Best Free Cursive B Worksheet Packet: Easy Print!

Are you looking for some letter b cursive worksheets to help your child learn this tricky letter?
Well, look no further because we have just the thing to help your child master it!
These free worksheets were specially designed to help kids confidently write the letter “B” in a beautiful, flowing script.

Cursive writing is like creating artwork with your pen or pencil. And the 2nd letter of the alphabet – B – is one of the stars of the cursive alphabet! 

This cursive letter B worksheet packet was carefully crafted to make learning cursive fun and approachable for kids. Your student will get to trace and write the cursive “B,” gradually gaining confidence and finesse as they go. Lower case letters and upper case letters are included!

Whether you have a 1st grade student who wants to learn to write beautifully or a 4th grade student who needs to learn how to read the documents in her social studies lessons, these worksheets have something for everyone.  

Grab your favorite writing instruments, get comfy, and let’s dive into the world of cursive “B”!

****There are very simple directions at the bottom of this page to download your free worksheets into a pdf format today. Print it today without ever having to open your email!

Check Out Your Letter B Cursive Practice Sheets!


Cursive B Worksheet - 1

This first practice page focuses on tracing and writing uppercase letter B.

At the top of the page, your student will see a “B” with dotted lines to practice tracing. I also included a picture of a girl and a line of text with her name. It is good for your child’s cursive education to start seeing cursive words and how the letters flow together.

Once the child has practiced tracing the letter, direct them to the rows in the middle of the page. Encourage the student to take their time as they trace and eventually make some of their own letters.

At the bottom of the sheet, there are some names for the student to trace. The intent is for kids to practice writing cursive capital B as it flows into other letters. Learning those connections will be so important as they progress. 

Cursive B Worksheet - 2

This lowercase cursive letter b worksheet follows the same format at the previous page. 

The student will practice tracing the dotted lowercase letter b at the top of the page. Be sure to point out how the b looks as it flows into the words “bear.”

Next, the student will move onto the lowercase cursive b tracing rows. I intentionally only did 5 per line so as not to exhaust the child’s hand before they get to writing their own letters. 

5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade students may not have an issue, but the fine motor skills of a 2nd grade or 3rd grade student may struggle with too many letters.

Lastly, your student will trace (and maybe color!) the letter b words. Be sure to point out that the student’s pencil should be in continuous motion as they trace each letter.

Cursive B Worksheet - 3

This is the third page in these cursive handwriting practice worksheets and it brings the focus back to capital B. 

There are little bees at the top of the page for a touch of fun. The student can trace the swirly lines for a fun warm-up!

At the bottom of the page, the student will have to practice writing their own capital Bs. Older students may find this fairly simple, but younger ones may need some encouragement. 

Tell them that doing a handful of quality letters is better than doing many sloppy ones.

Cursive B Worksheet - 4

This free printable worksheet follows the same format.

The student will copy the lowercase letters on the top three lines and then write their own letters on the bottom three lines.

Watch the student carefully and make sure that they use the handwriting lines as guides.

Cursive B Worksheet - 5

Here the student will blend their skills with the uppercase and lowercase b. 

Again older kids may complete this with little trouble, but younger ones may appreciate breaking this sheet up over two different sessions. 

And that’s completely fine!

Cursive B Worksheet - 6

This is the last of the cursive letter worksheets and it brings in a very important skill.

First, ask the student to attempt to read the sentences. Can they tell the difference between cursive b and cursive l?

Ask them to explain the difference. 

Next, have the child trace each of the silly alliteration sentences, carefully paying attention to how each of the letters connect. 

Lastly, the student will write their own letters and sentences.

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I hope that you and your student get a lot out of these sheets as your work on cursive handwriting skills!

If you are interested in more educational activities on this topic, be sure to check out the below post for a free 26-page cursive tracking book!

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