15+ Letter R Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Are you r-r-ready for some free letter R worksheets for your preschool students or kindergarteners?

The below printable pack is busting with tracing worksheets, coloring pages, alphabet books, and other letter R activities!

Your younger children will be learning about the letter r sound, letter identification, letter formation, and much more!

Dive into the preview of these alphabet worksheets below, and be sure to take advantage of all the notes about how to best use them.

There is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you straight to an instant download pdf file.

So let’s dive in!

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter R Worksheets!

Letter R Worksheet 1

This fun coloring page is the perfect worksheet to kick off your letter of the week!

Your young children will be chomping at the bit to color in all the fun things that start with the R sound.

If your preschooler is learning about the letter R for the first time, ask them to identify each of the pictures. 

See if they can hear the common sound they all start with. 

If you are doing this with older students, ask them what else could have been on the sheet. Rat? Rock? Railroad?

Letter R Worksheet 2

Your young children may enjoy finding all kinds of different ways to write the lowercase r and uppercase r.

But, writing the letters in the correct order is crucial for good handwriting in the long run.  

Your child can trace the bubble R at the top of the page, following the arrows along the dotted lines. If needed, have your child trace this multiple times.

The rest of this sheet gives plenty of tracing practice. If you notice that the quality of your child’s work is starting to decrease, go ahead and take a break.

Fine motor skills at this age are limiting and it can be exhausting to write for a longer period of time.

Letter R Worksheet 3

Go ahead and slide this letter r printable into a page protector.

Break out your dry erase markers because they’re way more fun than pencils!

This will motivate your child to want to write, and it will make it super easy to erase the mistakes.

Hold onto it for future reinforcement and review.

Letter R Worksheet 4

It looks like all the capital letters have spilled onto the floor!

Can your kindergarten children or preschoolers find all the uppercase R letters?

Use your dot markers to color the jar the student’s favorite color. Then dab the letter Rs with that same color!

If your child is really enjoying the dot marker, let him dab all the other uppercase letters in a different color (as long the letter R bubbles stand out).

For example, the letter R could be r-r-red, and the other letters could be blue.

Letter R Worksheet 5

This letter recognition worksheet is full of lowercase letters.

Can your student help the r-r-rocket find all the lowercase letter r bubbles?

Do-a-dot markers are a fun way to complete this printable, but you could definitely get creative with it.

You could glue pom poms to all the “wrong” lower case letters so that you can only see the r letters.

You could also glue pieces of r-r-red construction paper or tissue paper to the sheet.

Make it your own!

Letter R Worksheet 6

This activity sheet is a great way to work with your child on letter sounds.

Help them identify each of the pictures and really stress the initial sound. For example, b-b-ball and r-r-rabbit. 

Your child should color rocket, rose, race car, rabbit, robot, rainbow, and ring.

Letter R Worksheet 7

I have to say this is my favorite of the interactive letter r worksheets!

My own children love coming up with silly riddles and jokes, and this is the perfect sheet to do that.

Ask your child to either answer your r-word riddle or see if they can come up with their own for you!

I’m thinking of water that falls from the sky…rain!

I’m thinking of a tiny white food that some people eat with chopsticks…rice!

Your child can then draw their favorite r-word riddle.

Letter R Worksheet 8

Letter R Worksheet 9

Letter R Worksheet 10

Letter R Worksheet 11

Letter R Worksheet 12

Letter R Worksheet 13

This is a great hands-on activity to do over multiple days with your preschooler or kindergarten students.

Allow them to do as much as possible when it comes to tracing, coloring, and cutting out. 

A couple of staples and they’ll have their own letter r book!

Letter R Worksheet 14

Can you have enough coloring pages? Probably not.

Enjoy coloring this super cute robot!

Letter R Worksheet 15

This is another activity sheet that will help your child work through letter sounds.

Make sure they know for sure what each image is, and then see if they can hear the initial sound.

They should color refrigerator, rain, rollerblades, rhino, reindeer, and rocking chair.

Letter R Worksheet 16

Learning to write the letters of the alphabet is challenging for most students.

So, I made sure to include one more lower case letter r and capital letter r tracing sheet for those that need it. 

If your student continues to struggle, gently remind them that this alphabet letter requires you to pick up your pencil.

Kids in their rushing can forget this simple step, and it can make a big difference.

Letter R Worksheet 17

This last activity is a fun review of everything your child has been working on and learning!

It combines all the fun and educational activities of tracing, coloring, drawing, and even mazes!

Click Here To Download Your Letter R Free Printable Worksheets!

Letter R Worksheets Pin

Click the above image link/text link to download your letter worksheets in PDF format. 

Terms of Use: This printable worksheet packet is for homeschool, co-op, classroom, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free worksheets are never for commercial use Thank you!

I hope you and your students love these free preschool printables! 

They will have more than enough fun zooming through all the hands-on activities and mastering those there lower case and upper case letter R!

Feel free to pop them in a ring binder and work through them at your kid’s pace.

If you’re looking for more free alphabet printables, be sure to grab the letter s worksheet packet below!

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If you are looking to sharpen math skills, be sure to use the search bar to find even more printables to teach students of all ages.

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