10 Easter Maze Worksheets: Easy Print & Free!

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Looking for some Easter Maze Worksheets to go along with your lesson plans for your classroom?

Whether you’re at a traditional school, homeschool, church, or just a family looking for a good time – I’ve got what you need.

Below you will find 10 Easter worksheets full of Easter fun! 

I love them so much because it’s a simple activity that any kid can do. For example, a word search may be complicated and not very fun for a new reader who is still tripping over new words.

But a maze is something that even a preschooler with basic fine motor skills can understand and enjoy!

There are 7 secular mazes that are full of pastel colors, bunnies, eggs, easter baskets, and baby chicks.

I also included 3 Christain Easter mazes that include the empty tomb, resurrection, Easter lilies, and scripture. 

The difficulty level varies for each maze, so kids of different age groups should be able to find something that challenges them – but doesn’t frustrate them.

Fun Ideas For Your Maze Worksheets

Easter Backdrop

Maybe you just need an Easter bunny maze for downtime in your class or as a morning work option.

But if you’re open to it, there are so many more things you could do!

****Depending on what you choose, consider laminating them and having fine tip dry erase markers for easy erase and reuse options.

1. Easter Baskets

Does your kid have allergy issues? Do they need some non-candy options for their Easter basket?

One of my kids struggles through this holiday because there are limits to what she can eat.

As one of your candy alternatives, you could staple these worksheets together as a fun activity packet to slide into their basket!

2. Buy Time

When you are out prepping for the Easter Egg Hunt, even older kids have a hard time waiting – am I right?!

Plan to pull these printables out as a quick Easter activity.

The kids will be able to focus on them with the same problem solving, hunting mood they’ll need to find eggs…instead of trying to peek out the windows.

3. Maze Game

If you have some competitive kids, they might really enjoy this. 

Tell the kids that they will each receive a maze that is appropriate for their age. When they complete it, they are free to start their scavenger hunts for eggs!

This will give the winner extra time to look for the hardest Easter eggs to find. 

That can be a huge motivator – and an extra element of fun – for kids!

Check Out Your Free Printable Easter Mazes!

Easter Maze Worksheet 1

This super cute Easter egg maze could double as one of your Easter coloring pages!

Tell your child to help the bunny find her way to her Easter eggs. Then encourage your child to color them any way she likes!

What else could a bunny be hunting for?

Easter Maze Worksheet 2

This activity page actually has two parts. 

The little boy first has to find his way to some Easter eggs, THEN he has to take them to his Easter basket.

Make sure your child understands that it’s a two-part maze.

Easter Maze Worksheet 3

This is one of the more simple mazes for little hands. 

If your child finds it too easy, tell him that he should try to solve it from both openings!

You can also color the newly hatched Easter chick when you’re done.

Easter Maze Worksheet 4

This maze is clearly marked to show you where to enter and where to exit.

Tell your student that beating the maze means they got the eggs in the center!

If the maze is laminated, consider having the child solve it backward to see if they can do it faster that way.

Easter Maze Worksheet 5

This maze is a bit more complicated and reminds me of honeycomb.

Bees are another spring creature! They pollinate all the beautiful flowers that we see at Easter time.

Can your child find their way through the maze to the Easter Bunny?

Or maybe they want to pretend to be the Easter Bunny going through the maze to hide eggs!

Easter Maze Worksheet 6

This is for all those kids that like to peek out the window while eggs are being hidden – Ha!

Can they find their way through the maze to see the Easter bunny hiding his basket full of goodies?

Easter Maze Worksheet 7

This maze worksheet is almost like an optical illusion to me if I look at it for too long! 

There are multiple places to enter. See which one get you to the Easter Bunny the fastest!

Easter Maze Worksheet 8

Jesus really is the reason for the Easter season, so I definitely included the joy of the empty tomb in this maze.

Your child can pretend to be one of the people who went to the tomb on the third day. What did they find?

Luke 24:5b is a famous scripture that even little ones can memorize quickly: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?

Easter Maze Worksheet 9

This activity reminds little ones that Easter is all about love!

John 3:16 is also a famous scripture that reminds us that Jesus came and died because of how much God loved all of us. 

Easter Maze Worksheet 10

This is a maze that will take your child through the cross – and leads to the empty tomb and our triumphant Savior!

He conquered death so that we may conquer sin and have everlasting life.

Kids may nod their heads, but it can still be a very abstract and complicated thing for them to understand. 

I love this simple object lesson for salvation to help kids see and really understand what Jesus did for us. 

Click This Download Link For Your Free Easter Maze Worksheet Pack!

The above print link will take you to a PDF file where you can easily download your free printables!

A new window will open with the kids worksheets in PDF format (not through Adobe Reader). Just check the page setup before printing – it should be vertical for the page margins to be correct.

And you’re set!

Feel free to share these different mazes on social media or with your other mom friends!

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