15+ Free Letter A Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some a-a-amazing letter A worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

Well, this is the very first printable packet in my A to Z letter worksheets series, so you just hit the jackpot!

As your student is going through the letters of the alphabet, come check out this blog series for all the alphabet coloring pages, letter recognition worksheets, tracing pages, letter formation, playdough mats, alphabet mazes, and hands-on activities you can handle!

They are a perfect addition to any letter of the week curriculum you’re using. I provide notes for each page, offering my own personal teaching tips and suggestions for the best results with your kid.

I hope you really enjoy this series and you find it helpful as you teach your younger kids in the classroom or in your homeschool.

At the bottom of the post you’ll find a text link for a PDF file. No hoops to jump through with an email that will have you anxiously waiting and digging through your SPAM folder.

My gift to you for all that you do.

Check Out Your Free Printable Worksheets For The First Letter Of The Alphabet: A!

Letter A Worksheet 1

All of my free alphabet printables start out with a fun coloring page like this – such a great way to introduce a letter to younger children!

No matter what grade levels you’re teaching, kids will love to learn through pictures. 

Point out each image and make sure the student can correctly identify what it is. See if they can guess what the sound of letter A must be.

****You will notice that all the images in this vowel packet represent the short /a/ sound. Learning the short sounds of vowels is critical for early reading, so I do not introduce any of the other A sounds. There will be no airplanes, angels, artichokes or aquariums that will confuse your younger kids.

Letter A Worksheet 2

This simple tracing worksheet is a fun way to get kids using their fine motor skills – with the least amount of frustration. 

Have them start by following the dashed lines and numbers in the large letters. Tell them how important it to follow the steps of writing the letter, so it comes out correctly.

Then have your student slowly trace the dotted lines to practice their new skill!

****If you would like extra practice in this area, check out this Letter A Tracing Packet.

Letter A Worksheet 3

This simple writing worksheet is a no-frills way to gently introduce independent writing. 

There are no more dotted lines, but the student can look to the uppercase and lowercase letters at the top of the page as a guide. 

Make sure to tell your child how many letters you expect them to write, maybe 3-4 per line. 

Tell them good-quality letters are much better than many sloppy ones. 

****If more practice is needed, consider sliding this sheet into a page protector for future review with dry erase markers.

Letter A Worksheet 4

Break out your do-a-dot markers!

All of my alphabet kindergarten worksheets feature these fun pages because a dots worksheet makes kids forget they are even learning. 

Tell your student that all the letters have spilled on the floor – uh oh!

They must use their marker and visual discrimination skills to dab all the uppercase letter A circles they can find. 

****There are a couple different ways you could complete this page if you don’t have dot markers. Consider providers other coloring materials, cotton balls, play dough, or any other fun materials you have on hand to cover the circles.

Letter A Worksheet 5

This lowercase letter identification worksheet will have your student hunting for all the lower case letter A circles they can find!

Again, if you don’t have dot markers, your student can still use regular markers, crayons, or whatever you have on hand. 

As you might notice, this might be a little more challenging, as the lowercase /a/ and /o/ look very similar.

Ask your student before she begins what the big difference is between these small letters. This is also a good time to emphasis the different sound these two letters make.

Letter A Worksheet 6

This is one of the alphabet worksheets that helps identify any issues your young children might have with letter sounds.

Go through each of the images and make sure your child knows what they are. 

Really emphasize the initial sound of each word. For example a-a-apple, b-b-book.

Once your kid knows what the pictures are, see if they color apple, astronaut, alligator, ambulance, ant, and ax.

If they color a different picture or don’t color one of the /a/ sound images, talk through it with them. Review the /a/ sound and go through the images again.

Letter A Worksheet 7

This A letter page lets your kid’s creativity shine!

They can draw any /a/ word they’ve learned or one that they thought of by themselves!

Letter A Worksheet 8

Letter A Worksheet 9

Letter A Worksheet 10

Letter A Worksheet 11

Letter A Worksheet 12

Letter A Worksheet 13

These alphabet books are in all of my A to Z letter collection of worksheets, so be sure to hang on to them as your child works through their letters!

They make for a great keepsake and review help. 

The vowels especially need a lot of review as your kindergarten age students start blending sounds.

This letter book might require your little one to broaden his vocabulary, langauge skills, and even geography skills!

Be sure to explain potentially unfamiliar words like Africa (use a globe!), abacus, and asteroid.

Letter A Worksheet 14

Coloring sheets are always a win with younger kids.

Pull out this cute picture of Andy the Ant for extra fun while you watch a Youtube video about anteaters!

Letter A Worksheet 15

This practice sheet gives your child another chance to work on their writing skills with letter a.

First color the cute capital letter A – that is shaped like an alligator!

Then work on writing upper case letter A and lowercase letter /a/ on the blank lines.

Lastly, practice the letter A sound by coloring the ax, apple, astronaut, and ant! 

Letter A Worksheet 16

This last sheet is also in all of my worksheet packets and it is such a wonderful way to close out the letter week!

It includes several different activities: tracing, handwriting, letter sounds, and drawing while also doing some fun mazes!

To close out your work on this letter, consider working in physical education with some light a-a-acrobatics!

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Terms of Use: These free letter worksheets are for classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free worksheets are never for commercial use. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy using these educational activities as you blaze through your alphabet curriculum, singing alphabet songs, and learning about letters!

They are great tools that work perfectly in the homeschool setting, in literacy centers, in the classroom, or anywhere that kids are nailing down early literacy skills!

Be sure to check out all of my other A to Z Alphabet Letters worksheets (Letter B Worksheets are below!), as well as my Letter Of The Week Movie List!

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