10+ Easter Dot To Dot Printables: Easy Print!

Looking for some fun, free Easter Dot To Dot worksheets for your kids?

Dot to Dot pages are such a fun way for kids to work on the important skills of counting, number recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and coloring.

Plus, kids tend to see these types of worksheets as fun puzzles with a surprise ending – as opposed to a slog that must be completed. 

Featuring Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and baskets, the below printables are full of Easter fun for kids of all ages!

There are also varying levels of difficulty. Some will be an easy activity and others will definitely challenge your student.

There are 12 beautiful sheets to work through, so you will have plenty of options to choose from – or do them all! They are also dot to dot coloring pages, so make sure you have all the pastel coloring options ready to go!

Feel free to use it as an added Easter activity for your homeschool, classroom, church, or slip it in an Easter basket.

At the bottom of this post, you will find directions on downloading your copy of this Dot To Dot Printables Bundle.

Check Out Your Easter Dot To Dot Printable Worksheets!
Easter Dot to Dot Printable 1

Depending on the age of your young children, make sure they understand how to complete the assignment. 

Ensure they have a good pencil (easier to erase with than colored pencils or crayons). Help them find the #1 and then ask them where #2 is. 

Walk them through these initial steps and they will be off and running!

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 2

This Easter bunny dot to dot is super cute! 

Encourage young learners to guess what the finished picture will be. When they are done with the 

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 3

This Easter egg dot to dot is one of the easier options in the packet.

If your child flies through it, hand them crayons, Do a Dot markers, or washable markers to complete the coloring page.

This can also be an easy way to work on color recognition. Just ask your student about the colors she chose for different parts of the picture.

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 5

Your student will connect dots from 1-20 to reveal a bunny holding a carrot next to spring chick hatching from an egg.

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 5

This is a great activity for any event with an Easter theme.

Kids will love to connect the dots to reveal the bunny holding a festive basket – while you hide eggs for their Easter egg hunt! 

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 6

This printable Easter Dot To Dot  is from 1-30. 

Connecting the dots will reveal an Easter bunny excited to find beautifully patterned eggs!

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 7

This Easter worksheet will challenge your child to connect the dots from 1-30.

Some of them are tricky around the eggs, so tell your child to take their time and count carefully to reveal the picture. 

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 8

Here is a simple activity for kids will love! 

The finished image is of a bunny carrying his Easter basket full of eggs! 

What other special Easter surprises could be inside?

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 9

Is this a puppy, bunny, or chick?

Connect all the dots to find out!

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 10

Bunny pictures are always so sweet this time of the year! 

Have your child connect the dots from 1-40 to reveal the sweet animal cradling Easter eggs in his paws!

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 11

I would say this is by far the most challenging of the worksheets and would be appropriate for an older child looking for a good challenge. 

Once your child connects to dots for 1 – 50, he will reveal an Easter picture of bunny holding a patterned egg surrounded by flower and butterflies.

Easter Dot to Dot Printable 12

A picture of two Easter bunnies holding a patterned egg is the perfect way to to end this packet. 

Connect dots 1 – 50 to show the complete image.

Click Here To Download Your Easter Dot To Dot Printable Packet!

Dot to Dot worksheets on an Easter background

The above text link will take you to a new window with a pdf file of the dot to dot activities for download.

Terms of Use: These free printable Easter Dot to Dot printables are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, church, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printable activities are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope that you and your kids really enjoy these Easter activities.

Whether you use them as part of an event, as a quiet activity, as Easter coloring pages with a twist, or as a seasonal math supplement, they are a great way to practice foundational skills with kids!

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