Free States & Capitals Worksheet Packet: Easy Print!

Are you looking for a States and Capitals Worksheet packet for your geography-loving kiddos?

Learning the entire list of state capitals is a classic part of elementary education in the United States of America.

It can be a bit overwhelming though for your kiddo as they look at so many long, unfamiliar names.

This free printable packet is just the thing to get them off and going!

It contains multiple practice worksheets, word banks, and answer keys for quick grading.

****Don’t sweat it! There are super simple directions at the bottom of this page to get your free printable worksheets in a PDF file today. No email is required!

Check Out Your Free States and Capitals Worksheets!

States and Capitals Matching Worksheet - 1

This first PDF worksheet features the first 25 states on the left side in alphabetical order.

The right side of the sheet lists the capital cities (where the state government is located) in random order.

Have your student write the letter next to the capital that matches the state.

This activity is a great way to ease kids into remembering the correct capitals – without having to remember the spelling or having to pull the name out of thin air. 

They just have to recognize and match!

As your student’s confidence grows, consider going through this form orally.

Call out the states in random order and see if the child can remember (and correctly pronounce) the matching capital.

States and Capitals Matching Worksheet - 2

This worksheet contains the second half of the states in ABC order. 

The matching capitals are in random order on the opposite side of the page. 

If you think your child will become overwhelmed with scanning back and forth between the two lists, share this strategy.

Tell the child that they should look at the list of United States capitals first, figure out the matching state, find the state on the opposite list, and lastly write the corresponding letter.

For example, the student starts with Trenton at the top of the list. He remembers that Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. 

He will be able to find the name of the state quickly using alphabetical order. 

Then he will write “A” on the line next to New Jersey.

This is a much more effective strategy for going through the worksheet than randomly going back and forth between the two lists. 

States and Capitals Matching Worksheet Answer Key

And here is a double answer key for the two different worksheets above. 

Feel free to cut it in half or fold it in half for quick grading of either worksheet.

Or as I like to do, give the answer key to the student and allow them to grade and correct their own work as needed. 

States and Capitals Worksheet - 1

This next worksheet lists the names of the states – all 50 of them!

The student is challenged to write the correct U.S. state capitals on each line. 

This could be a major challenge for a 4th grade or 5th grade student who is already working on a ton of spelling words.

That’s why I provided the following word bank below!

Capitals Word Bank

This word bank of capital names is a handy tool to assist your child as they learn to spell these long and often unfamiliar words.

Initially, focus on helping the child to correctly pronounce them.

Some commonly mispronounced ones would be Peirre, Raleigh, Montpelier, Frankfort, Des Moines, and Cheyenne among others.

Once the child can correctly recognize and pronounce the words, then begin the work of learning to spell them. 

Laminate and post this printable as a quick way for your student to check themselves.

Many students will find this to be a more helpful and effective way to internalize the spelling than doing a time-consuming word search puzzle.

States and Capitals Worksheet Answer Key

For quick grading, here is another answer key with all the capitals filled in.

Again, consider giving it to the student for an accuracy and spelling check.

Kids love giving themselves checkmarks!

States and Capitals Worksheet - 2

This last worksheet provides a bit of a twist!

The capitals are all listed in alphabetical order now and the student has to put the correct name of the state on each line.

This is a great way to practice capitals in a bit of a fresh, reverse way.

If you think your fifth grader will struggle to spell words like North Carolina, Connecticut Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, don’t worry!

State Word Bank

Here is a printable word bank with all the states of the United States!

If your student knows the capital city of a state – but isn’t 100% confident about spelling that state yet – he or she can use this as a quick cheat sheet.

South Carolina, North Dakota, New York, and West Virginia will be a cinch to spell when the student has this sheet to check themselves. 

States and Capitals Worksheet Answer Key 2

Lastly, here is another answer key to help you quickly grade your student’s work.

Remember to record the score in the upper right-hand corner of your student’s worksheet. 

Click Here To Download Your States And Capitals Worksheet Set Now! 

States and Capitals Worksheet Pin

Click the above text link/image link to download your US states and capitals packet in a printable PDF packet. A new window will open to download and print today. 

Terms of Use: This free resource is for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you and your kiddos find these States and Capitals Resources to be a great addition to your social studies and geography lessons!

Encourage your kids to focus on growing their knowledge and praise all progress and efforts. 

Be sure to hold onto these sheets for future review and/or to place in your child’s homeschool portfolio!

As you are learning about the states, don’t forget to go over state abbreviations!

Those two-letter postal abbreviations will be so helpful when labeling a blank map of the USA, addressing letters, reading addresses, and so many other things!

Check out the post below to get your free state abbreviation printable today!

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