10 Valentine Maze Printables: Free & Easy Print!

Free Printable Valentine Maze Pin

Need some printable Valentine mazes for your classroom, Valentine’s Day party, or other event?

They can be such a fun activity and a fun challenge for kids of all ages!

Below you will find different mazes – designed for all difficulty levels.

All the mazes do have a fun Valentines Day theme, full of hearts, cupids, roses, love letters, etc. If you can print them in full color, your kids will love the different shades of pink and red that are so classic for Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of printing, at the bottom of this post, you will find a link that takes you directly to a pdf file to download all the printable mazes in one packet!

Ideas For Using Your AMAZEing Valentines Day Mazes

valentine backdrop

1. Activity Sheet

Yes, this would go right along with any coloring pages or other activity pages you have for your homeschool, classroom party, or early finishers. 

Depending on the difficulty level of the page you choose, even older children could spend a good amount of time solving these mazes.

Consider printing them all out and letting your kids choose which one (or more than one!) they want to do. 

2. Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

If you know how to get creative with your print options, you could print these on white cardstock with 4 mazes to a page.

Use a paper cutter for quick, clean cutting – and you’ll have Valentines for your kid’s to pass out in no time!

Just have your kids write names on the back of the card and possibly tape a lollipop or other small candy to it.

If you are going for the non-candy Valentines option then skip the lollipop for sure.

****If using these as printable valentine cards sounds a bit over your head, download the digital file and take it to a print shop or local office supply store. For a little extra cost, they could help you get it set up. 

Check Out Your Free Printable Valentine’s Day Mazes!

Printable Valentine Maze - 1

This fun maze will have your student crawling through a maze to help cupid find his hearts. 

Do your students know the story behind cupid and his arrows?

This little printable might be a great way to explain that portion of the holiday’s lore to your kids.

Printable Valentine Maze - 2

Someone who really loves you will definitely know the inside of your heart – so of course, there had to be a heart maze!

Printable Valentine Maze - 3

Oh, it looks like these two Valentine’s Day kitties can’t get to each other.

Use this free printable maze to help them find each other! 

Are there any other creative ways that the maze could be solved?

Is it easier to solve it from the other direction?

Printable Valentine Maze - 4

Is the way to someone’s heart really through their stomach?

Have your student go through the letters L-O-V-E to find their delicious reward – a cupcake with a little heart!

Printable Valentine Maze - 5

This is one of the more simple maze cards. Guaranteed to be lots of fun for the younger students!

Have them find the shortest way to the love letter.

What would be the longest way to the letter?

Printable Valentine Maze - 6

If you thought the L-O-V-E maze was too easy, then you will love finding your way through this one!

Start at the top of the /I/ and work your way through the heart and /you/ to get your reward – a beautiful bunch of roses!

Is that the gift that your student would want from a Valentine? What would “speak their language” instead? 

Chocolates? Cupcakes? More mazes?

Printable Valentine Maze - 7

This little bear seems to have let go of his special Valentine card. 

Can your student go through the maze and bring it back to him?

Printable Valentine Maze - 8

These two cats can’t find their way to each other to exchange their gifts.

Can your kids go through the cat maze and reunite them?

Printable Valentine Maze - 9

This valentine seems to have fallen off the delivery wagon.

Can your kids bring it back, so that it’s delivered on time?

Printable Valentine Maze - 10

This is the last of the free printables and is kind of a fun way to go through the popular themes of the day.

You will of course have a maze with cupid’s arrow, but there is also a fun word search, questions (younger kids can draw their answers), tic-tac-toe game, and a word jumble.

To save you some time, the word jumble answers are love, candy, flower, rose, and kiss.

Click Here To Download Your Free Valentine’s Day Mazes!

Terms of use: Use of the designs is for classroom, homeschool, and personal use. Thank you!

I hope you and the students in your life love these free printable Valentines Day mazes!

They were so fun to make and just as much fun to solve.

I hope you enjoy adding them to your Valentine’s Day fun!

If you are looking for other activities to add to your celebration be sure to check out my favorite Valentine’s Day STEM activity below.

It is so simple and easy for kids to do – enjoy!

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