet experience!

Allow your younger kids to be creative and draw one of the new words they’ve learned that ends in /ks/.

Letter X Worksheet - 8

Letter X Worksheet - 9

Letter X Worksheet - 10

Letter X Worksheet - 11

Feel free to work on this alphabet book printable set all week, during morning work, etc. 

Give your kid plenty of time for tracing, coloring, cutting, and stapling their book!

It will be a great resource to them for review in the future.

Letter X Worksheet - 12

What new things can your student learn about the ox this week?

Consider showing a fun, informative Youtube video or reading an interesting ox library book to your student while they color!

Letter X Worksheet - 13

And if they finish coloring quickly, you can pull out this printable letter x craft!

Grab some construction paper (tissue paper) and glue and help them make something ex-x-xtraordianry!

This would also be the perfect craft to display throughout the week you are studying letter X.

Letter X Worksheet - 14

This printable will help your child continue to practice letter formation and learn some new letter x words!

I am sure they will enjoy flexing their muscles to act out the word!

If your child is struggling with the sound, consider using the flexing motion in the future to help them recall the sound.

Letter X Worksheet - 15

Letter X Worksheet - 16

These last two worksheets are a great review of all the skills your child has learned.

They involve coloring, mazes, letter identification, tracing, and drawing!

Remember to watch for and correct sloppy xs that look like a lowercase /t/, and flex-x-x your muscles if they need a reminder of the letter sound.

Click Here to Download Your Letter X Printable Pack!

I hope you and your littles enjoy these educational activities. I know these phonics worksheets will go far to help your child feel confident about all things letter X!

All of these different activities will work together to help your child remember the letter sound and write letter X correctly!

And we only have two more letters to go! I cannot believe that we are almost done with the entire alphabet! 


Be sure to come back next week as we dive into all things letter Y!

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