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I am having the best time making these printable packs of alphabet worksheets for kindergarten kids, preschool lessons, and homeschool families!

Today I have a big batch of free letter L worksheets for all the young learners out there working on their letters of the alphabet!

If you’ve been following along with me, then you’ll definitely recognize the format and the printable activities. 

I hope your younger children are already looking forward to all the different activities, fun coloring pages, mazes, alphabet book, do-a-dot marker excitement, and more!

There are some little tricks that I have for teaching these letter worksheets, so be sure to reach through all my tips below!

At the bottom of the page, you will find a link that will take you directly to an instant download pdf file.

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter L Worksheets Below!

Letter L Worksheets - 1

This fun picture is a great way to start learning what the letter L sounds like and some letter L words!

Go through each image and see if your child can figure out what each picture is. Help them to emphasize the L sound at the beginning of each word.

Such as: L-L-L- Lion.

Letter L Worksheets - 2

This is the first of the letter L tracing worksheets! On this sheet, your child will be working on lowercase letters and uppercase letters.

You would think this would be fairly straightforward but watch your student carefully. Making that tight right angle for a capital letter L can be a challenge for their fine motor skills

Encourage the child to take their time for proper letter formation. Have them actually pick up their pencil before drawing the horizontal line.

If not, their letter can start to look like a wonky capital C.

Letter L Worksheets - 3

Here your student will try their hand at writing without the help of tracing. 

They will still have a guide at the top of the page if they need it.

You might take this time to point out how the small letters look just like a version of the capital I (which we learned about with the letter i worksheets). 

How do we know which letter it is? Well, the letter L is never by itself, but capital /i/ can be by itself. For example: I went to the store.

If it is at the beginning of a word, try sounding it out and see which letter would make more sense.

Letter L Worksheets - 4

Letter L Worksheets - 5

And here is the ever-popular letter recognition worksheet set! Here your student will be hunting for uppercase letter L and lowercase letter L.

Using a do-a-dot marker is such a fun way for a little learner to practice letter identification.

If you don’t have a set of markers, no sweat. Do it your own way!

Have your child color the circles, X the ones that are not L, place a button or a pom-pom on the correct letters – whatever works with what you have on hand.

Letter L Worksheets - 6

I just love this letter l coloring page!

Go through each image with your child, emphasizing the beginning sound of each word.

For example: L-L-Llama, F-F-Frog. Ask them if they hear the L sound.

They should eventually color llama, lizard, lips, ladybug and life vest.

Letter L Worksheets - 7

After spending so much time learning about L with these free printable worksheets, your child will now be challenged to draw two things that start with the letter L sound.

If your child is stumped, try to make it into a game and give them hints.

For example: I am thinking of something green that grows out of the ground. Bunnies like to eat it and parents like to use it for salad (Lettuce)

I am thinking of the opposite of dark (Light).

Have fun with it!

Letter L Worksheets - 8

Letter L Worksheets - 9

Letter L Worksheets - 10

Letter L Worksheets - 11

Letter L Worksheets - 12

Letter L Worksheets - 13

This is usually one of the favorite hands-on activities. 

Kids get to color the pictures, trace the L words, and make their very own book!

Letter L Worksheets - 14

This is a practice sheet that your student can use for morning work or as independent practice if they need it.

Again, that right angle is tricky to master at this age. Be gentle, but firm with them to do it correctly.

Letter L Worksheets - 15

Here is another letter L coloring page that will help with learning the initial letter sounds.

Your child should color lion, lip, and leaf. 

Letter L Worksheets - 16

This is the last in this collection of worksheets for Letter L.

It is always a fun one to end your letter of the week study on.

Your child will enjoy the letter maze, more drawing, tracing, writing, and coloring – all in one!

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter L Worksheets!

I hope you and your student love these educational activities!

These letter activities are the bedrock of their early literacy skills. I am so excited to be on this journey with you and helping you teach your child.

Be sure to check out all of my printable alphabet letter packs!

The next one will be coming out soon!

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