Fun & Free Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet Packet!

Are you searching for a little help with teaching lower case letters to your young learners?

You’re in luck! These free tracing lowercase letter worksheets are here to make learning handwriting a breeze.

Designed to be engaging and educational, these printable worksheets will help your young children develop the necessary skills for each letter of the alphabet!

You’ll get to watch their confidence grow as they master lowercase letters with regular pracitce (and lots of encouragment from you!).

So, fire up your printer and let’s get started!

****At the bottom of the post, you’ll find super simple directions to get your worksheet set in a pdf file. You can download and print today – without looking through your email!

Check Out your Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet Packet!

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 1

This first fun worksheet is actually a cover page to get your child primed and ready for what is to come!

While the student colors the pictures, tell them that you are going to be getting on the Tracing Letters Express.

All they need to board is a quality pencil!

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 2

This is the first of the lowercase alphabet worksheets and it features all the letters of the alphabet on one page.

A great way to start is by just going through and seeing if the student can say the letter name and possibly the sound it makes. 

Letter recognition is always something you can insert into these types of activities.

Lastly, instruct the child to carefully trace the dotted lines of each letter.

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 3

Here is another train worksheet for tracing small letters!

Tell the student that they will continue to work on their writing skills by hopping from train car to train car with tracing.

Have the student continue to say the letter name as they trace. Or as an alternative, sing the alphabet song with your child as they tap on each letter.

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 4

A solid tip I received as a relatively new homeschool mom was to have my child work on lowercase letters before moving on to uppercase letters.

The woman who shared the tip stated that kids are going to use the smaller letters much more often than the big letters – so better to master them first.

And I thought that made a lot of sense!

We spend so much time learning the upper case, but then we sort of undo that work by asking the child to only use those lettes at certain times.  

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 5

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 6

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 7

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheet - 8

This letter sheet set would be a great re-usable activity.

Just slide the sheets into a plastic sleeve or sheet protector.

Pull them out with some dry erase markers for a fun way to review the alphabet letters with your child!

The guide letters are also a great reminder for the student on how to trace each letter. It’s important to train those hand muscles correctly as they move on to writing on their own.

Click Here To Download Your Free Alphabet Tracing Worksheets!

Tracing Lowercase Letters Worksheets Pin

Click the above text link/image link to get your free letter worksheets in pdf format. A new window will open and you will be able to print today without handing over your email address or any other personal information!

Terms of Use: These letter tracing practice sheets are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope that you and your kindergarten age children really enjoy using these resources to sharpen fine motor skills, learn proper letter formation, and have fun!

They are perfect for kids who need extra practice or as a morning work brush-up. Teachers out there, these sheets would also be a wonderful addition to your literacy centers!

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