15+ Letter N Printables: Free & Easy Print!

On the hunt for some letter N printables for your kindergarten kids?

I got you covered!

This printable pack of letter N worksheets is the perfect thing to help younger children learn the letter n sound, practice letter identification, and proper letter formation of lowercase letter n and uppercase letter n.

They will enjoy educational activities, coloring pages, hands-on activities, and more!

There is a link at the bottom of this post that will take you directly to an instant download PDF file for all of the letter worksheets.

But be sure to hang in and read through all of my tips and notes on how to best use these alphabet worksheets!

Check Out Your Free Letter N Printable Worksheet Pack!

Letter N Printable 1

This free printable letter n coloring page is a great way to kick off your study of the letter N!

Slowly go through the pictures with your little learner and see if they can figure out what each one is. Help them to really stress the beginning letter sounds of each word.

For example, n-n-neck and n-n-nest.

Take the time to point out how this letter sounds compared to the letter m we studied last week. If your child struggles, put them in front of a mirror so they can see how their mouth moves to make an /m/ sound and an /n/ sound.

They should notice that the /m/ sound is made when they push their lips together, but the /n/ sound is made by putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth right behind their teeth.

Letter N Printable 2

Hopefully, this printable letter n worksheet will be a breeze for your child. It’s like doing half of the work of writing an /m/!

Sit with your child and make sure they trace the dotted lines in order.

The first line of the capital N should go from top to bottom. Then the child should pick up their pencil and make the second line going diagonally from the top of the first line. The last line will be going straight up.

It may sound tedious to work on the order of the lines, but it is important. If the child does this out of order, the end result may look like a sideways S or the letter may be accidentally written backward.

Letter N Printable 3

This printable is great practice for those fine motor skills to work on writing lowercase n and uppercase n.

Again, stay with them and gently correct as needed.

Remember that it will take years to develop the skills to write the way that you do.

Make sure your expectations are reasonable for the age of the child you’re working with.

Letter N Printable 4

Uh, oh! It looks like the letters of the alphabet have spilled out of this jar!

Can you help your child sift through them to get all the N letters back where they belong?

This letter recognition worksheet is always a fun way for kids to critically think through the symbols that make up our alphabet.

Letter N Printable 5

Here is another reason to break out your do-a-dab markers! 

Help your child find all the lowercase n letters among all the other lowercase letters.

Allow the child to dab the other letters with a different color.

Letter N Printable 6

This letter n coloring page is a wonderful way to see if the child really grasps the /n/ sound.

Go through each image first to make sure they understand what they are looking at.

The child should color: net, nose, narwhal, noodles, nest, needle, nail, and nail polish.

Letter N Printable 7

Creativity time!

Work with your child to come up with some fun letter n pictures!

I am thinking of something that holds up my head…neck!

I want to lay down and take a…nap!

It’s not day, it’s…night!

****Be aware that your child might want to draw things like a knife, door knob, or a knight. Gently explain that those kinds of words have a silent letter in front of them. They’ll learn all about that in the next couple of years. This week’s focus is just on the letter N.

Letter N Printable 8

Letter N Printable 9

Letter N Printable 10

Letter N Printable 11

Letter N Printable 12

Letter N Printable 13

Letter N Printable 14

This printable provides some extra practice with writing lowercase letters and capital letters.

You can use it for morning work, independent work, or for a later review.

Letter N Printable 15

More free printable letter N coloring pages!

Your young student should color the adorable Narwhal, nurse, ninja, napkin, nail, nest, and nail polish.

Letter N Printable 16

This final printable is a perfect review capstone for your week with /n/!

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter N Printables!

Letter N Printables Pin

***Terms of use: Only to be used in the homeschool, co-op, or classroom setting. Thank you!

I hope you and your little learners enjoy using these letter N worksheets!

It will take a little time and patience, but before you know it, they will be writing all of their lower case letters and upper case letters. 

And reading will be around the corner!

Enjoy the journey and don’t miss my next alphabet letter packet – Letter O! 

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