Free Realistic Printable Money: Front and Back, Real Size!

Do you need some fake money printables that actually look like real money?

I have got you covered!

This post contains printable dollar bills in 6 different denominations- $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

They were carefully measured to be actual size, so they don’t look like pretend money – but they are!

You can even print the front and back sides of each bill for maximum effect.

But that’s not it!

You will also find all the different coins – quarter, dime, nickel, and penny – front and bank in standard sizes!

Elevate your math lessons and playtime activities with this fake cash, designed to inspire learning and fun in equal measure!

****Don’t stress! At the bottom of this post, you will find your pretend cash free printables in a PDF file for easy download and print today. No email address is needed!

Are These Money Templates Actual Size??

real money on fake money templates to show actual size

I printed off some of the templates and placed real money on top of them. 

Can you spot the dollar bill, quarter, dime, nickel and penny?

They are the real deal – except fake! 

Check Out Your Printable Money Template Front and Back In Real Size!

Realistic Front of 1 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 1 Dollar Bill Printable

As you can see, these one-dollar bills actually look like the real thing!

For the best results, print them on card stock or laminate them. Keep them in a plastic bag or other storage container when not in use. 

If you are just introducing your child to currency, be sure to point out some of the basic things that they will find on one-dollar bills.

For example, George Washington’s face and the number 1 in all four corners of the bill.

Realistic Front of 5 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 5 Dollar Bill Printable

A great way to teach skip counting is through money! 

Explain to your child that these five-dollar bills equal five of the one-dollar bills.

Count out the money and put them side by side and explain they are worth the same amount of money and they can buy the same things. 

Then use the five dollar bills to show how skip counting can make it easier to count many things. 

Instead of counting 15 individual dollars, you can skip count by 5 and be done much faster!

Realistic Front of 5 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 10 Dollar Bill Printable

The next set of pretend play money is the front and back of the 10-dollar bill. 

Your student may be interested to know that Alexander Hamilton (of “Hamilton” fame ) is the man on the front of the bill. 

For educational purposes, you can use this money to practice skip counting by 10 up to 100. 

You could also use the money to sharpen math skills by running a pretend store. 

My kids loved this!

Collect empty boxes of food (cereal boxes, etc.) and place price tags on them. Give the student some of the fake money and have them go through the “store” to buy things. 

Older kids can be challenged to run the store and the “cash register.” They will have to make change for the buyer. 

Realistic Front of 10 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 20 Dollar Bill Printable

Here is the front and back of a realistic 20-dollar bill printable set. 

Tell your students that Andrew Jackson is the former president on the bill, but plans are underway to eventually have Harriet Tubman on the 20-dollar bill one day in the future. 

She would be the first woman of color on American paper money.

Realistic Front of 50 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 50 Dollar Bill Printable

Former President and famous general of the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant, is the face that graces the 50-dollar bill. 

Skip counting by 50s is another fantastic skill you can sharpen with these bills!

Realistic Front of 100 Dollar Bill Printable

Realistic Back of 100 Dollar Bill Printable

This last set of play money designs is the 100 dollar bill. 

The great Benjamin Franklin is on the cover. 

You can use these to teach skip counting by 100s to 1,000. But there are also some other purposes for these printables besides money math and other educational uses.

These money templates would be a fun way to jazz up your board games.

Have your kids spilled juice on your Monopoly money?

These printables would make fantastic replacements!

Realistic Front and Back of Quarter Printable

But wait there’s more!

Besides the fake paper money, you will also find printable coins – front and back – that look like real coins!

The above template of a quarter was carefully measured to be the exact size of a real quarter. 

These coins are a wonderful resource for the homeschool mom teaching her kids about the concept of money, identifying coins, and understanding the value of money.

Realistic Front and Back of Dime Printable

And here you will find the front and back of a dime. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the former president who is on the front of the coin.

Realistic Front and Back of Nickel Printable

Here you have the front and back of realistic nickel.

Many kids struggle over the size of the coin not necessarily corresponding to its value.  So the dime and nickel are often confused.

It is important to note again that these coins are actual size.

If you are planning to use them to teach your kids about money, they will be accurate for showing the child the size of each coin.

Realistic Front and Back of Penny Printable

Bringing up the end, you have a printable template with the front and back of a penny. 

The copper color and Abraham Lincoln’s image are quick indicators of this coin.

Bonus Use For This Printable Play Money Template!

Maybe the math concepts and board game money was a little obvious. 

But what about using this play money with a behavior chart or chore chart??

Reward your child for their good behavior with this paper money instead of actual money.

Once the child earns a certain amount – they can cash it out for something of your choice. You could even have a chart of items with various “prices.”

This would encourage them to build responsible money habits, such as saving for something bigger and better.

The other benefit is that they would be doing math activities like counting money, while also learning personal skills – like responsible money holding onto the money they’ve earned. 

If they prove themselves, eventually they could earn and keep actual money!

Click Here To Download Your Free Realistic Money Printables Now!

Realistic Money Printable Front and Back Pin

Click the above text link/image link to download your free printable play money in PDF format to print today! 

Terms of Use: This fake cash printable set is for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

Maybe you’re working on putting together some fun activities for your math lessons – like a pretend bank.

Or maybe you’re just trying to teach the basics of money – like the different coins and their different colors. 

Maybe you’re planning an epic board game battle with the best fake money around.

Or maybe you’re trying to kickstart an epic rewards system that your kids will brag about for years!

Whatever reason you’re here, I hope you and your kids have a great time using these printable realistic play money templates!

If you’re in the market for more freebie templates, be sure to check out the printables tab of this blog and print away!

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  1. Thank you so much for making this available! I work at the Boys & Girls Club with the K-5 Grade group and this is perfect for me to use in helping them learn about money!

  2. Thank you very much for offering this printable realistic play money. It’s the best available online, and I really appreciate that it’s free! I’m also a homeschooling mom. I just wanted to make you aware of a problem I had printing, though… the other denominations printed fine, except the front of the $20 and $50 bills (printer error about pixels; but upon further research it’s a built-in security feature). The workaround was very simple–just reduce the file size (I used a PDF compression/file reducer online–Adobe has a free one). After doing this, these denominations printed from my printer.

    Thanks again, Lauren! Please continue to share these resources you have made; they make our lives easier 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I have been so frustrated that the $20 keep printing partially and then stopping.

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