Festive Christmas I Spy: Free Printable Fun for All Ages!

Looking for a Holly Jolly Christmas I Spy Printable?

This fun activity is a great way to engage kids of all ages with some Christmas spirit!

This post contains three separate versions – so that little kids and big kids can enjoy the game. 

****No holiday stress! You can grab your free download a the bottom of this post. There are very simple directions – and they don’t involve your email address 🙂

Check Out Your Free Christmas I Spy Games!

1. Expert Version

Christmas I Spy Free Printable - 1

This first I Spy game is considered the expert version.

It is black & white for easy printing and also for coloring.

Tell your older kids to look at the Christmas objects at the bottom of the page. Make sure they can identify the:

  • Snowman
  • Snowflake
  • Santa Claus
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Christmas Trees
  • Ornament
  • Candy Canes
  • Present (1)
  • Presents (3)
  • Sack of Toys
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas Fireplace
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Bells with Holly
  • Gingerbread House

Young learners will have to use their visual discrimination skills to tell the difference between some of the items.

At first glance, they can look very similar (consider providing a magnifying glass as a fun touch!).

To complete the sheet, have the child color each item a specific color. Then have the student hunt for each of the items in the chaotic, jumbled Christmas square. 

Lastly, have the student count and record the correct number of each item they find.

2. Simple Version

Christmas I Spy Free Printable - 2

This printable worksheet is also a black & white version but is much simpler than the previous printable. 

As you can see, the same Christmas items are featured in the game. The difference is that they are larger and easier to find. 

This is a perfect way to include young children who may become overwhelmed or frustrated with the more difficult version. 

3. Color Version

Christmas I Spy Free Printable - 3

This is the colored version of this fun printable Christmas game.

If your printer can spare the ink – your kids will be dazzled by all the fun images they have to hunt for!

No coloring is required. Just have the student carefully go through the sheet and count each item they find.

They could either circle or put an “X” on it to keep track of what they have counted.

When And Where Are The Best Places To Use Your I Spy Printable Activities?

I Spy Printable With Christmas Background - 1

This fun Christmas game can be a great addition to so many events you have going on this Christmas season!

1. Classroom or Co-op Christmas Party

These free printable games are actually a really fun way to disguise learning!

Whether you want to do a holiday-themed activity in your homeschool or add a fun Christmas activity to your kids’ holiday party, I Spy Games will teach fine motor skills, observation skills, coloring skills, counting – and even critical thinking!

2. Long Car Ride To Grandma’s House

A road trip can be really tough on younger kids.

These I Spy sheets are great boredom busters that are easy to pull out and pass back to your kids. 

A great tip is to have cookie sheets available as a flat surface to work on. The lip of the sheet will also hold in pencils and crayons.

3. Christmas Dinner

Busy parents usually have a lot going on during Christmas Day.

Cleaning up wrapping paper, calling relatives, and putting together a holiday feast will take a good portion of the day. 

These Christmas activities are a perfect way to get a little quiet time while keeping small ones entertained.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner

After the last bite of Thanksgiving – it is officially Christmas time!

Hand out this great game to the kids in your family to help usher in the excitement of the holiday season!

Of course, make sure they finish their Thanksgiving I Spy Game first.

5. Stocking Stuffer Or Add To Christmas Cards

This printable is a great activity to slide into your kid’s stocking or card!

The color version or all three!

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Christmas I Spy Printable Packet!

Christmas I Spy Printable Pin

Click the above download link to grab your free activity sheets at no extra cost. A new window will open with a PDF file for easy download and printing today!

Terms of Use: These coloring pages are for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are never for commercial use. Thank you! 

I hope that you and your kiddo enjoy these holiday-themed I Spy worksheets!

There are so many different ways to use them.

They are a great classroom activity, Christmas break activity, or homeschool holiday activity!

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