15+ Letter M Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Are you here to find some magnificent, marvelous, and magical letter M worksheets for your kindergarten students?

Your younger children are going to have a blast with these free printable worksheets as they learn letter sounds, letter identification, and correct letter formation.

They will have fun with coloring, drawing, and even mazes!

You can check out a preview of all the alphabet worksheets below. There is a link at the end of the post that will take you to an instant download pdf file of all of the printables.

Be sure to read through my notes for ideas and tips as you teach your child the letters of the English alphabet!

Check Out Your Free Letter M Worksheets!

Letter M Worksheet 1

At this age, I always think a coloring page is such a fun way to introduce new concepts.

Introduce letter M sounds by going through all the pictures on the sheet: mouse, mop, music, moon, mittens, monkey, mail, monster, map, and money.

Really emphasize that initial sound as you say the words. You will want the child to clearly know it, especially before you introduce the very similar letter N sound.

Letter M Worksheet 2

This letter m tracing sheet will help your young children get comfortable with writing uppercase letter m and lowercase letter m with dotted lines.

The fine motor skills at this age may cause your student to struggle with making the upper case letters sharp.

Just like with the letter L worksheets, encourage your student to take their time and pick up their pencil for each line.

They may not always need to do this, but just until they show that they can consistently write the letter properly.

Letter M Worksheet 3

Once your child is comfortable with the dotted lines, move onto this sheet for extra practice.

Watch those capital letters for sharp peaks (m-m-mountain peaks that is. Ha!), but also watch the lowercase letters.

Many students like to make the two bumps and then add a “stick” to the front. 

Discourage them from doing this as it will take longer, and often the “stick” is separate from the /m/ and looks more like an /i/. 

So when writing lowercase m, make sure that the student draws the “stick” first THEN adds the two bumps on.

I tell my own children that they should remember to draw two little rainbows coming off the stick if that helps.

Letter M Worksheet 4

This letter recognition worksheet is always a favorite of the letter m activities…because anything with markers (and especially do-a-dot markers!) is exciting for kids.

Help the little learner hunt through the letters of the alphabet for all the M uppercase letters they can find!

To maximize the fun with this, have the student dab the wrong letters with another color. Letter M Worksheet 5

Do the same with this sheet and help your student look through all the small letters for the letter m.

Ask your child what the think the image on the sheet is. 

A f-f-fish? A g-g-girl? Or a m-m-mermaid?

Letter M Worksheet 6

Yeah for more coloring fun!

Go through the sheet with your child and make sure they clearly understand what each image represents.

They should color money, mouse, mittens, mountain, monkey, mermaid, and microphone.

Letter M Worksheet 7

Here your child can draw their hearts out with all the letter M images they desire.

To avoid frustration, have your child tell you what they are going to draw BEFORE they get started.

Need a great way to get their young mind rolling? Help them brainstorm with a few riddles!

For example, I am thinking of something sticky and sweet that goes on pancakes (Maple syrup).

A super-rich person lives in a giant house called a….mansion.

It’s always fun to get a letter in the…mail.

Make up your own, or have your child make up their own riddles!

Letter M Worksheet 8

Letter M Worksheet 9

Letter M Worksheet 10

Letter M Worksheet 11

Letter M Worksheet 12

Letter M Worksheet 13

This letter M book is such a cute activity for kids to make.

They will love coloring all the pictures, tracing the m words, and assembling their own book!

For best results, I would recommend doing this activity over several days. Little hands can get tired and frustrated easily.

Letter M Worksheet 14

Letter M Worksheet 15

I added in more handwriting pages, just in case your student needs some extra time to work on their upper case and lower case letters.

It can be so tricky and frustrating at this age, but it does improve with time.

To help them right the best quality letters – and meet their own potential – be sure to stay right with them. Encourage them at every turn and praise any and all improvements. 

Letter M Worksheet 16

This last worksheet has all different activities to help your child review what they’ve learned!

Enjoy the mazes, drawing, coloring, and little bit of writing.

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I hope you enjoy these free alphabet printables and doing these educational activities with your kids!

And definitely don’t miss my next batch of letter worksheets – coming out soon! 

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