8 Free Opposite Words Worksheets For Kindergarten: Easy Print!

Looking for some fun opposites worksheets for your kindergarten students?

Your young learners are going to love the below printable packet!

Learning the concept of opposites can be oh, so fun to teach. I truly enjoyed teaching it to my own children, because it is usually something they already seemed to know.

They just didn’t have a name for it!

Once I give them some examples, they would just run with it!

The below free worksheets will give your child a structured way to learn opposites…while still having lots of fun!

Kids will love the initial sorting/memory game activity. That is followed by several matching sheets, coloring, and more!

Whether you are introducing these basic concepts for the first time, reviewing them with a 1st grade student or special education student, or just looking for some simple worksheets to celebrate opposite day – you and your kids will love these printable activities!

Be sure to read through the notes on each sheet to get the most value out of them for your kids.

Check Our Your Opposite Words Free Printable Worksheets:

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 1

This first worksheet is a gentle way to introduce the opposite concept.

Depending on your child’s fine motor skills, you or they can cut out each of the cards. 

Mix them all up, and then work together to sort them into pairs of opposites. 

Once your child is comfortable with the activity and can sort independently, use the cards in fun ways to help your child retain the new concept

First, try doing a memory game!

Turn the cards upside down and take turns flipping them over to find word pairs.

As another alternative, you could paste the pairs of words onto a piece of construction paper and display throughout the week.

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 2

Ask your child what the opposite of fast is. If they don’t come up with an appropriate answer, ask them if they remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. 

The hare was fast, but the tortoise was….slow!

Show the student how to draw a line from the fast runner to the slow tortoise. 

Encourage them to work down the list and find all the opposite pairs.

And the best part is that they don’t have to read the words to get an answer!

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 3

This coloring worksheet is a great way to work on opposite meanings.

Have the child trace each word and color the appropriate picture.

For example, with the first image, the child will trace “big” and color the giraffe. Ask the child what the opposite of big is..small! 

The other picture – a little puppy – represents that opposite.

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 4

Here is another practice worksheet to go over different words and their opposites. These should be getting easier and easier for your kindergarten level and definitely your first grade students.

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 5

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 6

This a great activity to give your child a little more of a challenge.

They will have to find the correct antonym or opposite in the word bank.

Many of the words are simple, so your child may be able to read them independently.

No problem though if you need to help with reading. 

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 7

This worksheet asks for your child to find the correct words to match the images.

Be sure to read through the entire word bank with them before diving in.

At the end of the worksheet, ask the student if he can think of some other ways that these things are opposites.

For example, the woman is tall and the baby is short. The elderly woman is also female and the little baby is male. 

How are they similar? The sad and happy kids are both…kids! The elderly woman and baby might have difficulty with movement. The book that is open and closed – is still a book!

This is a good critical thinking exercise to help kids dig deeper into the lesson by comparing and contrasting.

Opposite Words For Kindergarten Worksheet - 8

This is the last of the opposite words kindergarten worksheets!

As you can see, it is the most challenging and has multiple sections to work through.

The first section asks the child to replace the underlined word in the sentence with its opposite.

The second section involves matching but doesn’t have the help of pictures.

A word bank is missing for the third section, so students will have to recall the opposite word, as opposed to searching for it.

Have them dictate the answer to you, and they can copy it onto their worksheet. 

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Opposite Words Kindergarten Worksheet Pin

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I hope you and your student really enjoy these opposites activities! It is absolutely a real life skill that will enhance vocabulary, critical thinking, cognitive development, and more!

Be sure to come back for more of my printables and resources. 

They are always free and easy to print!

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