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Need some q-q-quality letter Q printables for your kindergarten children and preschoolers?

This printable pack will be a great addition to any letter of the week curriculum!

You will find tracing worksheets, do-a-dot maker pages, coloring pages, handwriting activities, and more.

Your younger children will learn all about letter formation, writing lowercase q & uppercase Q, the letter q sound, and letter recognition skills!

At the bottom of the page, you will find a link for an instant download to your letter q worksheets pdf.

Please limit these printable activities to homeschool, co-op, classroom, or personal use.

Check Out Your Free Letter Q Worksheets!

Letter Q Printable - 1

This letter Q coloring page is a great way to jump into all things letter Q.

Go through them with your kindergarten students and help them identify all the letter q words: queen, quail, quack, question mark, quilt, and quill.

If your child isn’t familiar with the question mark just yet, explain what it is used for and draw an example. Then have the student add on the missing dot on this coloring page!

Also take some time to do a little history. Give a brief history of what quill pens were and how they were used. Consider watching a short youtube video or even making a quill pen as a fun letter Q craft!

How cool would it be to practice writing the letter Q with a q-q-quill pen?!

Letter Q Printable - 2

This letter Q tracing worksheet is just the thing to help your student learn how to write the lowercase letter Q and and uppercase letter Q.

Sit down and watch your child practice by tracing the dotted lines. 

Just like with the letter P, it is important that they learn the correct order when writing this letter.

When it comes to capital letters, the capital letter Q is pretty straightforward. Draw the letter O and put a small line through it.

The lower case q is a little more tricky. Have your child draw an /a/ and then have them continue the line down into a little tail. 

It should be just like letter /g/, but the “tail” goes the other way. 

With repetition and time, your child will get the hang of it.

Letter Q Printable - 3

Once the tracing is mastered, your child is ready to ditch the dotted lines!

The top of the page still has example letters as a guide. 

There are no step-by-step instructions with this worksheet, because I wanted you, as the parent or teacher, to set the standard.

Tell your child that they must write 2 letters on each line, 4 letters on each line, or whatever you think is best for them.

Some kids will delight in writing…but it could be a slog for others. 

Hopefully, giving them a firm number will help either way.

Letter Q Printable - 4

Do-a-dot pages time!

This first letter recognition worksheet is all about the capital letter Q!

Help our child dab (or color) every letter Q they can find so it will go back in the box,

Encourage your child to use all different colors for the letter Q. The other uppercase letters should be left blank or they can all be the same color, such as red or black.

Letter Q Printable - 5

Do a dot markers are still needed for this letter recognition worksheet!

Help your child find the lowercase Q among all the other lowercase letters.

Yes, there are some letter /p/s on the sheet.

Remember the fun way to tell the difference from last week’s letter p worksheet pack

Place a p and a q on either side of a drawing of a bed, and say you want some peace and quiet.

Definitely help your child as much as possible during these early stages. Learning at this age should be all about encouragement and fun, no stress.

****I know you’re wondering what in the world that little animal is. It’s called a quokka and it is indigenous to Australia. Such a cute little animal!

Letter Q Printable - 6

Speaking of fun!

Break out your crayons for this fun coloring page!

Help your child go through all the pictures and see if they can hear the difference in the letter sounds. 

Can they hear the difference between g-g-guitar, q-q-quail, and s-s-salad? Work with them to isolate that first sound and pick out all the Q words.

They should color: quadruplets, quail, quokka, quill, and queen.

Letter Q Printable - 7

What can your child remember about the letter Q so far? 

They can draw any letter q word they’ve learned, or they can draw some of their own! 

Be careful not to suggest words like quarter or quiche. 

These are Q words that actually have a hard /k/ sound. With young kids, it is best to avoid confusion.

With time and a solid reading program, they will learn all the other rules and the many exceptions to the rules. 

It’s what makes the English language fun, right?

Letter Q Printable - 8

Letter Q Printable - 9

Letter Q Printable - 10

Letter Q Printable - 11

Letter Q Printable - 12

Letter Q Printable - 13

Yay for alphabet books!

Your young children will have so much fun learning new q words, coloring, cutting, and piecing together their very own letter book. 

Many of these will be new vocabulary words, so take the time to explain and learn a little more about quartz, quicksand, and quiver. 

Letter Q Printable - 14

This coloring page is such a fun way to finish nailing down the /kw/ sound!

Continue to work with your child to name each picture and isolate the first sound they hear. 

They should eventually color quilt, quail, and queen.

They *may* want to color key, but be sure to really emphasize the difference between /k/ and /kw/.

Letter Q Printable - 15

This sheet will provide extra practice with tracing for the child who needs it. 

Which at this age, should probably be everybody. 

If the writing seems too much, just do half of the sheet and come back to finish it later.

Letter Q Printable - 16

This final free letter q printable is a perfect capstone worksheet for your week!

Use it to review tracing, writing, drawing, and letter q words.

Doing the mazes looks like fun, but it is also a way to sharpen those fine motor skills!

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter Q Worksheets!

As your child is learning the letters of the alphabet, I hope you continue to come back here for more free printable worksheets!

Stay tuned for next week as we dive into the letter R!

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