15+ Letter Z Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Need some free letter Z worksheets for your kindergarten kids or preschool lessons?

If you’ve been following along with me through this alphabet journey, then you know you’re in for an explosion of letter Z fun!

These printable worksheets are full of free letter Z tracing worksheets, coloring pages, letter z words, a play dough mat, letter recognition practice, an alphabet book, and more!

If this is your first time seeing one of my letter packs – welcome!

I hope you enjoy the different ways I structure my worksheets and the teaching tips I always include.

We are at the very last letter of the alphabet, and it too has some things here and there that you want to be mindful of as you teach your child.

So let’s dive in!

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Letter Z Worksheet 1

This letter Z coloring page is a great way to kick off your letter of the week!

In fact, it seems z-z-zero thinks it’s a party!

Have your child color the uppercase letter Z and ask him if he knows what all the pictures are. 

Help them along to see that there is a zero, zipper, zucchini, zebra, and zig-zag lines.

Have the child concentrate on what their mouth has to do to say z-z-zebra. How is that different than what the mouth does to say s-s-snake? 

If your young learners struggle with this, no worries. There will be more opportunities in the following letter worksheets to work on the letter sound.

Letter Z Worksheet 2

So the sound can be a little tricky, and writing the letter Z can also be a bit challenging for young kids.

This bubble letter Z playdough mat is a fun way to talk through proper letter formation – without your child having to pick up a pencil!

Roll the playdough into “ropes, and show your child how to make a Z while following the white line. Focus on the sharp corners, explaining that rounded corners will look like a backward /s/.

For a little fun, have your kindergarten children make zig zag lines on the mat when they’re done!

Letter Z Worksheet 3

This tracing sheet is perfect to introduce writing lowercase letter z and uppercase letter z with your kids.

Their fine motor skills will not be overwhelmed since there are only a handful of letters to trace, and the size is large.

While your child is working away, gently remind them about those sharp corners and tell them a little story.

Tell them that Ziggy the Zebra loves to read. So the letter Z starts from left to right – the same direction we read. I know your child cannot read at this point, but they have likely followed along as you have read to them and know the direction you are reading.

Sam the Snake was not interested in reading at all – because he is a snake! So he s-s-slithers in the opposite direction that we read.

This is a way silly story, but I strongly recommend starting now with a strategy for letter reversal issues. 

Letter Z Worksheet 4

This simple worksheet will be a great chance for your child to remember the story you told them about Ziggy and Sam.

There are no dotted lines, but there are guides for capital letter z and lowercase z at the top of the page.

If your child is a little stumped or they start writing the letter backward, remind them of the difference between Ziggy and Sam.

Talk through it with each letter. Also, have the child make the /z/ sound as they write each letter.

Letter Z Worksheet 5

After all that pencil work, it’s time to grab your trusty pack of do-a-dot makes one last time.

Help your child sort this mess of uppercase letters that seemed to have gotten mixed up!

Can your child find all the capital Z letters that need to go back in the box?

And because do-a-dot markers are always a blast, see if your child can make more zig zag lines on either side of the box to finish off the page.

Letter Z Worksheet 6

Oh, no! These zoo animals seem to have lost all of their baby /z/ letters!

Can your child use their letter identification skills to find all the lowercase letter z dots among all the other lower case letters?

Letter Z Worksheet 7

This worksheet is a good way to check back in and see how your kindergarten children are doing with the letter z sound.

Go through each image and really stress the first sound of each word, then see which ones your child colors. 

They should color zinnia, zig zags, zebra, zero, zucchini, and zipper.

As an added challenge, ask your child why they didn’t or shouldn’t color “cent.”

Letter Z Worksheet 8

And to build on those skills, your child can now draw something that starts with the letter Z on this free printable worksheet.

There are not that many words that start with Z, so if your child wants to draw a pi-z-z-za, that’s fine.

The focus is just that they understand the sound.

Letter Z Worksheet 9

Letter Z Worksheet 10

Letter Z Worksheet 11

Letter Z Worksheet 12

This letter Z book printable set is an excellent opportunity to teach your younger children some vocabulary words!

They may not know zap, but you could give them a quick static electricity lesson by having them walk across carpet in socks. Such a fun, out-of-your-seat way to learn!’

They may also need a demonstration or picture of zesting. Consider making this lemon zucchini bread recipe from It Tastes Better From Scratch for a yummy hands-on demonstration!

You could also use your laptop or phone to demonstrate zooming in.

Lastly, give a small nutrition lesson for zinc. Explain that it is a necessary nutrient that their body needs to stay healthy. It is likely added to the bread and cereal they eat. 

Letter Z Worksheet 15

This letter of the alphabet definitely requires a little extra handwriting practice.

Have your child trace the dotted lines as a reminder and then write uppercase letter z and lowercase z about 3-4 times on each line.

Letter Z Worksheet 14

Here is Ziggy the Zebra who loves to read!

Your child can enjoy coloring his stripes any z-z-zany way they like.

Consider watching a Youtube video for kids about zebra facts.

Letter Z Worksheet 16

This is the last letter Z worksheet in the packet.

Your child can review and go over all the skills that we have learned this week!

They will review how to properly write the uppercase Z and lowercase, review letter z sounds by drawing a picture, trace, color, and do maz-z-zes!

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Letter Z Worksheets Pin

Well, that’s a wrap! 

We are done with all the letters of the alphabet!

I hope you have enjoyed going through this printable alphabet worksheet journey with me.

If you missed a few letters, be sure to use the search function at the top of the blog page to find what you’re looking for!

There are tons of educational activities, printables, and other free resources to help you teach your kids.


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