15+ Letter O Printables: Free & Easy Print!

Need some free printable letter O worksheets?

I have some Outstanding ones for you!

Your preschool and kindergarten students are going to love going through these printable activities as they learn the letters of the alphabet!

You will find letter O coloring pages, letter recognition worksheets, tracing worksheets, and much more!

Be sure to read my notes for some fun ideas and help to get the most out of these sheets.

Real Quick: These Are Phonics Worksheets

Letter o worksheets on a letter background

At this age, it is very important that young children master the short vowel letter sounds first.

Unfortunately, there are several different O letter sounds that could confuse your child: /ow/, /ou/, /oa/, /or/, and /oi/ to name a few.

For that reason, I only included O words that start with the short O sound.

You will not find owl, organ, oil, outside, oboe, or any other O words like them. 

After going through the below letter O activities, your child will be able to confidently say that the sound of O is o-o-octopus. 

They will eventually learn the other sounds, but the focus must be on the short sound now as a foundation.

It will help them tremendously when they start sounding out CVC words, such as dot, mop, dog, etc.

Check Out Your Printable Letter O Worksheets!

Letter O Worksheet 1

This fun coloring page will be your child’s introduction to all things letter O!

Go through each of the pictures and see if your child can guess what it is. 

With your help, they will eventually be able to see there is an ox, ostrich, otter, and octopus on their sheet. 

Work with your child to isolate the first sound of each of those words.

Can they guess what sound O must make?

Once complete, you can display this as your letter O poster for the week!

Letter O Worksheet 2

This tracing sheet looks oh, so easy…but still sit with your child to ensure proper letter formation skills. 

They may be in such a hurry to do this “easy” work that they make an uppercase O that looks more like an uppercase U.

Make sure that younger children take their time and properly close each letter o. 

If your child struggles with rushing, a fun way to help him slow down is to tell them that each O is the head of an o-o-octopus. 

You don’t want your octopus to have a hole in his head, right? This strategy will probably get some giggles, and hopefully some quality handwriting skills.

Letter O Worksheet 3

Now your child can move their fine motor skills on to writing capital letter O and lowercase letter O!

They will not have dotted lines to trace, but the top of the page does have a guide if they need it.

Again, encourage your child to slow down and write with their best effort. 

You will probably get the best results if you tell them a specific number they need to write. For example, they only need to write four Os per line.

Letter O Worksheet 4

Break out your dot markers!

Have your child find all the uppercase O letters among all the other uppercase letters!

Have the students use all different colors if desired. Consider using red to mark all the “wrong” letters

Letter O Worksheet 5

Here is another letter identification printable, but with lowercase letters!

Can your child find all the lowercase O bubbles in the sea of letters?

Definitely save time to color in that cute ostrich!

Letter O Worksheet 6

Your child may need a little help with this O words worksheet.

Drawing an ostrich or an otter is not very easy, but just tell them to do their best.

Remember that identifying the short letter O sound is the most important thing for the week.

Letter O Worksheet 7

Fun coloring pages are always a win when learning a new letter!

Make sure that your child knows what each picture is, and they should color the ostrich, otter, off/on switch, ox, and octopus.

They should not color the giraffe, pig, lion, and jellyfish.

Letter O Worksheet 8

Letter O Worksheet 9

Letter O Worksheet 10

Letter O Worksheet 11

Letter O Worksheet 12

Letter O Worksheet 13

Making a letter O book is always one of the favorite hands-on activities.

Haul out the coloring supplies and work with your child as they color, cut, and assemble their book!

It might be a good time to learn what oct- means. An octopus has 8 legs…so how many sides do you think an octagon might have?

****A stapler is the best choice to assemble this letter book.

Letter O Worksheet 14

This could be used as a practice sheet, review sheet, or for morning work if your student needs extra practice. 

Letter O Worksheet 15

Letter O Worksheet 16

These last two letter worksheets offer a little bit of everything: tracing sheets, mazes, drawing, and more letter identification!

These sheets are a great way to reinforce and solidify the new concepts and skills the child is learning! 

Definitely give them an o-o-opportunity to finish them.

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Letter O Worksheet Pin

I hope you and your child are loving these alphabet worksheets because I am really enjoying them too!

I know they will help round out your letter of the week curriculum, give you fresh ideas, and help you have fun with your students!

What are your favorite, must-do letter o activities? Please share them in the comments below!

And definitely don’t miss the next round of free printable worksheets – coming soon!

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