Best Printable Christmas Ornaments: Free & Beautiful!


Best Printable Christmas Ornaments PinLooking for a festive free printable Christmas ornament to add to your tree this year?

My own three kids love picking out new ornaments every year, but the most special ornaments have been the ones we made at home! 

They are always handled with such care as they are unwrapped from Christmas storage and the kids hang them so proudly on the tree.

We have made salt dough ornaments several times in the past, but I know that can be way too time-consuming, labor-intensive, and messy for many parents. 

If that sounds like you, then these DIY Christmas ornaments are the perfect alternative for a cute Christmas craft!

Why You Need Paper Christmas Ornaments On Your Tree This Year

Tear Drop Ornaments with Designs

1. Printable Ornaments are Inexpensive

Lots of Christmas crafts call for a long list of supplies.

Going to the craft store to get random wooden dowels, felt, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners is not only inconvenient, but it’s also pricey. 

Thankfully, even if your Christmas budget is tight this year, you can still use these free printables to celebrate the holiday season!

There is no additional cost other than paper, a hole puncher, basic coloring supplies, and ornament hooks – which most families have on hand. 

2. A Free Ornament Template Makes It Easy

Tear Drop Ornaments Blank

If crafting doesn’t come easily to you, then you are going to love this holiday craft!

The printable ornament Christmas templates do all the hard work for you. I have provided seven pages of digital files with different designs and ornament shapes for you to pick from. 

Just pick what you like, cut it out, and make it your own!

3. Kids of All Ages Can Work With These Ornament Pages

There are some Christmas crafts that really don’t translate well across ages, but even the smallest kids can enjoy coloring these ornaments. 

Older kids and adults will also be challenged with some of the more intricate designs. It really is something the whole family can join in on!

4. Printable Christmas Decorations Are A Modern Take On DIY Decorations

Circle Ornaments Blank

We’ve all seen the old-fashioned images of kids stringing popcorn and cranberries to put on the tree. There is something so pure about it, and it makes our Christmas ornaments from Target seem like commercial sell-outs. 

These printable templates give your kids a chance to put a classic DIY touch on your tree…in a fresh, modern way!

How To Use These Free Printable Ornament Templates

Circle Ornaments with Designs

1. Pick What Kind Of Paper You Want To Use

You could absolutely use regular computer paper, construction paper, or card stock. Any option will work, but the sturdier the paper, the longer it will last on your tree.

****Consider gluing two pieces of paper together after you’ve printed the designs to make the ornament even more solid.

2. Print The Packet Of Templates 

At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to the pdf files for seven ornament pages. They are for classroom, co-op, and personal use only.

They are an easy print, instant download. No need to put in your email address. Just download and print on your chosen paper!

****Consider doing double-sided prints of your ornaments so your kid can decorate both sides!

3. Pick Your Ornaments

Mixed Variety Printable Christmas Ornaments

I have provided tons of design options in my printable Christmas ornament templates, but I wouldn’t suggest your kids work on them all in the same day.

Encourage your child to pick 1-3 ornaments to put their best effort into. They can choose any ornament shape, design, or even a blank one!

Save the rest to do at another time or even for next year.

4. Decorate Your Printable Christmas Ornaments!

Feel free to use whatever art supplies you already have on hand – crayons, markers, colored pencils – to make your own designs.

If you’re feeling inspired by the season (and your paper is thick enough) consider using glitter, paint, or a little pom pom for an added Christmas flair!

5. Sign The Back

More Tear Drop Design Ornaments

Believe it or not, you are going to forget which kid made these paper ornaments and what year it was. 

Definitely have your kid write their initials in a small area with the year. It will make it so much more special when you pull the ornament out of storage in years to come!

6. Cut It Out, Leaving Room For A Hole Punch

If you plan to hang your ornament on a tree or some other decorative spot, then make sure you leave enough room for a good-sized hole punch.

Also, leave enough room around the hole punch so that the paper will not easily tear from the weight of the ornament.

If you have a hole punch reinforcement sticker on hand, definitely use it to protect the ornament from tearing.

7. Add Your Own Ornament Hook

More Mixed Variety Printable Christmas Ornaments

You could use anything from a standard metal ornament hook to Christmas ribbon to a sparkly pipe cleaner. 

Don’t want to hang it on the tree? Consider buying small wooden frames from Dollar Tree to frame your own printable Christmas ornaments! It would be a beautiful gift for a grandparent, friend or coach.

Click Here To Download Your Printable Christmas Ornaments!

This paper craft is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit…while keeping an eye on your budget, Homeschool Mama!

It can be as simple as Christmas coloring pages for some kids, and it can be much more complex and intricate for older kids and even adults.  

Print them out today for a fun activity with your family, friends, or co-op!

Ready Next: Looking for a fun, fresh, unique Christmas party idea? While trying to stay on a budget? I will show you how to throw a salt dough ornament exchange Christmas party! Your kids, family, and friends will love the fun, creative energy, Christmas cheer, and lasting memories!


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