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Letter of the Week Movie List

Can I be honest for a minute?

Letter of the week is getting a little stale for me.

I remember all the excitement with my oldest as she went through it with preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten.

My middle child went through it with the All About Reading Pre-Reading curriculum.

And we’re doing it again with her Kindergarten curriculum

On the outside, I have high energy and enthusiasm.

On the inside, I’m kind of getting bored.

So many of the same crafts, food, and ideas. Yawn.

I decided I needed some fresh Letter of the Week ideas to put a spring in my step!

I got an idea and quickly started writing down every kid movie I could think of and matched it up with our letters of the week.

I realized I was onto something that my kid would love!

Ideas for How to Use Letter of the Week Movies

Need some fun ideas to freshen up your Letter of the Week activities? This movie list is sure to spice up things and get your preschooler, pre-k, or kindergartener engaged and excited to learn their letters! Plus there is a free printable to make this letter of the week activity that much easier.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a fan of screen time.

So, this is a really special kind of treat for my kids!

Here are some ideas to get your kids excited about their Letter of the Week Movie:

  • Tell your child the letter of the week and then ask him to try and guess the movie.
  • He can try and guess all week, but he has to wait till Friday to find out if he’s right.
  • Maybe offer a special prize if he guesses correctly (or names any movie with the right letter sound)
  • Consider only showing the movie after all the week’s work is complete
  • Maybe show the movie after Monday’s work as a way to kickstart the week and the new letter.
  • Check your local library for books that go along with the movie for read aloud time.
  • Search for free coloring pages online to print out for your kindergartener.
  • Use the movie time to serve a special food that starts with your letter of the week!

We decided to go with Monday Movie Madness!

As the homeschool year goes on, it can be easy to feel like you’re dragging yourself into Monday.

As soon as I started talking about the Letter of the Week Monday Movie though, my kids perked up and got so excited about Mondays!

They are much more driven to complete their work with a good attitude.

Definitely a win win for a homeschool mom!

A Quick Note About Vowels

As you look through the movie list, you may suddenly think, “Oh, we could watch this movie for (fill in the blank vowel)!”

That’s great, but make sure that the vowel at the beginning of the movie title makes the short vowel sound your kindergartener is trying to learn.

Since you’ve been reading for many years, you probably don’t even realize what sound the vowel makes as your eyes go over the words.

Vowels are tricky little letters!

I actually almost made this mistake while making this list – and I was purposefully trying not to!

I put “Open Season” in for “O.”

Then I realized that “Open” makes the long O sound and would likely confuse my kid.

So for more examples:

A – don’t use: Aladdin (says “uh” instead of “ah”)

I – Don’t use: Ice Age

And a Note About Consonant Blends and Consonants

plastic alphabet letters

You may think some really great kids’ movies are missing from this list.

But, the same problem with those tricky vowels can also happen with consonant blends and even just plain ol’ consonants.

For example, you shouldn’t use “Wreck it Ralph” for “W” week because the W is silent.

Don’t use “Cinderella” for C week, because the C makes the “S” sound in this instance.

Don’t watch “Charlotte’s Web” for C week because it makes the “CH” sound.

Don’t use “George of the Jungle” for G week because George makes the J sound in this instance.

Don’t watch Shrek for “S” because it makes the “SH” sound.

You get the idea. Just be careful when you’re picking movies – it’s an easy mistake to make!

Ideas to Get the Letter of the Week Movies

I was going to add in all the links for Amazon and Netflix, but then I remembered they are always adding and taking away movies.

I definitely don’t want to frustrate you with clicking on a link to find a movie that is no longer available.

If you don’t already own the movie, check these places to get the best deal on your letter of the week movie:

  • Check Netflix, Amazon, On Demand, and any other streaming service you already pay for to see if you can get it for free.
  • Check Youtube to see if they are streaming it.
  • Look up the movie on your local library interlibrary website and try to order it.
  • Ask friends or family if they own the movie and can lend it to you


Every family has different standards for movies.

If you don’t know the movie, please preview or read a review about it before showing it to your child.

This is supposed to be fun, and I would hate for it to be a negative experience for you and your kindergartner.

Also, some of the letters were more challenging than others to find an appropriate movie for a kindergartener.

You will find that O has 2 shows (not movies) listed and V has an option for anything Veggie Tales related.

Lastly, when we study the letter X, we focus on words that end in X to correctly learn the sound.

Words like Ox, Box, and Fox teach the sound much better than xylophone.

Therefore “Fox and the Hound” is the movie of choice for X week.

Alright, without further ado….

Your Letter of the Week Movie List!

Popcorn and movie for letter of the week

A – Alice in Wonderland (classic version), Ants

B – Bee Movie, Beauty and the Beast, Bolt

C – Cars, Croods, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

D – Despicable Me, Dumbo

E – Emperor’s New Groove, Epic

F – Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Frozen

G – Good Dinosaur, Goofy Movie, The Grinch

H – How to Train Your Dragon, Happy Feet, Hercules, Horton Hears a Who

I – Incredibles, Inside Out

J – Jungle Book

K – Kung Fu Panda, Kronk’s New Groove

L – Lion King, The Lorax, Leap, Lego Movie

M – Moana, Mulan, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Mary Poppins

N – The Nut Job, Night at the Museum, Nutcracker and the Four Realms

O – Oliver & Company, Odd Squad, Octonauts

P – Pocahontas, Pinnochio

Q – Quest for Camelot

R – Ratatouille, Rio

S – Secret Life of Pets, Spirit, Sword and the Stone, Sing, The Secret Garden

T – Toy Story, Tangled, Tarzan, Tinkerbell

U – Up, Underdog

V – Veggie Tales (any of their shows or movies)

W – Wall E., Wonder Park, Woody Woodpecker

X – Fox and the Hound

Y – Yogi’s Great Escape

Z  – Zootopia

Recap Letter of the Week Movie List + Free Printable!

I so hope that this gives you some new and fresh Letter of the Week ideas to add to your homeschool!

To help you plan ahead for all of your special movie days, I made a quick printable to help you stay organized and have all the movies ready to go when you need them.

You can download this super fun Letter of the Week Kindergarten tool for FREE when you subscribe to The Simple Homeschooler (no Spam ever! Unsubscribe anytime).

You can expect to get Monday morning emails full of homeschool encouragement, tips, freebies, and laughs!

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Did I forget any of your favorite movies? Comment with any you would have added into the list!

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