15+ Letter G Worksheets: Free & Printable!

Looking for some free Letter G Worksheets for your younger children?

Learning the letters of the alphabet is a key stage in any child’s education.

Whether you have preschool, pre-K or kindergarten students – these free printable worksheets are going to go a long way to helping them learn and have fun with letters!

You are going to find letter g tracing worksheets, letter g activities, Do a Dots worksheet, coloring pages, and more!

Free & Fun Letter G Worksheets for Kids!

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 1

Fun coloring pages are a great way to introduce letter sounds to young children!

Have your child color each item on the page and have them tell you its name. Make sure they are identifying the correct letter g word. For example, they should say “gift” and not “present.”

****A quick note to say be careful with introducing letter g sounds like “giraffe” and “gem” with young learners. Wait until they solidly know the letters of the alphabet and their sounds before introducing more complicated concepts like soft g sounds and soft c sounds. 

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 2

This free worksheet will help your child with correct letter formation of lowercase G and capital letter G.

G can be a little tricky for small hands to get the hang of, so I left lots of space for them to trace and practice.

Expect for them to second guess which way the “tail” goes for a long time. They will get it over time, I promise 🙂

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 3

This practice sheet is perfect for writing lowercase letters and uppercase letters. The child will still have an example to look at and a large amount of space to work.

Keep in mind that these are practice worksheets. You can always print out more if your child needs to spend more time on the skill.

The handwriting skills will improve over time as their fine motor skills continue to develop.

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 4

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 5

Every kid loves Do a Dots!

This letter recognition worksheet is such a fun way to hunt for lower case letters and capital letters!

Give your child their favorite color and watch them flex their letter identification muscles! 

****If you don’t have the Do a Dot markers – no biggie. Just have your child color the dots with a crayon. Or as a special letter G activity, you could have them glue pom poms to the page!

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 6

Here your child can get creative!

Encourage them to have fun and draw their very best letter G words!

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 7

Here your child gets to find and color all the images that start with the hard g sound.

It is helpful to sit with them and make sure they understand what the image represents. For example, is that “castle” or “gate?”

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 8

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 9

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 10

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 11

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 12

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 13

Your kid will have a blast making their own letter g book! They can color the pictures, trace the letter g words, and even cut out the pages.

All you need to do is staple it together.

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 14

This letter g activities sheet has a little bit of everything.

A fun maze game through the uppercase G and lower case letter G, handwriting practice, drawing, and coloring are all included!

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 15

Still need some handwriting help?

This sheet offers some great practice for your little learner!

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 16

This letter g worksheet is another chance to break out the crayons and get learning with coloring!

If they insist on coloring the doughnut anyways, at least make it green 🙂

Letter G Worksheet Packet - 17

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