15+ Letter J Worksheets: Fun & Printable!

Need some fun and free letter J worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschool lessons?

The below letter worksheets will help your younger children work on letter formation, handwriting, letter sounds, letter identification, and more. 

There are also some fun activities and coloring pages for those ever developing fine motor skills!

Scroll through the sheets below to get some tips from me on teaching the tenth letter of the English alphabet.

At the bottom of the post, you will find a link that will take you right to a PDF instant download file for all the worksheets.


Free Printable Letter J Worksheets!

Letter J Worksheets - 1

A fun way to kick off learning the letter J sound is to color all the pictures that have a beginning sound of /j/.

The above worksheet shows a jaguar drinking juice, a jet zooming off, a jar, a jellyfish, a jack in the box, jellybeans, and a jetski.

As you are doing this simple activity with your young learners, you may have someone call out “giraffe” or “gym” or “germ” as an example of a J word. 

While your young children are just learning this letter of the alphabet, I would wait to fully explain that those are soft “g” words. Just gently say you will talk more about those special “J words” another time.

Letter J Worksheets - 2

This practice sheet will help your child learn to write the uppercase letter J and the lowercase j. 

The dotted lines and line height give plenty of space for practice. 

Be sure to tell your child to pay close attention to which direction the “tail” of the J goes as they are writing it.

Letter J Worksheets - 3

On this next page, your young student can now practice writing uppercase letters and lowercase letters independently of dotted lines.

There is still lots of space for small hands to practice, make mistakes, and improve. 

One of the most important skills of letter formation with the letter J is that the lower case letter j has a distinct dot above it. Make sure their dot is not too light and doesn’t blend into the line below.

This skill will be similar to what they already learned with the letter I

The capital letter J has a straight line across the top…but sometimes it doesn’t.

More on that later down below.

Letter J Worksheets - 4

This letter identification worksheet will have your child sifting through a jar of capital letters that seem to have spilled on the floor.

Can they find all the Upper case J circles with their Do-A-Dot marker?

Letter J Worksheets - 5

This letter recognition worksheet will have your young learners sifting through an ocean of small letters.

Can they find all the j-j-j-juggling letters among the other letters of the alphabet?

Letter J Worksheets - 6

This printable worksheet is always a hit with young children.

The opportunity to have some fun, be creative, and do something original!

****If the child is at all struggling with the letter J, I would recommend they tell you what they intend to draw before they start.

Letter J Worksheets - 7

This alphabet worksheet is a great way to check-in and make sure the child is grasping the beginning sounds of J words.

They should color jeep, jar, jellyfish, jacket, jeans, jewely, and jump rope. 

Letter J Worksheets - 8

Letter J Worksheets - 9

Letter J Worksheets - 10

Letter J Worksheets - 11

Letter J Worksheets - 12

Letter J Worksheets - 13

I love making alphabet books for learning letter sounds!

Have your child color the picture and finish tracing the simple sentences. 

Cut them out and easily bind with staples.

For best results, keep it on hand for kids who are struggling with telling the difference between /j/ sounds and /g/ sounds.

Letter J Worksheets - 14

Another letter j coloring page!

You really can’t have too many.

Your child should color in jacket, jaguar, jellyfish, jewel, and juice.

Letter J Worksheets - 15

Letter J Worksheets - 16

Many kids will struggle with remembering “which way” the letter J goes, so I included a little extra practice with tracing activities and writing the letter Jj.

If you haven’t already, let your child know that some people (and compter fonts) do not cross their captial J. Your student will need to know that for future tracing, writing, and reading.

Letter J Worksheets - 17

This is the last of the printable activities, and hopefully a fun one for your child!

There are several different activities: mazes, letter tracing, drawing pictures, and coloring.

Teaching your child the term “Jumping Jellyfish!” will definitely be a fun way to close out the week of letter J!

Click Here For Your Printable  Download Your Letter J Worksheet Packet!

Letter J Worksheets Pin

I hope you and your kindergarten kids had more than enough fun with these letter j activities and all of the free alphabet printables on this site!

They should feel ready for all things lowercase letter j, uppercase j, the j sound, letter j identification, and more!

If you’re looking for more alphabet worksheets or alphabet activities, be sure to check out the educational activities in the next alphabet letter.- K!

Also check out these Cursive Alphabet Worksheets for a cursive letter j worksheet!

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