15+ Letter I Worksheets: Free & Printable!

Looking for some letter I worksheets to round out your letter of the week curriculum?

Learning the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds is such a fun time for young children. It is actually one of my favorite memories from when my own children were kindergarten students.

I have absolutely loved putting together free alphabet printables to make it easy on you and fun for your kids!

The free printable worksheets below include practice letter writing (for lowercase letters and capital letters), letter recognition worksheets, free coloring pages, and more for the featured letter of the week…I!

Check them out below and find the link at the bottom of the post to download and print them for your kids! 

****The letter i can actually be a tricky thing to teach, so be sure to read my tips below that go along with the letter worksheets.

15+ Free Printable Letter I Worksheets!

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 1

This fun coloring page is a great way to kick off teaching the letter i!

Right away, you are going to start teaching that I is a vowel, and vowels have more than one sound. 

Iguana, insect, infanct, ill, itch, and igloo are I words that all have the short sound. 

Words like ice cream, iron, and island all say the long I sound.

Eventually, they will learn that /I/ can say the long e sound, such as ink or -ing. Save that for a later phonics lessons. Two sounds are more than enough for a little learner just beginning.

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 2

Here your student will begin tracing letters.

Be sure to closely watch how the child writes the lower case letter I.

Kids will often make the dot too small, or will blend it into the line below. Make sure they are making a dot that is clear and separate from the line they drew below.

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 3

This practice sheet is a great way for kindergarten kids to get comfortable with writing and proper letter formation.

There are no more dotted lines to trace, but the lines are large enough for young hands to comfortably make letters.

The more their fine motor skills progress, the smaller the lines will eventually be.

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 4

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 5

I imagine these letter recognition activities are your kid’s favorite part of the week. I know they are for my kids!

Grab your trusty do-a-dot markers and have your child scan through the variety of letters. Dab (or color) the appropriate uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

To make it an even more hands-on activity (and if your kindergarten kids need extra practice), print this sheet again and have your child glue buttons to it, put stickers on it, or even glue cotton balls. 

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 6

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 7

As I said before, the I words can be tricky, so I thought I’d give you the answers for this free letter i sheet.

Make sure your child colors in igloo, infant, ill, insect, and itchy.

You might even go through all of the pictures with them before they even begin.

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 8

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 9

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 10

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 11

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 12

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 13

Putting together a book is always a fun way to help younger children remember new concepts.

When your child is done, flip through the book together and see if they can identify the short i words (like igloo) and the long i words (like ice cream cone).

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 14

Here is another one of the printable activities that I want to make sure you have the answers for.

Your child should color in iguana, infant, igloo, insect, and inside. 

If you child makes a mistake, no big deal. Just review the letter sound again.

****For this reason, I like to have my kids color with erasable colored pencils. That way if they make a mistake during an activity like this, they can easily make it disappear! 

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 15

Letter I Worksheet Packet PDF - 16

I saved these two alphabet worksheets for last because they have a splash of color and are a lot of fun! 

Younger kids can very easily be confused with the capital letter i with some computer fonts because it sure does look exactly like a lower case L. 

Many fonts in the books they read will likely have this style of I, so be sure to discuss that as you finish up your week with letter I. 

Click Here To Download Your Easy Print, Free Letter I Worksheet Packet!

Letter I Worksheets Pin

I hope you loved these kindergarten worksheets stuffed full of alphabet letters, letter identification, educational activities, learning, and fun!

Make sure you don’t miss the letter J worksheets coming soon!

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