20+ Free Letter F Worksheets: Easy to Print!

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Need to grab a letter F worksheet for your young learners?

Below you will find 20+ printable worksheets that are perfect for your homeschool, kindergarten students, preschool, or younger children – they would even work for 1st grade review!

These letter F worksheets are a fun way for little learners to practice fine motor skills, letter recognition, letter f words, lowercase letter f, uppercase letter f, and letter sounds.

You will find a variety of fun alphabet activities: coloring pages, drawing, multiple letter f tracing worksheets, a DIY letter F book, and much more!

Feel free to print them all out and make a stapled packet, throw them in a ring binder, or make a letter f poster for your letter of the week!

Letter F Worksheets PDF Download:

Below you will see all of the free printable worksheets. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to download them all in one packet. 

Please only use them in homeschool, co-op, or classroom use.

Enjoy! And happy learning!

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Click here to download all worksheets in one packet

More Letter F Ideas!

I hope these phonics worksheets helped support you this week!

They really are a great way to introduce kids to lowercase letters and capital letters in a fun way!

Some different activities I have done over the years for letter of the week include a food and a movie that starts with the letter of the week.

I always saved this for the end of the week and my kids had such a fun time trying to guess what the food and movie will be!

F foods could be french fries, focaccia, feta, french toast, frozen yogurt, flatbread, fish sticks, or fettuccine. Pick one or make a letter f feast for your kids!

Click on the post below to start your next letter of the week activity with letter G!

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  1. These are great! I taught school for 30 years and always made my own. I am enjoying these with my granddaughter!
    Thank you.

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