10 Tracing Letter C Worksheets: Easy Print & Free!

On the hunt for some letter C tracing worksheets for your kindergarten kids, preschool lessons, or English language learners?

I have put together 10 high-quality, free printable worksheets that are just the thing you’re looking for!

These letter C activities will not only support letter formation – but also letter identification, letter sounds, and more!

I also provided more worksheets than you’ll probably need. Feel free to pick through the collection of worksheets and just use the ones that you need.

Save the others for extra practice or review!

****Don’t even start to stress. You can download these letter worksheets in no time flat! There are *very simple* directions at the bottom of this blog post to get it in PDF format for easy printing. No email address is needed.  

Check Out Your Letter C Tracing Worksheets!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 1

This first page features a cute cat and an oversized uppercase C and lowercase c.

Encourage your younger children to start at the #1 and follow the dotted lines around. Their developing fine motor skills will likely make it difficult for them to follow the lines perfectly – and that’s okay!

Tell them that nobody does it perfectly the first time – that’s why there are so many more letters below to trace!

Finish by coloring all the pictures: clock, cow, and car!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 2

This printable worksheet starts with large bubble letters to help your student with tracing practice. 

After your student has traced the upper case letter C and the small letters, finish the activity by coloring the c-c-camel.

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 3

Here is another practice sheet that is perfect for tracing!

Encourage your kindergarten children to take their time and really do their best work. Sloppy tracing could end up looking like an /o/ or a /u/.

If your student needs to work on the letter c sound, encourage your child to say the /c/ sound each time they write it. 

Complete the activity by coloring in the bubble letters and coloring the c-c-crab.

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 4

This fun tracing worksheet has several c-c-cats to color!

Have your student finish tracing the lowercase letters and uppercase letters with their best effort, and then let them color the cartoon letter cat as creatively as they like.


Letter C Tracing Worksheet 5

This printable letter C worksheet is a great way to introduce your child to writing his or her own letters!

First, have the student trace the letter C, and then have the student write their own letter C in the blank space. This is a much more gentle approach than just having to write rows of letters on their own.

Have the child color the c-c-cake.

For a fun way to wrap up the activity, ask them some questions.

What flavor is the cake?

What kind of icing is it?

What kind of ice cream should be served with it?

Whose birthday is it?

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 6

After your student traces the lower case letters and the upper case, see if they can sound out the CVC word /cat/. 

Have your child continue to trace their way through the sheet and then see if they can sound out the rest of the words.

Finish by having the student color the c-c-cat in the c-c-cup!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 7

This tracing printable also doubles as a letter recognition worksheet!

Start by practicing with the large letters, tracing letters, and writing letters.

At the bottom of the sheet, your child will need some crayons or colored pencils.

Can your students use their letter identification skills to spot all the /c/ letters in the “alphabet soup?”

Color all the C bubbles the same color.

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 8

Is your student ready to write /c/ without the dotted lines? Ask them to trace the guide letters and then write 3-4 more letters on their own!

At the bottom of the page, they will find some more fun C words to trace and possibly sound out. 

There is a picture clue to give them a hint!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 9

This is a great practice worksheet to tuck into a ring binder for future review or practice.

Start by having your student trace C and write several rows of their own letters.

Finish the free letter C worksheet by coloring in the c-c-cloud C and cloud picture!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet 10

This last sheet includes several different activities for your kids!

Start by having your child color the cartoon C and the c-c-candy.

Have the student write a couple of rows of letter C on the blank lines.

The last activity will have your child using his letter sound skills to color in all the images that start with C – caterpillar, candle, cake, cat, cow, and car!

Why Is Letter C Formation So Crucial?

Letter C Tracing Worksheets on a bulletin board background

It is important to learn to write all the letters of the alphabet correctly…but the letter C is slightly more important.

You see, so many English letters are based on the letter C.

If your kindergarten students feel confident when asked to write letter /c/, that will dramatically help their future writing skills.

Our favorite handwriting curriculum actually calls it the “magic C.”

For example, when you start to make /d/, it starts with writing a /c/ first.

The same is true for many other letters – /a/, /g/, /o/, and /q/.

So learning the letter /c/ will help your student with 5 other letters!

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Terms of Use: These alphabet worksheets are for classroom, homeschool, co-op, occupational therapy, literacy centers, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler educational activities are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy these letter tracing worksheets and that they help your younger kids become confident with writing a solid letter C!

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If you are looking for more free Letter C Worksheets, be sure to check out the below post for more fantastic alphabet activities!

And if you are interested in cursive letter C – be sure to check out my cursive letter tracing worksheets!

Enjoy and happy teaching!

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