15+ Letter H Worksheets: Free & Easy Print

Need some super cute, super fun, and super free letter h worksheets for your kindergarten students or younger children?

The alphabet worksheets below are stuffed full of letter recognition worksheets, letter H tracing pages, coloring pages, and more!

Whether you just need a practice sheet or two to work on letter formation, or you need the whole packet to teach this letter of the alphabet – I’ve got you covered.

Keep scrolling to learn about each printable worksheet and how to use it with your kindergarten children!

And feel free to do the following activities in any order you choose. Whatever makes the most sense for you and your learners!

Check Out These Printable Letter H Worksheets:

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 1

This letter H coloring page is such a fun way to kick off teaching letter h sounds!

Help your child identify each of the images as they color.

See if they identify the image as “bird” or “hummingbird” as a gauge of how well they are grasping the letter sound.

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 2

Time to trace!

Your child will have plenty of practice writing capital letters and lowercase letters with the dotted lines on this worksheet.

If they are struggling though, I always encourage parents to print more sheets and do a little practice every day.

Celebrate any progress and always stay positive. 

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 3

After the child is comfortable with tracing, you can put those fine motor skills to the test with this handwriting worksheet.

This is an important step, so be sure to be close by the student and make gentle corrections as needed.

A great way to make this activity fun is to slide the page into a sheet protector. Let the child use washable dry-erase markers to write the letters.

Easy to erase and start over again!

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 4

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 5

Young children are going to love this letter identification activity.

Give them a Do-a-Dot Marker (or anything to color with) and have them hunt through the uppercase letters for an uppercase letter H.

When they are comfortable with that, switch over to the lowercase letter H sheet

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 7

More coloring for your young learners!

Kids love to go through this sheet looking for all the H words they can find!

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 6

Here they can be creative and draw anything they like that starts with the H sound.

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 8

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 9

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 10

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 11

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 12

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 13

All of my letters of the alphabet worksheets include these adorable letter sound books. 

Kids will love tracing, coloring, and cutting them out. 

For best results, use a stapler to bind the book. 

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 14

This worksheet provides more practice with writing lowercase H and uppercase H, while still still including some fun activities for the kids to do. 

Ask them who they think might ride the horse in the corner of the page. Could it be someone with a name that starts with H?

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 15

This coloring page is cute, but it’s also another chance to see if the child is grasping that letter H sound. 

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 16

This worksheet might provide a quick music lesson as you learn more about the harmonica. I imagine your children will be interested to learn more about that!

Letter H Worksheet Packet - 17

Click Here To Download Your Letter H Worksheet Packet!

Letter H Worksheets Pin

I hope you all love these free worksheets as you work your way through the letters of the alphabet and beginning sounds. 

I know they’ll be the perfect addition to any reading program or morning work you have.

Enjoy and happy learning!

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