32 Perfect Christmas Crafts For Toddlers Age 2-3

Christmas Crafts for Toddlers Age 2-3 Pin

Looking for a great way to experience some holiday cheer with your young children?

Making Christmas crafts with toddlers (age 2-3) is such a fun way to make memories, decorate your house, or even make Christmas gifts for others!

The problem you may have run into is you spend half the time keeping your kid from destroying the materials and the other half doing most of the craft yourself.

Sound familiar?

I’m not gonna lie, you may have some of those issues with the below crafts – because toddlers are toddlers. 

BUT, I have had three toddlers myself. I hand-picked the below fun Christmas crafts (and rejected a bunch of others) because I could see them as attainable, simple, and reasonable crafts to do with little kids.

In fact, I think many of them would work for kids of all ages. My own older kids have been looking over my shoulder and begging to make them too! Ha!

So make some hot cocoa, turn on the Christmas music, and start scrolling through this giant list of easy Christmas crafts!

32 Best Christmas Crafts For 2-3 Year Olds!

1. Potato-stamped Christmas Tree Tea TowelsPotato Stamped Tea towlel Craft for toddlers

This potato-stamped towel from the Make And Do Crew is just too cute!

Adult hands will have to cut the stamp of course, but little hands will have so much fun making these towels and showing them off to Christmas guests!

2. Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Ornament Craft for Toddlers

Air-dry clay is a great activity for young kids!

These Christmas decorations will definitely be one of your favorite things on the tree this year.

Get more information on this at Mum To Mum.

3. Paper Straw Christmas Ornaments

Paper-Straw-Christmas-Ornaments Craft

The Soccer Mom Blog came up with these simple Christmas Tree Ornaments made with festive paper straws, cardstock, and popsicle sticks.

I think the candy canes look like the easiest shape to try first. I would just cover it in glue that dries clear and let them place the straws where they land. 

4. Snow Slime


If your area doesn’t get much snow during the holiday season, this is the craft for you!

I think the people at AB Crafty are brilliant for cooking up a slime recipe using instant snow!

Hours of sensory play in the snow without frostbitten fingers. 

5. Christmas Slime


If you don’t want to order Instant snow, but still want festive slime for your kids, then you’ll need this glittery recipe from Crafts By Amanda!

I’ll bet even your visiting family members will want to play with it too!

6. Life Size Gingerbread Craft

Life Size Gingerbread Craft

Don’t we all have cardboard boxes coming out of our ears during the Christmas season?

The Growing Creatives came up with the idea of turning them into craft projects!

Recycle them into giant gingerbread people that your kids can decorate. A simple craft any kid would love!

7. Paper Roll Santa Claus Craft


At first glance, I thought this was way too complicated for toddlers, but a free printable template makes it an easy craft for small kids. 

Once your kid colors the template and glues on the googly eyes, you will just have to help them cut it out and glue it around the paper roll. 

You could even add some cotton ball fluff to Santa’s beard for a little extra touch. 

Check out more details and get the template at Conservamom.

8. Marble Christmas Card Craft


I could not believe how well these Christmas cards turned out from such basic ingredients. 

A very fun way to produce a sophisticated card made by a toddler!

Get the details at Fun A Day.

9. Reindeer Clothespin Craft


I cannot even with this adorable craft!

It is definitely a perfect craft for a wiggly kid with a short attention span.

For an added touch, put a magnet strip on the back to hold Christmas cards to the fridge!

10. Christmas Scented Playdough


What better way to ramp up your holiday spirit than to bring those classic smells into your crafting?!

Whip up this festive playdough with your kids and enjoy the smells of peppermint, evergreen, and gingerbread!

Such a fun craft and perfect to pop into gift bags of young friends.

11. Beaded Snowflake Ornament Craft


This is a classic Christmas craft that is also wonderful for fine motor skills.

Check out the full tutorial on Honey and Lime.

12. Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft


Break out your glue stick, red pom poms, craft sticks, and a pipe cleaner for this super fun reindeer ornament craft!

Your young ones will love how quick it comes together and can go right on the Christmas tree.

13. Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft


You will likely have a lot of eggs in the house for all the Christmas baking…who knew that you could actually use the cartons for a craft?!

Grab some glitter glue and head on over to Easy Crafts For Kids to see how this holiday project comes together!

14. Scrap Paper Christmas Tree Craft


All moms of littles have junk drawers and cabinets somewhere full of construction paper scraps that we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw away.

This is the perfect craft (free template included!) to use up those scraps.

I think it would look especially good with different shades of green and maybe some colorful torn pieces for ornaments. I’m sure your kids will enjoy decorating!

15. Egg Carton Christmas Tree Ornament Craft (My Favorite!)

Egg Carton Christmas Ornament Craft

Out of all of these easy Christmas craft ideas, this little ornament takes the cake for me.

If you can’t tell, it is a decorated egg carton shell that has a tiny hole cut in it so that it can fit over a Christmas light. 

Complete brilliance and a guaranteed adorable final product. 

16. Pulled String Reindeer Antlers Craft


This fun reindeer project is also an educational activity.

Your toddler will be folding the paper over to make the antlers with string and brown paint.

Besides being a little messy, it will also teach little ones about the concept of symmetry.

17. Paper Christmas Ornaments


Depending on the age and hand strength of your toddler, you may need to help with cutting out the parts of this ornament template.

Once you’re done with that, your 2-3 year old will have so much fun gluing his/her ornament together!

18. Craft Stick Rudolf 


I can just see a toddler in their Christmas jammies dancing to Jingle Bells with this too-cute jingle bell reindeer craft!

So, so, so worth tracking down a red jingle bell to make it. 

19. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper plate crafts are always a surefire win!

Your little one can go to town painting this thing in Christmas colors and all you have to do is cut a spiral in it and hang it up.

Yes, please!

Grab the more complete tutorial at Mama of Minis.

20. Snow Globe Craft For Kids


My kids absolutely love snow globes…but man do they strike fear in the hearts of parents.

This one is completely safe and is actually made out of a disposable pie plate and cotton balls.

Fantastic fun for any little kid at Christmas time!

Check out the full details at Ruffles and Rainboots.

21. Cardboard Dried Pasta Christmas Craft


Of all the Christmas tree crafts, I can see this being one of the best for younger children.

Cut out your tree shape from cardboard, dye a bunch of pasta, and let your kid go crazy gluing them anywhere they want.

Full freedom to create what they want, not what the craft is “supposed to be.”

Just love it.

Grab all the information at Mimosas And Motherhood.

22. Easy Grinch Popsicle Stick Craft


Could there be a kid’s Christmas craft list without including mentioning The Grinch?

Work together with your child to make their own Grinch. You will likely have to draw on the face, but the rest is pretty simple in the craft tutorial.

Even down to using a green marker to color the popsicle sticks!

23. Reindeer Footprint Christmas Cards For Toddlers


This footprint craft is out of this world precious!

Have a blast making Christmas cards together that family members will definitely cherish!

24. Reindeer Paper Roll Craft


As if you needed another reason to save your toilet paper rolls…check out this simple craft.

Your child could make all of Santa’s reindeer – Comet, Blitzen, and even Rudolf – to go along with the Santa paper roll above!

25. Elf Handprint Craft


Does your little one love the Christmas elves?

Hop on over to Simply Full of Delight and find out how to make this handprint elf complete with a string of fingerprint lights!

26. Tissue Paper Nativity Craft


This nativity craft looked way too difficult for little hands to do, but after looking at the directions, it’s simpler than you would think!

There is a template to print out and all you have to do is help your kid assemble the separate pieces after covering them in tissue paper. 

It would be a great craft to go along with a Christmas Eve reading of Luke 2. 

27. Painted Snowflake Rocks


Snowflake designs can look very intricate, but they are actually just simple lines.

Let your toddler practice with you on some paper and then try making some decorative rocks together!

Check out the step-by-step at Sustain My Craft Habit.

28. Christmas Craft Cookies For Toddlers

Christams Craft edible cookies for toddlers

Move over gingerbread houses – there’s another edible craft in town!

Your younger children will be so excited to make – and eat! – these fun cookies.

Perfect for a Christmas playdate, party, or just because.

29. Felt Christmas Tree Activity For Toddler


This Christmas tree craft is the gift that keeps giving,

Your 2-3 year old can decorate, redecorate it, and then decorate it again!

This is also great for small spaces that might not be able to fit a full tree this year. 

30. Handprint Salt Dough Oranaments 


Salt dough ornaments are always a hit in our house, no matter how old my kids have gotten.

I especially love this great idea of a handprint ornament!

A wonderful way to remember how small those hands were year after year. 

Break out your Christmas cookie cutters and have fun!

31. Nativity Coloring Pages (Includes Christmas Card!)

Nativity Coloring Pages

If you’re a little overwhelmed by the above crafts during this crazy busy season, I also wanted to include some simple Nativity coloring pages.

Crafting is so fun, but the most important thing is spending time together. 

The above sheets have varying levels of difficulty and one is even a Christmas card your child can color for friends and family!

32. Printable Christmas Ornaments

Printable Christmas ornaments to color for 2-3 year olds

Keeping with the idea of simplicity, your child can also have a blast coloring printable ornaments!

Cut it out and hang it on the tree or laminate it to help it last longer!

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