15+ Letter S Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

On the hunt for some s-s-spectacular free letter S Worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

The alphabet worksheets below are stuffed with everything you’ll need for your letter of the week.

You will find letter S activities that will teach your child about the letter S sound, letter formation, letter identification, and more!

You will find an instant download link below for the entire printable pack.

But for the best results, be sure to read through the suggestions for each worksheet.

I added lots of different teaching points, ideas, and tips to this blog post to help you get the most out of your time teaching your young learners!

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter S Worksheets!

Letter S Worksheet 1

A coloring page is such a fun way to start teaching your student about what the letter s sounds like.

Go through each of the images and slowly say each word. Your child will likely start to pick up the common sound that each word starts with!

Here is a list of the images, just in case you’re not sure: strawberry, sunglasses, sun, spider, snake, star, salad, sausage.

****As an extra note, be sure to avoid any words that start with sh-. That consonant blend will be taught later after the child has learned the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Letter S Worksheet 2

This tracing worksheet is just the thing to get your younger children on the right path to writing lowercase letter S and uppercase S.

This letter of the alphabet will definitely stretch their fine motor skills though.

Guide them through tracing the large bubble S and then the small letters. 

To help them produce the best quality letter than can make, be sure they are using a freshly sharpened pencil.

Letter S Worksheet 3

When you think your student is ready, transition to this free printable. 

Your child will be able to practice writing lower case letters and capital letters without dotted lines.

To avoid sloppy work and/or a frustrated child, make sure you tell your child how many times they have to write the letter S.

3 times on each line? 6 times?

It’s up to you!

Just let them know what the goal is and give the activity a little structure that is tailored to them.

Letter S Worksheet 4

Can your child sort all of these mixed-up upper case letters?

In order to finish this kindergarten worksheet, your children need to use a do-a-dot marker to dab all the capital letter /S/ circles. 

You could tell them that they are s-s-soap bubbles or s-s-sand to make it a little extra fun and silly.

Letter S Worksheet 5

This letter recognition worksheet has our friend the s-s-squirell on the hunt for some specific lowercase letters!

Can your preschoolers help him find all the lowercase S circles?

You could say they are s-s-sweet treats he wants to bury for the winter!

Letter S Worksheet 6

This printable is a great way to ensure your child really comprehends the letter sounds. 

Once you’re sure they know what each image is, they can complete this independently. 

If you think the child would be overwhelmed or unsure, sit with them and go through the sounds one by one. 

They should eventually color: speaker, sun, salad, squirrel, socks, and strawberry.

Letter S Worksheet 7

Young kids will love the freedom and creativity that this letter S worksheet will bring to the week!

As I’ve said before in other free alphabet printables, I like to come up with some riddles to help my child think of what to draw.

If you’re stumped too, here are a few to get you going:

I’m thinking of something that gets stuck between your toes at the beach…sand!

I’m thinking of the big blue thing we see outside above our heads…sky! 

I don’t want you to go, I want you to…stop!

Letter S Worksheet 8

Letter S Worksheets - 9

Letter S Worksheet 10

Letter S Worksheet 11

Letter S Worksheet 12

Letter S Worksheet 13

This letter book is a great project to work on over multiple days.

Give your preschooler or kindergartener loads of time to color or decorate this book with different mediums.

Could you make tissue paper flowers on the stamp?

Add multi-colored buttons to the salad?

Stickers to make a pattern on the socks?

This has all the makings to be a fun, messy letter S craft or activity that your kids will love!

Letter S Worksheet 14

Does your student need more time to work on the letter S sound?

Go through these images with your child and ask them what sound it starts with.

Can they hear the difference is r-r-rocket and s-s-sun?

They should color: sun, seahorse, snake, strawberry.

Letter S Worksheet 15

Yep, more coloring pages!

Your preschool student will love coloring this friendly snake. 

For an extra letter S activity, you could place this printable in a page protector and then use playdough or s-s-slime to place over the S.

Hands-on educational activities!

Letter S Worksheet 16

This tracing sheet will allow for extra practice writing lower case S and uppercase letters. 

With patience, repetition, and time, your child will remember the difference between an S and a Z. 

During these early years though, always keep an ABC chart visible to help them remember. They won’t need it forever, I promise! But it will help tremendously. 

Letter S Worksheet 17

This is the last of the letter worksheets for S, and a great review of all the things you’ve been working on!

Work with your child to conquer the mazes, make more S pictures, trace the letters, and color the s-s-stars!!

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Letter S Worksheets Pin

I hope you and your students enjoy this letter pack!

Print it out, hole punch it, and place in a ring binder for easy storage during the week.

And head back next week for the next set of printable activities – letter T is coming soon!

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