Super Fun Counting Pennies Worksheets: Free and Printable!

Looking for some printable counting penny worksheets for your young mathematician?

These simple worksheets will fit into any lesson plans, and they will definitely help you teach the value of a penny! They are appropriate for any grade level learning or reviewing the value of American coins.

Learning the value of each coin as students count money is such an important real world skill. It may be tempting to gloss over the penny since it can be seen as such an easy concept.

But that would be a mistake.

Counting money can be a pretty abstract concept for young learners, so it’s important to make sure students have a strong foundation to build on.

Before students can understand the different cent amount of US coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, or even the dollar bill), they need to understand the penny! 

That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though 🙂

Check Out Your 5 Printable Counting Pennies Worksheets!

There are 5 U.S. money worksheets so that you have a full week of material.

You will find a simple download link at the bottom of the post to download the printable worksheets.

1. Counting Pennies in a Jar

Counting Pennies Worksheet 1

If you haven’t already, explain to your student that each penny is worth one cent. If possible, give them real coins to see and touch. 

Have your student then count the number of coins in each jar and right the total amount of money below. 

If your student struggles to get the correct number, encourage them to use a pencil to mark each penny as they count.

You will notice that the cent sign is already added in for them. In later penny worksheets, they will draw it themselves.

2. Price Tags

Counting Pennies Worksheet 2

Once your student understands that the penny is worth one cent, then you can start to have a little fun! 

Have your student color and cut out these price tags. Give them some small items (i.e. pencils, erasers, notebook) to set up a store. 

Give the child real or fake coins and allow them to shop the store with their money. This is a great way for them to gain a more concrete understanding of money.

3. How Many Pennies?
Counting Pennies Worksheet 3

This penny worksheet gives your child another opportunity to count and write the number of cents.

You will notice that this time they are shown the front and back of the penny.

It can be confusing to a child that there is a front and back of a coin – and they have different images. 

To complete, have the student count the coins and write the correct answer box with the cent sign.

****Answer keys aren’t really needed with this level of math, but if your child is struggling with these new money skills, provide an answer key for the student to check his own work. If he doesn’t have the correct answer, it will prompt him to count again. Some kids really respond to being able to give their own checkmarks and correct their answers.

4. How Much Money?

Counting Pennies Worksheet 4

This PDF worksheet is another great way for students to get hands-on with counting pennies!

Have your student cut out as many pennies as they want. Tell them they can cut out the number of pennies that matches their age, favorite number, people in their family, or another number that is significant to them.

Tell them that they can glue the pennies into their jar in any design they like. 

Have the student count the pennies and write the money amount on the provided lines. 

If they do not write their own cent sign, be sure to remind them.

5. Menu Math

Counting Pennies Worksheet 5

This is the perfect worksheet to end a week of studying pennies!

What kid doesn’t want to order off a menu full of burgers, tacos, and ice cream?!

Consider providing your student with real coins to place in the boxes instead of just drawing circles. 

Have the student count the pennies and write the value of the coins on the line with the cent symbol.

Students can color the food for a little extra fun too!

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Counting Pennies Worksheet Pin

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Learning the basics of counting money is a crucial skill.

Counting pennies may seem fairly simple, but it is a stepping stone that will lead to identifying different coins, learning the value of coins, counting a combination of coins, money word problems, and so on.

Your kindergarten or 1st grade student will be well on your way after working your way through the above math worksheets!

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