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Looking for the perfect (but free!) letter K worksheets to teach your younger children the letters of the alphabet?

The below letter worksheets have everything you’ll need in the way of letter sounds, letter formation, handwriting practice, letter k words, and letter recognition worksheets. 

I also always throw in fun activities for kindergarten students! You’ll see coloring pages with cute images, mazes, Do-a-dot marker activities, and more!

I took some time to write out some very specific tips about teaching letter K to your young children.  

In my opinion, it is actually one of the most difficult letters to teach. 

That is mostly because the fine motor skills required to write lower case k can be very challenging to small hands. 

The other reason is that letter K sounds exactly like the letter C. Um, why do we have two of them in the English alphabet?

More on that with the following first worksheets!

****You can find the link to download these easy print alphabet worksheets at the bottom of this post.

Check Out Your Free Letter K Worksheets!

Letter K Worksheets - 1

This first printable worksheet is where your child can color while you talk about the letter K sound.

Some children may not question at all that /king/ and /cat/ sound like they start with the same letter.

But others will. 

Depending on the age of your children and your educational goals, you can handle this in two ways.

You can tell them that some words start with /c/ and some start with /k/. Today you will be learning the ones that start with /k/ and over time you will naturally know which is which.

If you are interested in providing more phonetic detail, you could explain that using /c/ of /k/ depends on the vowel that comes after the /c/ sound. The vowels /e/, /i/, and /y/ actually change the sound of /c/ to an /s/ sound.

So we use /k/ in words that have those vowels.

This is a more advanced concept, so I would recommend going with the first option at this young age. But you know your child best. 

Letter K Worksheets - 2

This practice sheet with dotted lines gives your child plenty of space to work on tracing capital letters and lower-case K

Remember, those small letters can be very challenging. Many young students will end up making lowercase letter K that looks like an uppercase. 

Be patient, be gentle, work with them, but always make sure they correct those lines if they don’t look like a proper lower case k. Developing a bad habit will be harder to break later.

Letter K Worksheets - 3

Here your young learners get to try their hand at writing without dotted lines. 

Remember to encourage them through the lower case letter k. Make sure that their lines do not go above the dashed line.

Letter K Worksheets - 4

Letter K Worksheets - 5

These two worksheets sets are always a blast for kindergarten children.

I mean who doesn’t love a do-a-dot marker?!

Letter K Worksheets - 6

This worksheet is not just an option to be creative. It’s a good check to see if the child understands what starts with the letter K.

Again, they may confuse their /c/ and /k/ words, and that’s okay. Just gently correct them and explain that they will learn over time which ones start with /c/ and which ones start with /k/. 

Letter K Worksheets - 7

Go through this sheet with your kindergarten children to make sure they know what each image represents.

I was careful not to include any  /c/ words that would confuse them, such as a cat. I also didn’t include any silent k words such as knife, knight, or knot. 

Like I told you, K can be tricky!

Here are the images your child should color: kettle, key, kiwi, kite, kimono, and keyboard.

Letter K Worksheets - 8

Letter K Worksheets - 9

Letter K Worksheets - 10

Letter K Worksheets - 11

Letter K Worksheets - 12

Letter K Worksheets - 13

Making a letter book is a great way to work on learning more k words. Your child can color, trace the words, cut out their book, and assemble it.

You may introduce them to the concept of homophones: words with the same sound, but different meanings. There is a kiwi that is a fruit AND a kiwi that is a bird.

If you are looking to teach the phonics behind the letter k, you might also point out the /e/ and /i/ vowels that are behind most of the /k/ words in this book. If a /c/ had been used, it would have made the /s/ sound.

Unfortunately, there are exceptions to this rule: koala, kangaroo, kayak, etc.

Letter K Worksheets - 14

Letter K Worksheets - 15

I threw in some extra letter tracing pages to give your child a little more handwriting practice.

Even older children may struggle with this letter. Feel free to print out multiple copies to have on hand in the future.

To make it a little more fun, I also recommend using a page protector to go over the sheet. That way your child can use a dry erase marker to write with. 

Definitely much more fun, and they can erase mistakes more quickly. 

Letter K Worksheets - 16

I hope your kid’s eyes light up and they have lots of fun with this letter k coloring page!

They should color in kangaroo, kite, and key.  

Letter K Worksheets - 17

The last of our printable activities has a little bit of everything.

Enjoy the coloring, drawing, mazes, and more!

It will be a fun way to close out the week.

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Letter K Worksheets!

I hope you and your littles enjoy these free alphabet worksheets!

As they work on these foundational lessons, remember to have fun and take your time.

Having fun with learning is always the highest goal!

Don’t miss my next set of worksheets – letter L!

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