Free All About The Sun Worksheet Packet!

Looking for a free printable sun worksheet for your young learner?

If you’re zooming through space science and taking a pit stop at the center of our solar system…then the below packet is just what you’re looking for!

Each science worksheet in the 7 page packet includes a different activity – simple coloring, True/False, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and more!

There is even a matching worksheet for the youngest of learners.

****Don’t stress! You can easily download the entire Sun Packet today. There are simple directions at the bottom of this post to get it in PDF format for easy printing. No email address needed!

Check Out Your All About The Sun Worksheets!

All About The Sun Worksheet - 1

This first sun printable is a great way to kick off your lesson plans!

1st grade, 2nd grade, and even 3rd grade students will love coloring the large sun, title, and border.

At the bottom of the sheet, your student will see, “The Sun is the closest star to Earth. It is our richest source of warmth, light, and energy.”

Depending on the age of your student, this may be pretty shocking.

The sun is a star??? 

We often think of stars as being out in the night sky, not shining over us in the day time. But the sun is our star!

All About The Sun Worksheet - 2

This next activity is a simple multiple choice for your student to review what he’s learned about the Sun.

Here are the highlights of what’s on this Sun Printable:

  • The Sun is a star.
  • Over 1,000,000 Earth’s could fit inside the Sun. It is, of course, the largest object in our solar system, but models often do no depict this accurately.
  • The Sun is made of burning gases.
  • The Sun is 93 million miles from Earth.
  • The Sun provides warmth, energy, light, and even helps us tell the time of day.
  • Solar flares happen when the the Sun has a sudden explosion of energy.
  • The Sun’s light is white.
  • During sunrise the earth is rotating towards the Sun.
  • Sun spots are dark spots on the sun.
  • The planet closest to the sun is Mercury.

All About The Sun Worksheet - 3

The previous worksheet may be more appropriate of your 4th grade or 5th grade student, depending on what your lesson objectives are.

But this worksheet will also work for your younger kids. 

Read the information (or better yet, have the student read it!), and ask the child to write the answers to the following reading comprehension questions:

  • What is the Sun?
  • What are three things the Sun gives us?
  • What provides light at night?
  • Which is bigger – Earth or the Sun?
  • These are basic questions that can be answered from the text. 

You might also add at the end of the activity that the Sun is huge – the largest object in our solar system – but it is not the biggest star.

There are many other stars much bigger. They are just further away from us, so they do not seem to be as large.

All About The Sun Worksheet - 4

This is a true/false style Sun worksheet.

Below are the questions with the answers if you need help with making answer keys. 

  • The Earth is about the same size as the Sun – False
  • The Sun’s gravity is what keeps Earth from floating into space – True
  • Earth could not survive without the heat and energy from the Sun – True
  • The Sun is made of burning, molten rock – False
  • The Sun rotates around the Earth – False
  • The Sun is 93 million miles from Earth – Truth
  • The Sun’s light is yellow – False
  • During sunset, the Sun moves beneath the Earth – False
  • Day and night are caused by the rotation of the Earth – True
  • The Sun does not move – True
  • The moon provides its own light and energy at night without help from the Sun – False

One of the biggest points in is worksheet is that the Sun’s position does not change.

The terms “sunrise” and “sunset” can be confusing and make it difficult to remember how night and day happen. 

All About The Sun Worksheet - 5

This very simple Sun matching sheet is perfect for the younger crowd.

To complete, have the child match each description to the appropriate image.

Lastly, have the student color each of the images. 

Here is the correct order for matching:

  • Third planet from the Sun: Earth
  • Source of heat, energy, and light: Sun
  • The Sun is a: Star
  • The Sun reflects off of this at night: Moon
  • The Sun helps this make food: plant

All About The Sun Worksheet - 6

This fill in the words activity sheet is a great way to see what you student has learned about the Sun!

There is a word bank at the top to help the student answer each question. 

All About The Sun Worksheet - 7

You middle school kids – 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade – may be more challenged by these discussion questions.

There are no multiple choices, true/false, or word back to help them answer the questions.

Consider doing these orally for some great discussion.

The last question, in particular, has some great potential to discuss the importance of the Sun.

Kids may want to debate that there are other types of energy besides solar energy (wind energy, water energy, fossil fuels, etc.).

Remind them that earth would freeze solid pretty fast after losing the Sun’s heat. The atmoshphere and oceans would retain heat for a period of time, but eventually all living things would die. 

Discuss challenges in finding a form of heat other than the sun. 

Also consider discussing what would happen to gravity if the sun disappeared. 

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All About The Sun Worksheet Packet Pin

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I hope that you and your kids really enjoy these sun worksheets and they weave perfectly into your lesson plans!

If you are looking for some supplements to teach about the sun – consider this video by Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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