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Looking for p-p-plenty of free letter p worksheets for your kindergarten class or preschool students?

Learning about letter P will be so much fun as your dive into these educational activities with your younger children!

The below printable pack includes letter p coloring pages, letter p tracing worksheets, letter recognition worksheets, hands-on activities, and more!

It’s the perfect addition to your letter of the week curriculum.

Go ahead and scroll through the preview below, but be sure to read the notes I put with each free printable.

All of the letters of the alphabet have their own challenges, and the letter P definitely has some too.

There is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to an instant download pdf file of all the sheets.

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter P Worksheets!

Letter P Printable - 1

This fun coloring page is a great way to begin exploring the letter P!

Your student will have a blast going through all the pictures and discovering all the wonderful things that start with the p sound!

If they don’t already know what the P “says,” go through the images with them and see if they can figure it out on their own.  Really emphasize the first letter sounds as you say p-p-plant, p-p-pig, and so on.

Ask if they can think of a color that starts with the same sound.

What could they color purple on their p-p-picture?

Letter P Printable - 2

This printable worksheet will give your kindergarten students the chance to start tracing lowercase p and uppercase P.

Sit with the child and show them the proper letter formation steps. 

The best way to write lowercase letter p and the capital letter p, is to draw the “stick” first. 

THEN add on the curve.

Many young children seem to like making the circle first and then putting a stick behind it. 

There are two problems with that. The first is that they are more likely to forget which side of the circle the stick goes. 

The second problem is that it may be difficult to ensure the circle and stick are actually touching.

Your child’s letter could end up looking like an /i o/ instead of a /p/. 

Letter P Printable - 3

This letter p worksheet will challenge your kindergarten kids to write the lowercase letter p and uppercase letter p without the dotted lines.

There is a guide at the top of the page to help them.

Remember that following the above two steps in order will tremendously help your student develop strong habits. 

Because letter p and letter q are a lot like letters b and d, I would recommend putting this sheet in a page protector for extra practice and review in the future.

Using a dry-erase marker is definitely a fun way to do handwriting practice!

Letter P Printable - 4

This letter identification sheet is lots of fun for younger kids!

Use a do-a-dot marker – or whatever you have on hand – and help your child do the letter hunt for the capital letter P.

Letter P Printable - 5

This next page is oh so cute, but will probably be a challenge to your student.


Well, amongst those lowercase letters, there are definitely a few lowercase /q/s.

How can you help your child recognize the difference?

I love the options that The OT Toolbox offers in their article. One of them is to show the p and q on either side of a bed, and then say that you want some p-p-peace and q-q-quiet.

That’s a brilliant visual you can use to remind your student as they learn their letters!

Consider making your own visual on a whiteboard with magnetic letters for your student to practice with.

****Remembering the differences between p,q, b, and d will probably be a struggle for some time. I always keep an ABC chart displayed to help my young kids through this. Over time they will stop looking at it when they no longer need it.

Letter P Printable - 6

This printable is the p-p-perfect way to see how your young learners are grasping what letter p sounds like!

Go through each picture with them and see if they can figure out what it is and whether or not it should be colored. 

Hopefully, they will choose to color peanut, puppet, pin (as in clothespin), panda, penguin, and poop.

I know the poop emoji will give your kids the giggles, but if you find it inappropriate, you can explain that it is something else.

Some ideas might be cold soft serve ice cream, top of a cupcake, shaving cream, etc.

Letter P Printable - 7

This is one of the alphabet worksheets that really gives kids a creative way to show what they’re learning!

Hopefully, they can think of lots of letter p words. If they are slow to come up with something, consider giving them some hints to get them going. 

I am thinking of something that adults like to write with that is full of ink…a p-p-pen!

I am thinking of a baby dog…a p-p-puppy!

I am thinking of people who keep us safe and make sure we follow the law…police officer!

This can be p-p-pretty fun for your kids, so be prepared when they are begging for more riddles!

Letter P Printable - 8

Letter P Printable - 9

Letter P Printable - 10

Letter P Printable - 11

Letter P Printable - 12

Letter P Printable - 13

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the letter P has lots of delicious foods!

Consider having some pizza, popcorn, or peanut butter while making this book!

You could also do pear, pineapple, pumpkin muffins, or plums!

Letter P Printable - 14

Here is another opportunity for your child to work on hearing the initial P sound in words.

With all of the words, say the initial sound three times and ask them if it should be colored.

Can they hear the difference between p-p-pig and b-b-butterfly?

They should color pizza, penguin, pig, and pineapple.

**** In case you’re not sure, the bird is a quail, not a pigeon.

Letter P Printable - 15

Letter P Printable - 16

These last two alphabet worksheets are a review of the skills learned this week!

Their fine motor skills will be challenged to maneuver through the mazes, trace the letter, write the letters, draw, and color!

If they’ve never seen p-p-pinball machine, show them a picture or a video to make that maze a little more fun.

Click Here to Download Your Free Letter P Worksheets!

I hope you and your kids will have a blast with the printable activities included with these letter worksheets.

Please only use them in the homeschool, co-op, and classroom setting.

And be sure to come back for my next round of free alphabet printables – letter Q is coming very soon!

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