26 Amazing Alphabet Coloring Worksheets For Kindergarten: Easy Print

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Looking for some amazing alphabet coloring sheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

The below free printables include alphabet pages for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. 

Young children can sharpen those fine motor skills as they color lowercase letters, capital letters, and pictures that start with the letter sound!

Coloring is such a fun way to work on these important building blocks of literacy. 

The sheets are a great addition to any letter of the alphabet lesson plans. I even included notes for each letter and links to more alphabet printables that will teach letter recognition skills, writing skills, and more!

At the bottom of the post you will find simple directions to help you download the pdf file today! 

Why I Picked Each Image For The Free Alphabet Coloring Book

As I taught my own three children to read, I started to notice that so many early alphabet practice activities used words or letter sounds that could confuse a new reader. 

For example, words like giraffe, knight, cent, ace, and ice show that the consonants and vowels can have different sounds.

If your kid is just learning the letters and their sounds, it is not the time to introduce all of these more complicated concepts. 

Those are for a later, more structured reading lesson to be taught in late kindergarten or first grade.

So all of these printable activities have images that reflect the short sounds of vowels and the common sound of consonants (no silent letters, soft g, soft c, etc.).

Check Out Your Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages!

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 1

Letter A is for a-a-apple.

Have your student color the apple a classic red, bright green, or even pink. 

Point out the uppercase letter and lowercase letter for this very first vowel. 

What other words start with the /a/ sound?

As I said earlier, the vowels can be very tricky for young learners. If you are just introducing the letters, stick to the common sound. All the other sounds, such as airplane and automobile, will come in structured reading lessons down the road.

Letter A Worksheets

Tracing Letter A Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 2

B is for ball.

Have your student color the basketball bright orange or any other fun color they like.

Ask your child what other words make the /b/ sound. What other kinds of balls are there?

Letter B Worksheets

Tracing Letter B Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 3

C is for cake.

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring a fun picture of cake! Encourage them to color their dream birthday cake, adding as many details and extras as they like.

Consider having a small cupcake at the end of the lesson as an extra treat to end the lesson. 

Letter C Worksheets

Letter C Tracing Sheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 4

D is for duck.

Is this a yellow duck or brown duck? A rainbow duck?

Encourage your child to have fun coloring the duck and adding in any other details, such as water, grass, and flowers.

Letter D Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 5

E is for egg.

Here comes another vowel! 

What kind of egg is it? A blue robin’s egg? A speckled egg? An Easter egg? A snake’s egg?

Have your child color the egg accordingly, and then add in whatever extra things they would like around their egg.

Letter E Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 6

F is for fire.

What color is fire? Encourage your student to blend orange, red, and yellow together to make a realistic fire.

What sweet treat can you make over a fire? Smores! Encourage your student to draw a marshmallow and stick over their fire picture.

Letter F Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 7

G is for guitar.

This is a great time to get out of your seat, turn on some music, and play the air guitar with your child!

That would definitely be lots of fun and a memorable way to learn the letter g!

Letter G Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 8

H is for hat.

Color the cowboy hat and have a hat on hand for your student to wear all day long. 

Letter H Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 9

I is for igloo.

And another vowel is here!

Some kids may not know what an igloo is or how they work. Explain that the ice blocks and packed snow can actually make a warm shelter from the wind and cold. 

****You might also want to point out that the capital letter I sometimes looks like a lowercase l, and sometimes it has feet and a hat. It just depends on the font of the book they’re reading. 

Letter I Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 10

J is for jacket.

Brrrr! Is it cold outside? You must need a j-j-jacket! Tell your child to color the jacket their favorite color or after their favorite sports team. 

What other words start with the j sound?

****This is another tricky consonant. Steer clear of girrafe, gem, and other silimar soft g words.

Letter J Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 11

K is for kite.

Students may or may not notice that /k/ has the same sound as /c/. If they point it out, simply say that in a later reading lesson you’ll explain when to use each letter. There is a reason! 

For now, enjoy coloring your kite and learning about other k words, like koala, kangaroo, and key. 

Letter K Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 12

L is for lettuce.

A joke is a great way to open the activity – “Lettuce color letter L today!”

Kids love a good pun!

Color your lettuce bright green with maybe a darker green for the “veins.”

Maybe have some l-l-lettuce for l-l-lunch l-l-later with a l-l-lemonade?

Letter L Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 13

M is for mango.

Your little learner might not be familiar with mangoes.

Have some dried mango on hand so the child can taste it and see the color.

Letter M Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 14

N is for nurse.

What does a nurse sometimes carry with her to give medicine – a n-n-needle!

Have the child color the nurse and add in a needle. Feel free to remind little ones that needles sting for a second but ultimately help us feel better and stay healthy. 

Letter N Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 15

O is for octopus.

Vowel alert!

Have the child stand up and move their arms like an octopus to help them remember the short vowel sound.

Letter O Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 16

P is for pizza. Yum!

Ask your student what those circles are on the pizza – p-p-pepperoni!

You may not be able to have hot pizza for your kids, but you can provide slices of pepperoni as a high-protein snack while they color.

Letter P Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 17

Q is for queen.

Consider using a little glitter or gem stickers to really make this printable coloring sheet pop!

Letter Q Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 18

R is for rat.

Have your student color the rat black, brown, or grey. Color the cheese yellow.

What other animals start with the /r/ sound? Rabbit, ram, and raccoon!

Letter R Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 19

S is for spoon.

Have some spoons available. Ask your student to walk and balance a small toy on the spoon as a fun activity.

On the coloring page, have your child draw their favorite food on the spoon.

Letter S Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 20

T is for tree.

What kind of tree is this? What season is it?

Have your child draw in the fruit of their choice.

Letter T Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 21U is or umbrella.

Have your child color the umbrella and add drops of rain coming down.

Letter U Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 22

V is for vest.

Is this a life vest? Fishing vest? Suit vest? Survival vest?

Let your child decide and color it accordingly.

Letter V Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 23

W is for watch.

What kinds of watches are there? Gold? Silver? Colored plastic? Cloth?

Tell the student to color their dream watch for when they’re an adult.

Letter W Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 24

X is for x-ray.

Well sort of anyways.

The correct sound of /x/ is usually heard at the end of a word, such as box, fox, and ox. 

To get those kinds of coloring pages, see my Letter X Worksheet Packet.

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 25

Y is for yo-yo.

A package of yo-yos can be a cheap find at the Dollar Tree or on Amazon. Let your child play with one and then have them color the picture with their favorite colors.

Letter Y Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Worksheet - 26

Z is for zipper.

Where do we find zippers? Jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, and more!

Have the child draw a piece of clothing around the zipper.

Letter Z Worksheets

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I hope that you and your child really enjoy these free alphabet coloring pages!

Once completed, staple them all together for a keepsake book AND future letter review.

If you are looking for more printable activities, be sure to check out the free worksheets below.

And grab your copy of the Letter of the Week Movie List for more learning fun!

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