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Looking for some free letter tracing worksheets for your homeschool student or kindergarten class?

Whether this is the first time your young children have traced the letters of the alphabet, they need to tighten up their penmanship skills, or you are just doing some review – the below practice pages are just the thing!

There are a total of 10 sheets in the printable packet that will take your little writers through the proper letter formation of all of the uppercase letters and lower case letters. 

They will start with numbered arrows to guide them through how to trace each dashed letter. Knowing the correct order to write each line is a great help in producing quality handwriting.

The sheets then progress in difficulty from dashed lines to handwriting lines to copying short sentences. 

I made some notes for each worksheet to explain the intent and the best way to teach each one to your child. 

At the bottom of this post, you will find the link to grab your digital download of all of the free printable worksheets!

Optional Materials To Go Along With Your Letter Worksheets

Pencil Image

1. Line Tracing Worksheets

Has your child shown that they can trace straight lines, horizontal lines, curvy lines, zig-zag lines, etc.?

This is a crucial skill that will make tracing letters much more enjoyable.

If you think your young learners needs a refresher, try these fun line tracing worksheets!

2. Dry Erase Pocket and Washable Dry-Erase Marker

I am a mega fan of a quality sheet protector that lets you reuse a worksheet multiple times – especially a tracing worksheet.

This is a skill that will build with time, so going back to the same worksheet will be helpful.

Kids also really enjoy being able to wipe the page clean when they make mistakes. Much less discouraging than erasing with a pencil eraser. 

Of course, this only makes sense with washable dry erase markers. Otherwise, you’ve got marker on the table, clothes, and walls in the blink of an eye. 

3. Legit Pencil Grip

Little hands lack the fine motor skills to grip a regular pencil the way your hands do.

It is awkward and uncomfortable for them – and their work will show it. 

Help those hands out by keeping pencil grips on hand or using chunky pencils

Check Out Your Free Printable Alphabet Tracing Worksheets!


Letter Tracing Worksheet - 1

This first worksheet will walk your student through exactly how to write each upper case letter. 

Sit with your child and point out each of the numbers, ensuring they trace the letters in order. Some kids may resist this and want to write the letter “their way.”

It is up to you if want to enforce the correct order or follow the kid’s lead. It will just depend on the legibility of the work they’re producing.

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 2

This is a similar worksheet but with small letters. 

Go through each row of lowercase letters as your child traces. Give lots of praise and encouragement whenever possible.

As an added activity, ask the child to say the letter sound as they write. Do they know a word that starts with that sound?

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 3

Now the student must trace without the help of the numbers to guide them.

Keep a close eye and help them as needed. 

Watch out for students who think it’s “easy” and start to rush through the work.

Make sure they take their time. They are working on building muscle memory in their hands because those dots will not be there forever.

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 4

Here the child will trace each lowercase letter in the apples. 

When the tracing is complete, have the child color the apples any way they want.

All red, all green, rainbow-colored, or in a pattern!

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 5

This worksheet allows your child to trace the uppercase and lowercase letters side by side.

This will help with letter recognition skills, handwriting, and more.

Ask your child which letters look similar. How are those letters different?

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 6

Now that your child understands the shape of each letter, you can introduce the handwriting lines.

As the child traces, point out how the blue and red lines help guide writing.

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 7

Here your child will trace all the lowercase letters on handwriting lines. 

Really stress the importance of the middle red line and how it shows the student what size the letter should be.

Show the student on the board or another piece of paper what would happen if we ignored that red line. There would be little difference between the capital and lowercase letters – C, P, W, M, S, Z, Y, O, and other letters would look the same.

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 8

This sheet gives the student a chance to trace the large and small letters side by side with handwriting lines to help them. 

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 9

To mix things up, the child will now use their skills to trace real sentences.

Read through the sentences first and then allow the student to trace.

Letter Tracing Worksheet - 10

This last sheet takes the child from tracing a sentence to the end-state skill of being able to copy a sentence.

What a big accomplishment!

Click Here To Download Your Tracing Letter Worksheets Packet!

The above text link will take you to a pdf file of the free printables. You can download and print it right away!

Terms Of Use: My printables are never authorized for commercial use. Homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. Thanks!

These tracing sheets are perfect to tuck into literacy centers, as extra practice during summer learning, as a review for kids who need it, or as an initial introduction to writing alphabet letters. 

I hope that you and your student enjoy them! 

If you are still working through each letter of the alphabet, be sure to search for letters in this blog. There are over 15 free printable packets for each letter! 

Dive in and print out all the things you need for your learner this year!

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