The Best Cut Out And Build A Snowman Printable Templates!

Looking for a creative activity during the winter season?


  • You’re trying to find a fun project to entertain the kids during the holiday season
  • There is never a snow day where you live, and you need to make your own fun
  • Your kids are on a Frozen kick
  • Or you just need a fun activity to fill the long winter months…

You’re in the right place!

Below you will find a free printable Build Your Own Snowman Craft that will bring kids of all ages to the table!

Craft Supplies Needed For Paper Snowman Craft

Build Snowman Templates With Wintery Background

1. Free Printable Template

At the end of this post is a text link that will take you to a pdf file. You can download all the free printables at one time.

Terms of Use: Classroom, homeschool, co-op, church, and personal use only. Thank you!

2. Printer Paper or Cardstock

It would be easier to cut out the snowman pieces with cardstock, but you could also use regular printer paper.

3. Pair of Scissors

4. Glue Stick

Optional Supplies For Snowman Activity:

  • Googly Eyes

  • Play Dough (For included playdough mat)

  • Glitter (To make the snow look sparkly)

  • Cotton Balls (To decorate the snowman or make snow for the background)

  • Construction Paper (In case you don’t want to use the included snowy background)

  • Laminator (If desired, consider laminating the pieces so that the fun lasts longer)

Directions For Your Free Printable Snowman Template Packet

1. Cut Out Snowman Parts

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 1

The first step in this easy craft is to cut out the parts of the snowman.

Have your child cut out three circles that will become the main body of their snowman.

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 2

Your snowman has more than just a classic top hat to wear!

There are multiple hats and faces to pick from. Young children may need help with cutting out certain shapes. 

The facial features of coal eyes and a carrot nose can be very difficult for small hands to cut out. That’s why this fun winter craft has all those elements included in an easy to cut out circle.

Your kids can even choose which type of face they want their snowman to have.

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 3

This printable snowman craft sheet is  page is full color but this cut out sheet allows your child to color any other items they want to add to their craft. 

Does their snowman have a steamy cup of hot chocolate? A gingerbread friend? Some warm mittens?

2. Build Your Snowman On This Background

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 4

This beautiful, snowy background is included in the Build Your Own Snowman Printables.

I know it might not be possible to print this in color, so feel free to use a piece of blue construction paper instead.

Your kid might also plain paper – that way they can add their own features, like a Christmas tree.

Tips For Building The Best Snowman

Finished Snowman Craft

Older kids may not want any help, but your young kids may appreciate a guiding hand.

Have them overlap the body circles so that it looks like they are resting on each other. This makes it look much more realistic, like a real snowman.

Make sure the black outline of the snowman’s body is facing down. That makes for a better finished product – all powdery, white snow!

Help them lay out everything they want on the background. Arrange and rearrange until they are satisfied, THEN give them the glue stick.

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 5

As an added bonus, I wanted to include a few extras.

This snowman play dough mat is a great way for your kids to build their own snowman in more of a 3D style.

Depending on the age of your child and their fine motor skills, they might find this much easier and more enjoyable.

If your lesson plan is centered on winter weather, this cut-and-paste worksheet is perfect!

Have your child or kindergarten students cut out all the snowman body parts.

Glue them to the appropriate places. 

Ask your child what else the snowman might want to stay warm.

Cut Out Build Snowman Printable Craft - 6

And lastly, I had to include a snowman coloring page!

This super cute snowman will be so much fun for your kids to color. Encourage them to add fun designs and patterns to the scarf and hat.

If you’re feeling crazy, break out the glitter to make the snow look extra sparkly!

Click Here To Download Your Build A Snowman Printable Packet!

Cut Out And Build Snowman Template Pin

****As mentioned above, this free template packet is for non-commercial use only.

I hope you and your kids really enjoy this adorable snowman craft!

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