7 Fun & Free Missing Letter Worksheets!

Looking for some fun missing letter worksheets for your young learner?

Alphabetical order is an important skill students will definitely need to master.

Whether it’s being able to put words in ABC order, look something up in a glossary, or use a dictionary, knowing the correct order of letters is a crucial life skill.

But have not fear – all of the below seven sheets have a fun theme to help your child practice finding the missing letter!

This exercise is great for grade levels from preschool – 3rd grade. 

Younger kids can just focus on learning the order of the alphabet, but older kids could still use the review as they start working on putting more complicated words in the appropriate order.

Each of the worksheets includes some quick notes I jotted down on how to use them best and troubleshoot any issues.

At the bottom of this post, you will find simple directions to download and print them all today!

Check Out Your Free Missing Letters Worksheets!

Missing Letter Worksheet 1

This first kids worksheet has a super fun theme. Since we’re talking about missing letters – maybe we need a GPS to find them? 🙂

Tech savvy kids of today will recognize those map pins right away and get to work!

If your child is comfortable with their alphabet letters, then this might be a really simple task. Good for review or an activity after coming off a holiday break. 

But if your child struggles with this or it is a new concept, then you might want to sit with them and teach them some strategies for solving the “puzzle.”

I would first start by making sure there are visual cues, such as an alphabet line posted nearby. 

Show the child how to follow the posted alphabet line until they find the missing letter on their sheet.

Missing Letter Worksheet 7

This is a similar printable, but it features lowercase letters.

Depending on which your child learned first, they may be more comfortable with the lowercase alphabet.

If they need any help with their printing, be sure to check out A-Z letter tracing worksheets or lowercase letter tracing worksheets for some extra practice.

Missing Letter Worksheet 2

Here is another fun, eye-catching themed worksheet for your young learner.

Tell your child that she needs to fill in the missing uppercase letter to help the train get across the track and to the train station on time.

If they continue to rely heavily on looking at an alphabet line, you can also teach them to sing the alphabet song in their head.

To be honest, I still do that to this day if I’m not sure what letter comes next!

After the worksheet is complete, have the student color the train, mountains, and train station in her favorite colors. 

As an added challenge, you can make an answer key for them and have the child check her own work. 

Missing Letter Worksheet 3

This is by far my favorite from this set of worksheets.

This adorable activity will have your young writer filling in the missing letters of the alphabet on each of the fallen apples! 

The idea is that your student is helping a farmer fill up his apple basket by “picking up” each apple.

Encourage your child to write the letters in uppercase format to match the other letters.

If they cannot write a small letter to fit in the circle, that’s fine. Just tell them to do the best they can. 

Missing Letter Worksheet 4

Who doesn’t love picking a bouquet of wild daises?

This printable will have your student filling in the correct letter on each of the daises to make a full bouquet of 26 flowers!

You will note this sheet is a bit more challenging than the others. It has far fewer letters filled in to help them along. 

Tell your student that he needs to make sure that after he’s filled in a row of letters that the first letter on the next line is correct. You don’t want to get all the way to Z and realize there is a problem.

Missing Letter Worksheet - 6

These puppies need help with their dog bowls!

Can your child put them in alphabetical order?

Tell your child to write the correct letter on each bowl (not the dogs). 

Afterward, they can color each of the cute puppies!

If you have an older child who is working on putting words in alphabetical order, keep this as a sheet to look back on for reference. 

Putting words in order by the beginning letter can be fairly simple, but when you get into the second and third letters, they might find this helpful.  

Missing Letter Worksheet 6

This last sheet will have your child filling in the missing letter – by listening for individual sounds!

Help him to identify the picture correctly and then find which sound is missing from the beginning, middle, or end of the word.

The words are sun, hug, cub, hot, cat, pan, bug, dog, and hat.

Click Here To Download Your Missing Letter Free Printable Worksheets!

missing letter worksheets on ABC background

Just click on the above link or image to go to a new window with your printables in PDF format. You can download and print them today without using your email address or other personal information.

Terms of Use: The Simple Homeschooler printables are only for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. They are never to be used for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you and your young learner really enjoy using these cute activities to work on ABC order and missing letters!

If your student struggles, consider putting the sheets in plastic protectors so that you can reuse them for regular review. You have more than enough for every day of the week!

Are you interested in more free printables for your homeschool?

Check out the Activities & Printables tab of this blog to find more resources to help you teach!

If you are looking for missing number worksheets, definitely check out the number writing worksheets below!

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