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Looking for some letter y worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschool lessons?

The below printable pack is stuffed with all kinds of different activities that will have your younger children learning letter formation, letter recognition, and the letter y consonant sound. 

You will find free printable letter Y tracing worksheets, fun coloring pages, do-a-dot pages, a play dough mat, a letter Y craft, and more!

I provide teaching tips for each of the worksheets, so be sure to go over those before using them.

Alrighty, let’s dive into the 25th letter of the alphabet!

Here Is A Preview Of Your Free Printable Letter Y Worksheets!

Letter Y Worksheet - 1

This coloring page is always a fun way to kick of the week with young learners. 

Your student may not recognize some images right away, so you may need to point out yogurt, yam, yarn, yo-yo, yard, and yolk.

Ask them if they can think of a color that starts with the /y/ sound. Yellow!

Ask your child to color something on the printable worksheet that color.

Letter Y Worksheet - 2

I am really loving the playdough mats right now!

I think it’s such a great way for kindergarten children to think about a letter and learn it BEFORE picking up a pencil. 

Have your student roll their playdough into a “rope.” Then show the student how to shape it into an uppercase letter Y on the mat.

****If you love playdough mats too, check out my new playdough number mats!

Letter Y Worksheet - 3

This tracing page does a great job of showing kids how to correctly write the lowercase y and uppercase Y with dotted lines.

It can be slightly tricky, so sit with your child and have them follow the numbers. 

I like to tell my own kids that it’s a little bit like making a /v/ and then adding a tail at the end. 

Letter Y Worksheet - 4

This handwriting worksheet may give your kindergarten children’s fine motor skills a challenge. 

There are no dotted lines, but there is a guide for the child to follow. If the student gets frustrated, have them trace the letters and go through the steps again.

Letter Y Worksheet - 5

Uh, oh! All of the capital Y letters seem to have gotten mixed up with all the other capital letters. 

Can your student use their letter identification skills to sort out the Y letters with their do-a-dot marker?

Letter Y Worksheet - 6

This printable worksheet may teach your child a new letter y word!

The child is doing a y-y-yoga pose. Now, I am not into any eastern mysticism – at all. But my kids do LOVE doing some Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube. 

It involves telling silly stories through yoga poses. It is such a fun way for kids to get out their wiggles, stretch, and challenge their muscles!

Definitely consider having that ready to go after your child hunts to find all the lower case y letters among all the other lowercase letters!

Letter Y Worksheet - 7

This worksheet will help your student work on letter sounds.

Go through the page and make sure your child understands what each image represents.

They should color yo-yo, yoga, yacht, yam, yak, and yolk.

Letter Y Worksheet - 8

Some kids may draw a blank when looking at this worksheet, so I have always encouraged teachers to have some silly riddles ready to get their minds rolling.

I must be really tired, because I just…(then you actually yawn)…y-y-yawned!

The color of the sun is…y-y-yellow!

If you can’t hear me, I will…y-y-yell!

Letter Y Worksheet - 9

Letter Y Worksheet - 10

Letter Y Worksheet - 11

Letter Y Worksheet - 12

Letter Y Worksheet - 13

Letter Y Worksheet - 14

Younger and older children may not recognize yam, yacht, or Yorkshire terrier. Some may not even grasp what exactly a “year” means.

So, this is a great time to teach a few vocabulary words!

If you have the time, have some library books ready to go or a short Youtube video to give a visual explanation of what each word means.

Allow your child lots of time to color, cut out, and assemble their very own letter y book. 

Letter Y Worksheet - 15

I am so excited about this printable template yak craft!

Print it on cardstock if you can, and gather some yellow yarn, glue, and scissors.

Work with your child to cut the yarn into 1 to 1.5 inch pieces. 

Put glue on the yak and start gluing rows of y-y-yellow y-y-yarn to your y-y-yak!

It might be a little time-consuming, so consider having a kid-friendly yak youtube video going while they glue.

This makes a great display for your whole week of learning the letter Y.

Letter Y Worksheet - 16

Here is another chance to work on tracing, handwriting, and letter y words! 

What foods does our child think are y-y-yummy?

Letter Y Worksheet - 17

And here is a final review sheet.

Your child has been working all week, so they will surely breeze through it!

Sit with them and go over the proper steps for tracing letter Y, handwriting, letter Y words – plus some coloring and mazes!

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter Y Worksheets!

And that’s it for my letter Y alphabet worksheets!

I hope you and your students enjoy all the free printable letter y coloring pages, tracing pages, and other hands-on activities.

Your study of the letters of the alphabet is coming to a close though, so be sure to pop back to this blog next week to grab your letter Z printable pack!

Coming soon!

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