15+ Letter T Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

On the hunt for some t-t-terrific letter T worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

The below free alphabet printables are t-t-teeming with all different activities!

You will find letter t tracing worksheets, multiple coloring pages, a make-your-own letter T book, and more!

Your younger children will learn about the letter T sound, proper letter formation (the fun way!), letter identification, lowercase letter T, and upper case letter T.

This is a no prep work alphabet bundle that only requires a few materials. Check out my notes for tips and tricks on getting the most out of these worksheets!

****There are letter T words that you’re going to want to avoid in your preschool lessons. Keep reading to make sure you catch them!

Alrighty! Let’s dive into this letter of the week!

Check Out You Free Printable Letter T Worksheets!

Letter T Worksheet 1

This letter T coloring page is so fun and a great way to start learning about the letter T sound!

Go through each of the words and help your young learners isolate the first sound.

T-t-turtle, T-t-tree, etc.

They will quickly start to pick up on the common theme!

Letter T Worksheet 2

I love, love, love how simple and cute this letter T worksheet is.

It is definitely the fun way to learn how to write the capital letter T!

Go through the steps row by row with your child and they won’t even notice the fine motor skills they’re using the write!

Letter T Worksheet 3

This is another tracing worksheet that also includes lowercase letters.

Letter T Worksheet 4

Letter T is one of the easier letters of the alphabet to write.

You don’t have to worry about letter reversals or complicated twists. If you think your preschooler or kindergarten will struggle with drawing the straight lines, you can put this printable in a page protector.

Let your student use washable dry erase markers so they can easily erase mistakes or do the worksheet multiple times.

Letter T Worksheet 5

Get out your do-a-dot markers!

Time to do some letter recognition with your preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Help your student look through the uppercase letters to find all the capital T letters. 

The capital J *might* confuse them, but ask them to think about how the T and J are different.

Letter T Worksheet 6

This sweet tooth fairy bear seems to have lost all of her letter T bubbles in a sea of lower case letters.

Can your young student help her find them?

Now there are a couple different ways to do this. 

You can use the do-a-dot markers again, you could glue actual buttons, pieces of tissue paper or construction paper. 

Make it one of your art activities!

Letter T Worksheet 7

Let’s practice letter sounds!

Show your child each of the images and tell them that they should only color the ones that *start* with the T sound.

Go through each image and ask what sound they hear. Once you have reviewed it together, let the student work independently to finish the coloring.

They should color: tooth, toaster, turkey, tree, taco, and tiger.

Letter T Worksheet 8

If you’ve been following along with my series of alphabet worksheets, you’ll know this is my favorite one!

You can get really interactive and silly with kids as they try to think of things that start with the T sound.

I like to challenge the kids with riddles.

My watch tells me the…time!

Some kids call me a frog, but I’m really a…toad!

I’m a cuddly stuffed animal that…teddy bear!

You want to be careful though when coming up with your riddles because there are some T words that you don’t want to introduce during these early stages of learning. 

If the word starts with the th- blend, it will not have the classic t sound, which will confuse many young kids. 

So even though thin, thief, and three start with T, save them for future letter T phonics worksheets. 

Letter T Worksheet 9

Letter T Worksheet 10

Letter T Worksheet 11

Letter T Worksheet 12

Letter T Worksheet 13

Letter T Worksheet 14

Here is the make-your-own letter T book!

You can pop it in a ring binder and let your kid work on it over several days for morning work or other downtime.

It’s a great keepsake to collect and help them review sounds in the future.

Letter T Worksheet 15

Your young ones will love coloring this sweet baby tiger!

It would be perfect to display as your theme for the week.

Letter T Worksheet 16

This worksheet provides some extra practice in writing lower case letters and capital letters.

Even though it is one of the simpler letters, the practice is still important.

Letter T Worksheet 17

This worksheet is the last of the printable activities and provides a fun review!

The top of the page allows for tracing, mazes, and writing. 

The middle of the page is for more letter T riddles and drawing!

The bottom of the page is similar to the earlier sound worksheet. At this point, your child will excitedly and confidently color toothbrush, tent, and tomato. 

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Terms of Use: These alphabet letters worksheets are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you and your students have more than enough fun adding these educational activities to your kindergarten or preschool lesson plans! 

The letter T is always a blast. Everything from tigers to trains to the tooth fairy is guaranteed to engage and excite your tiny learners!

Check out my Pre-Reading ActivitiesLetter of the Week Movie List, and CVC Words Worksheet Packet for more ideas to build those early literacy skills!

And as always, the next letter bundle is just one click away!

Grab the Letter U Worksheet packet below and continue on your literacy journey!

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