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Learning your home address and telephone number is one of the most important life skills for young children to learn.

But as a homeschool parent, I never really thought it was important for my kids – I’m with them all the time!

When would they ever need me when I wasn’t right with them? Or at least with a trusted adult?

The Day My Kid Wandered Away From Me

Runaway kid

The whole family was at a trampoline park the day after Christmas. I was watching my middle kid from a distance while my husband took the others to laser tag. 

I have back problems, so jumping on a trampoline with her wasn’t possible. Anyhow, I took my eye off her for about 10 seconds (literally), and she was gone. 

It happened so fast that I wasn’t even concerned. How far could she have gotten?

I just started to walk around and look for her in different parts of the room. My mother’s intuition told me to just start from the front door and work my way to the back – no big deal. 

Well, as I got to the front door, I saw a security guard taking my little girl behind the front desk. She had apparently decided in less than 30 seconds that her family had left her. She literally told the security guard that her family was gone. 

****Cue mom shame and judging side glance from the teenage security guard.

We were only apart for 2-3 minutes at the very most, but it was such an important lesson to me. I realized that any number of emergency situations could pop up that would separate me and my kids.

They need to know how to contact me. Well, and also to not assume I’ve left them in a public place.

Does Your Child Know An Emergency Number Or Other Personal Information?

red phone with emergency button

Whether you have a homeschool full of young students or a classroom full of kindergarten students, this is one of the important skills that needs to be in your lesson plans.

Even if your child already has a cell phone of their own with cell numbers programmed in, your kid should still have your phone number memorized too. 

They could lose the phone. Drop the phone. Get it wet. Forget the phone at home. Forget to charge the phone. 

Trust me, these situations are always a “perfect storm” of bad luck.

Knowing their phone number and address by heart shouldn’t be trusted to a tiny fragile computer that can be left on a table. 

The below printable worksheets offer a great way for kids to learn, practice, and memorize their information. 

I added notes to each of the pictured versions to help you get the best results for your kid!

At the bottom of this post is a text link that will take you to a window where you can instantly download the digital files. 

Check Out Your Free Phone Number and Address Worksheets:

Address and Phone Number Worksheet - 1

This is the first of the phone and address practice pages. 

It will be used with the following pages, so keep it close.

Have the child’s address and phone number written neatly for them to copy. Three lines are provided for a couple of reasons.

The child might need more space, their address might include an extra line (apartment number, etc.), or you might want them to practice writing the full name of a parent. 

Yep, knowing their parent’s full name is also a huge help if you get separated in a grocery store. 

****Be sure to include the area code for the phone number.

Address and Phone Number Worksheet - 2

This is an adorable little booklet to get your kindergarten/1st grade student excited about learning their emergency contact information. 

Have them write their name and color the pictures of the house and cell phone.

For best results, plan to complete the activity over several days.

Address and Phone Number Worksheet - 3

On this page, they will write out their address and phone number in the correct order.

If they need to look at the previous worksheet to remember, that is completely fine. 

But first, see if they can dictate it to you. If possible, try to think of some silly ways to help them remember.

For the phone number, work on having them memorize it in three chunks – area code, 3 digits, then the last four digits. 

Learning it in pieces will be much less intimidating than looking at all 9 digits at the same time.

Address and Phone Number Worksheet - 4

Here is another chance to write their address and phone number down. 

Check first to see if they can dictate it to you. Give small hints as necessary. 

When complete, have your child cut out their book, and bind it together with staples. 

Feel free to have them color it with crayons or add some stickers for flare. 

This little book will be a great reference for them to look back on as they continue to memorize this important information. Encourage them to carry it in their backpack or lunch box until they can say it without help. 

Click Here To Download Your Address And Phone Number Worksheet Packet!

Terms of Use: As always, my printables are not for commercial use. Classroom, homeschool, co-op and personal use only. Thank you!

I hope you and your kids enjoy these telephone and address printables!

I know they will be a great resource as you teach this crucial skill. Even if your child learns the contact information quickly, be sure to review regularly. Kids can easily forget things – especially in a high-pressure situation. 

Hopefully, that emergency situation never happens, but being prepared will give you both peace of mind. 

Be sure to check out the rest of my activities and free printables for more free download packets!

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  1. Cindy T- Fessler says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Having recently gone through a similar ordeal with my grandchild I went on the hunt for pages that would help in memorizing phone numbers. I am printing as I’m typing this. I’m going to add one more page to what I’ve printed which will include a few important numbers such as grandparents, each parent & a special friend or two. Growing up it seemed that I had phone book size list of my friends numbers memorized. We even made a game of it. Friends numbers were to be guarded at all cost & the safest place was the memory safe. I was about 5 or 6 then but I’m sure the game could come alive again despite cells phones & tablets. Thank you for this idea. and feel free to use my idea along with these sheets you’ve graciously shared with us. This could save many, many children’s lives from harms way.

    1. Lauren Schmitz says:

      Cindy, thanks for the comment and the game idea! Such a good idea to make it more interesting to kids 🙂

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