17+ Fun Printable Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheets!

Are you looking for some fun uppercase and lowercase letters worksheets for your kindergarten students or young learners?

Helping your child recognize the differences and similarities between the lower case letters and capital letters is a necessary skill.

For some children, it will come very quickly and naturally.

For others, it may be a challenge that requires more attention. Especially if they are new to English language arts as a whole. 

The skill will come in handy fairly quickly as your child learns literacy skills such as reading a proper noun. And then of course, your child will have to write capitalized letters at the beginning of a sentence.

Will your child firmly know which letter is which?

The below blog post contains just the thing to help little learners boost letter recognition skills, increase alphabet knowledge, and master this foundational skill!

There are several packet activities and even a customizable game!

You will find teaching notes for each of the sheets and simple instructions to download and print the sheet today.

****Don’t stress! At the bottom of the page, you will find *super simple* instruction to grab the instant download of this interactive worksheet packet!

Check Out Your Free Printable Upper Case and Lowercase Matching Letters Worksheets!

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 1

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 2

For this free uppercase and lowercase letter worksheet set, ask your child to identify each lowercase letter in the left hand column.

Do they know its sound? Can they identify its matching upper case letters?

Have the student draw a straight line to match the letters and the complete the activity. 

As an extra visual aid for young children, you might also provide an ABC chart to help them find the right answer. 

****Yes, the font on some of these letters might confuse your child. But it’s important for kids to know some letters do look different when they are typed. This knowledge will help them later with reading their first short books – which will likely be written in typed font. 

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 3

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 4

This uppercase letters and lowercase letter matching sheet puts the letters in small groups – about 6-8 letters at a time.

This can be especially helpful if your child feels overwhelmed with finding the correct match out of all the letters of the alphabet. 

Tell the child to draw a line from each of the alphabet letters to the correct letter.

As an extra activity, you can also have the child say the letter names and letter sounds as they work through the sheet. 

End the fun worksheet set by coloring in the cute dog faces!

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 5

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 6

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 7

This is probably the most challenging of the matching uppercase and lowercase worksheet sets.

The student will have to use their letter identification skills to circle the lowercase letters in the row that match the uppercase letters in the bubbles. 

Some of the letters may be rather simple ( such as lowercase letters s), but I intentionally placed some very challenging sections where many of the letters look similar. 

For example, they will have to tell the difference between /p/, /q/, and /g/ in one section. 

This will really help to tell you how much the child is learning and remembering with their letters. 

Consider doing this activity several times over a number of weeks to keep track of progress and retention. 

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 8

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 9

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 10

This printable worksheet set will require your kindergarten age kids to use their fine motor skills and letter recognition skills to draw lines to match the letter pairs. 

The left side of the sheet has capital letters and the right side has lowercase. 

Sometimes it can be really difficult to see which place your child drew a line when there are a bunch of them criss-crossing. I sometimes say it looks like a bowl of spaghetti!

To help your child navigate this issue, I have a couple of options. First, tell your child to use a different crayon/colored pencil to draw each line on a page. 

This makes it much easier to see and check their letter knowledge.

Second, consider having the child just color the letter worksheet with one color for each letter pair. For example, color the A/a puzzle pieces pink, color the B/b pieces blue, etc. 

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 11

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 12

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 13

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 14

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 15

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 16

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet 17

This free fun picture puzzle is a great way to have some matching fun!

It has a super easy setup, too. Just download, print, cut out, and laminate each of the cards to get started with this alphabet game.

First, you could use them as a puzzle game with the child only having to match each of the pairs together. The picture would also serve as a guide and reinforcement.

****Your kid may notice that each animal starts with the letter sound on the card. That’s an additional clue!

Second, you could put the letters in small groups and play a memory game with them.

Flip the cards over and have the child turn over two at a time, looking for the appropriate match. 

You can also display these fun manipulatives in groups, allow the child to play with them, or put them in ABC order. 

For a captivating literacy center activity, you could turn the puzzle cards into racing game!

Give groups of student equal numbers of cards and see which team can match them the fastest! For a tie breaker, see if they can use the animals on the cards to identify each letter sound!

Click Here To Download Your Printable Match Uppercase And Lowercase Letters Packet!

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet Pin

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Terms of Use: The Simple Homeschooler free resources are only for homeschool, classroom, co-op, occupational therapy, and personal use. Printable worksheets are never to be used for commercial use. 

I hope these alphabet worksheets help you and your little one learn and lock down the skill of letter matching. 

Each set slides perfectly into any lesson plans on big and small letters! It works for review, independent work, foreign language learners, 

If your child is ready to move onto more fine motor activities ( proper letter formation, etc.), be sure to check out my letter tracing worksheets!

They are great practice sheets for little hands ready to start alphabet tracing and letter writing!

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