Cool Weather Cards Printable Free Set + Daily Weather Chart!

Hey there, weather enthusiasts (big and small)!

Today, we’re going to talk about a nifty tool that can make teaching weather a breeze – Weather Card Printables!

These cards are the perfect way to introduce kids to the ever-changing world of weather in a fun and engaging manner. 

I have included three different sets of cards AND an extra bonus!

The cards include the following types of weather: sunny days, stormy weather, snowy scenes, windy conditions, foggy mornings, rainy days, cloudy skies, and even the elusive rainbow.

Each card comes with a charming, cartoon-style image that captures the essence of that particular weather. For instance, the sunny card features a bright, shining sun, while the stormy card showcases dark clouds and lightning bolts. 

For a bit of added learning, there are also cards without the weather name. This turns the weather lesson into a guessing game, making it fun for your kids to identify and remember each type of weather. 

The last set of cards features real photographs of weather for your child to identify and sort.

So, whether your child is a budding weather enthusiast or just curious about the elements, these flash cards are going to help him or her learn all about what is going on outside their window!

****Don’t sweat it! At the bottom of this post, you will find very simple directions to get the digital download of your weather printables in PDF format. Print today!

Check Out Your Free Printable Weather Flashcards!

Weather Cards Printable - 1

This first set of cards features sunny, foggy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy, rainbow, and windy weather.

Cut out each of the cards and explain each of the different weather conditions to your child. 

Some of these will not be new words to your student, but you might need to clearly define some of the weather vocabulary.

For example, ask your student, “What is the difference between a rainy or stormy day?”

You might also ask, “Can we have different types of weather in one day?”

For best results, I recommend printing these cards on heavy weight paper (like card stock) or laminating them.

That will help them last longer as you go through all your weather activities.

Weather Cards Printable - 2

This next set of cards features the same images, but the weather words have been taken away. 

Go through the cards randomly with your child for an easy way to check what they remember from the previous cards.

You might also describe the weather card in your hand without showing it to your child.

For example, “It’s very cold outside and snowflakes are falling. What kind of weather is that?”


Another fun activity would be to set up a memory game with both sets of weather cards. 

Weather Cards Printable - 3

This part of these 3-part cards is so important because it helps little kids to apply their skills to real weather conditions. 

It might be easy to recognize weather in an isolated cartoon-style image, but can they recognize what it would be like in real life?

Show each card to the student and see if they can tell you what kind of weather they are seeing.

Try playing a memory game again with these cards and either of the two other sets. 

As an alternative, describe an outfit of clothing and ask what would be the appropriate weather to wear them.

For example, “I am going to put on a pair of rubber boots and a waterproof jacket. What kind of weather might I be expecting to see?”

Or “I am wearing shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. What kind of weather would I be comfortable in? What kind would I be uncomfortable in?”

Have the student hold up the appropriate flash cards to answer your questions!

Bonus: Printable Weather Chart!

Daily Weather Chart - 1

This Daily Weather Chart is a great way to take your weather lesson plans to the next level!

Your young children (and older children!) will be excited to run to the window each day and use their observation skills to determine the weather.

Tell the student to color in the square on the row that matches the weather today. There might be multiple types of weather, so tell the student to choose what they think is the dominant weather for the day.

For example, it might be a little cloudy in the morning, but rain all day. So rainy would be the dominant weather of the day.

How To Explain Extreme Weather To Young Learners

"WOW! Weather!"
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03/20/2024 01:13 am GMT

Teaching kids about extremes of weather can be scary, but it is important. 

Above, you will see a link to a great book on the topic. It was written by a meteorologist and it does a great job of breaking down weather for kids. 

Another great option for having this conversation is to explain that each type of weather can get out of hand.

Wind can (indirectly) become a tornado.

A rain cloud can become a flood.

Wind and rain can bring a hurricane.

Snow can become a blizzard.

These can be scary, but there are rare occurrences.

Thankfully, we live in a time when we usually know far in advance that bad weather is coming.

There is usually a good amount of time to prepare and get to safety.

Click Here To Download Your Printable Weather Packet!

Weather Cards Printable Pin

Click the above image link/text link to get your weather flash cards in a pdf file. A new window will open and you can download and print today. No email address or other personal information is needed.

Terms of Use: These weather printables are for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, or personal use. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope these printable flashcards and weather chart are a huge hit in your weather unit study!

The packet really is a great resource to help little kids learn about all the weather things in a fun way.

Incorporating educational tools like these into your child’s routine can make learning about the weather a breeze.

They’re engaging, interactive, and most importantly, fun!

Plus, they provide valuable knowledge that can be applied in everyday life.

So, go ahead and print out these weather cards. Watch your kids learn about the elements, play guessing games, and become little weather watchers.

Who knows, you might just have a future meteorologist in the making!

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