25 Must Read Christmas Books For Kindergarteners

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Are you shopping for some new favorite Christmas books for your kindergartener?

This is by far my favorite time of year – the lights, the food, the cheer, and the BOOKS!

There are so many old and new holiday classics that children of all ages should know.

The below Christmas book list is packed with picture books that are sure to capture the attention and hearts of young children – and adults!

There are funny Christmas books that will have them laughing out loud and begging you to read it again!

And there are sweet stories, like the one about a little sled that dreams of being Santa’s sleigh.

There are more that tell the history of St. Nicholas and another that explains the history of Christmas trees.

Young readers will enjoy some simple books that even they can read along with! 

And of course, there are multiple books that tell the real story of Baby Jesus and the reason for the season.

All of these books are for little learners who are ready for a slightly longer story with more plot and action. They may have loved Little Blue Truck board books or Llama Llama Jingle Bells in the past, but they’re ready for something more. 

And these books will deliver!

The 25 Best Christmas Books For Kindergarten Children

1. How To Catch a Reindeer

How to Catch a Reindeer
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03/17/2024 10:03 pm GMT

Title: How To Catch A Reindeer

Author:  Alice Walstead and Andy Elkerton

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s reindeer are off to deliver presents when one of the trusted reindeer Comet decides to explore on her own… the perfect opportunity for our Catch Club Kids to trap her and prove Santa exists! Come along on this fun Christmas adventure to see if you can catch Comet!

2. Little Red Sleigh

Title: Little Red Sleigh

Author: Erin Guendelsberger 

A New York Times bestseller! Believe in the magic of Christmas with this heartwarming Christmas picture book about the little red sleigh that could, perfect for fans of The Polar Express!

The Little Red Sleigh has one big dream―to one day become Santa’s big red sleigh! But all her life, she’s been told she’s too small, she’s too young, she can’t fly, and she certainly can’t meet Santa. Well, this Christmas, with the help of some friends, she’s determined to do the impossible. Little Red Sleigh is a heartwarming children’s Christmas book you’ll want to read again and again. Full of winter joy and holiday magic, this charming Christmas story will remind readers of all ages that no dream is out of reach if you believe.

3. Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas
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03/17/2024 10:13 pm GMT

Title: Bear Stays Up For Christmas

Author: Karma Wilson

Bear’s friends are determined to keep Bear awake for Christmas! So they wake Bear up and have him help them find a Christmas tree, bake cakes, hang up stockings, and sing Christmas songs. Bear stays up—by discovering that giving is one of the best Christmas presents of all!

4. The Polar Express

Polar Express
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03/17/2024 10:18 pm GMT

Title: The Polar Express

Author: Chris Van Allsburg 

A young boy, lying awake one Christmas Eve, is welcomed aboard a magical train to the North Pole . . .

Through dark forests, over tall mountains, and across a barren desert of ice, the Polar Express makes its way to the huge city standing alone at the top of the world, where the boy will make his Christmas wish.

5. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
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03/17/2024 10:23 pm GMT

Title: Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

Author: Eric Litwin

Spend the holidays with your favorite blue cat! In this rockin’ spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do.

6. Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Llama Llama Holiday Drama
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03/17/2024 11:58 pm GMT

Title: Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Author: Anna Dewdney

If there’s one thing Llama Llama doesn’t like, it’s waiting. He and Mama Llama rush around, shopping for presents, baking cookies, decorating the tree . . . but how long is it until Christmas? Will it ever come? Finally, Llama Llama just can’t wait any more! It takes a cuddle from Mama Llama to remind him that “Gifts are nice, but there’s another: The true gift is, we have each other.”

7. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
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03/18/2024 12:03 am GMT

Title: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Author:  Robert Barry

Christmas is here and Mr. Willowby’s tree has arrived. There’s just one big problem: The tree is too tall for his parlor! He cuts off the top so it will fit, and soon the top of that tree is passed along again and again to bring holiday cheer to all the animals in the forest. Kids will love watching the tree move from home to home, and families will appreciate the subtle message of conservation and recycling, as the tree top spreads joy to all. 

8. The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story
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03/18/2024 12:09 am GMT

Title: The Christmas Story

Author: Jane Werner Watson 

Share the true meaning of Christmas with your children this holiday season. This simple but poetic text brings to life the story of Jesus’ birth in a stable in Bethlehem. First published in 1952, this Little Golden Book adaption of the Christmas story was illustrated by beloved artist Eloise Wilkin.

9. The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker (Book Plays The Famous Music!)

Title: The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker

Author: Katy Flint

The story follows Clara in her dreams as she battles and defeats a mouse king, then travels with her nutcracker-turned-prince to the Land of Sweets where she watches its enchanting inhabitants perform beautiful dances. As you and your little one journey through the magical scenes, you will press the buttons to hear 10 excerpts from the ballet’s music, including “The Waltz of the Flowers,” “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” “The Russian Dance,” and the awesome “Finale.”

10. The Littlest Elf

The Littlest Elf
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03/18/2024 12:23 am GMT

Title: The Littlest Elf

Author: Brandi Dougherty

Oliver may be the littlest elf in the North Pole, but he has a big desire to discover his very special job in Santa’s workshop! But after getting lost in the toy shop, making a mess at the book shop, and falling in the mixing machine at the bakery, is the littlest elf just too little? Perhaps he just needs the littlest reindeer to remind him what Christmas is all about!

11. The Christmas Spider

Title: The Christmas Spider

Author: Miriam Monette 

It’s a busy night in ancient Bethlehem, and Alonso, the traveling spider, is looking for a place to stay. It’s so crowded… will he find a place to rest?

Rediscover the magic of the first Christmas story as you explore the scenes of the Nativity from a fresh new perspective. The true meaning of Christmas shines bright in this tale of disappointment, hope, and the power of Jesus’ love.

12. Twas The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas
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03/18/2024 12:39 am GMT

Title: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Author: Clement C. Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.’

Capture the thrill of a traditional Christmas with Clement C. Moore’s treasured seasonal rhyme. Brought to life with the warm and playful artwork of Henry Fisher this magical story is full of character and humor and will delight children new to the story as well as parents who know it from their own childhood.

12. Tomie dePaola’s Christmas Tree Book

Title: Tomie dePaola’s Christmas Tree Book

Author: Tomie dePaolo

While picking out their Christmas tree, a couple of curious kids start to wonder where Christmas trees came from. Who invented the first one? How did they become so popular? And how have they changed over the years?

Celebrated children’s author Tomie dePaola is here to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Christmas trees–and everything you never even thought to wonder about. With bright illustrations and kid-friendly text, Tomie dePaola’s Christmas Tree Book is full of facts, history, and legends.

13. I Saw Santa’s Underpants


Title: I Saw Santa’s Underpants

Author: Bob Hinman

****This fun story might have a little bit of a strange title, but it is quite innocent. It centers around Santa forgetting to put on his suspenders and hilarity ensues.

When Santa has an unfortunate mishap, a young boy and his dog are shocked by what they see. He will need ingenuity to figure out how to help Santa out of this embarrassing situation.

A laugh-out-loud funny children’s picture book that:

  • Demonstrates problem solving at its best
  • Provides opportunities for family bonding
  • Utilizes fun rhymes to help children develop reading skills

14. An Orange For Frankie *True Christmas Story*

An Orange for Frankie
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03/18/2024 12:58 am GMT

Title: An Orange Frankie

Author: Patricia Polacco 

The Stowell family is abuzz with holiday excitement, and Frankie, the youngest boy, is the most excited of all. But there’s a cloud over the joyous season: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Pa hasn’t returned yet from his trip to Lansing. He promised to bring back the oranges for the mantelpiece. Every year there are nine of them nestled among the evergreens, one for each of the children. But this year, heavy snows might mean no oranges . . . and, worse, no Pa!
This is a holiday story close to Patricia Polacco’s heart. Frankie was her grandmother’s youngest brother, and every year she and her family remember this tale of a little boy who learned–and taught–an important lesson about giving, one Christmas long ago

15. Santa’s Story

Santa's Story
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03/18/2024 01:03 am GMT

Title: Santa’s Story

Author: Will Hillenbrand

Santa is ready to leave on Christmas Eve, but he can’t find the reindeer anywhere. Dasher is busy dashing, Donner is dozing, and Cupid is crooning. It isn’t until Santa remembers their annual tradition―reading a Christmas story together―that the reindeer are ready.

Reindeer merriment abounds in this charming yuletide tale about honoring the celebration of holiday customs with those you love.

16. If I Were Saint Nick

Title: If I Were Saint Nick: A Christmas Story

Author: Random House

After receiving a letter from Santa Claus, the Cat in the Hat contemplates how HE would run Christmas differently if put in charge of the “Whole North Pole Show.”  Among the things he’d change: dressing his “elves”—Thing One and Thing Two—in Toy Making Sweaters with real “tricks up their sleeves;” wrapping presents in singing gift wrap; using Cane Cranes to lift giant candy canes up into four-story tall stockings; and designing a new expandable Santa Suit to store all the cookies and snacks people leave him!

17. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
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03/18/2024 01:19 am GMT

Title: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Author: Dr. Seuss 

The Grinch, whose heart is two sizes too small, hates Who-ville’s holiday celebrations, and plans to steal all the presents to prevent Christmas from coming. To his amazement, Christmas comes anyway, and the Grinch discovers the true meaning of the holiday.

18. The Christmas Blessing

Title: The Christmas Blessing

Author: Erin Guendelsberger

On this divine night in Bethlehem, a voice calls down to a group of animals gathered in a stable. It’s time to welcome a special arrival, the Savior who will gift the world with love and grace. Will the different animals be able to set aside all of their differences, come together, and work in harmony to have the manger ready in time? 

19. Santa’s Lost Reindeer

Title: Santa’s Lost Reindeer

Author: Rachel Hilz

A hilarious Christmas tale that is sure to get everyone laughing!

Santa’s Lost Reindeer is a humous story that follows a frazzled Santa through a search for his missing reindeer.

20. The Spider Who Saved Christmas *Beautiful Illustrations*

The Spider Who Saved Christmas
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03/18/2024 06:08 pm GMT

Title: The Spider Who Saved Christmas

Author: Raymond Arroyo

Radiating the wondrous spirit of the season, The Spider Who Saved Christmas rekindles an ancient legend, casting new light on the story we thought we knew. Created by New York Times Bestselling Author Raymond Arroyo (with illustrations by Randy Gallegos), The Spider Who Saved Christmas spins the enchanting faith-filled tale of Nephila, a cave-dwelling spider who plays a pivotal role central to the Christmas story. This instant classic reveals the origin of Christmas tinsel and reminds us that hope can always be found even in dark places where we least expect it. 

21. 12 Days of Christmas (Lego Version!)

12 Days of Christmas (LEGO)
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03/18/2024 06:18 pm GMT

Title: 12 Days of Christmas 

Author: Margaret Wang

The holiday season can get a little kooky—especially when LEGO® friends come to visit. Get ready for Christmas with an ever-growing cast of merry guests, including festive robots and pirates. Inspired by an all-new video that puts a silly LEGO® spin on “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” this full-color hardcover picture book is sure to thrill boys and girls ages 3 to 7—and collectors of all ages.

22. The Christmas Surprise

The Christmas Surprise
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03/18/2024 06:23 pm GMT

Title: The Christmas Surprise 

Author: Steph Williams

This simple and biblically-faithful little book will teach toddlers all about the first Christmas. Fun illustrations will engage young children as they listen to God’s word. Notes at the back unpack the Bible story.

23. Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story

Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story
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03/18/2024 07:13 pm GMT

Title: Tough Cookie

Author: Edward 

Once upon a time, while Fox was visiting the land of Holiday Treats, a little cookie―still warm from the bakery oven―burst out the front door looking sweet and ready to be devoured. But, as it turns out, Cookie is not as fast as he thinks and when Fox finally catches him, they’re both in for a big surprise: Sugar Cookie does not taste delicious―and he’s certainly not fit to be eaten. What’s an unsavory cookie to do? Is there another option for this not-so-sweet treat?

This inventive story celebrates the joy of being accepted for who we are.

24. The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man Padded Hardcover Christmas Storybook
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03/18/2024 07:18 pm GMT

Title: The Gingerbread Man

Author: Gail Yerrill

“Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Follow the gingerbread man as he runs from the old woman, the old man, pig, cow, and horse, and meets a sly fox. This padded storybook of the classic fairy tale features engaging text and delightful, colorful illustrations by Gail Yerrill. Designed to encourage vocabulary development and help children read aloud, this story uses large font types and vibrant, contemporary illustrations to help early learning skills. It’s a perfect addition to any children’s library.

25. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend


Title: Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

Author: Julie Stiegemeyer

Many parents and teachers struggle with how to approach the Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus dilemma. Many deal with this by telling children that the legends surrounding Santa Claus are based on a real, historical figure named Nicholas, a Christian bishop known for his generosity.

This picture book presents a shortened, somewhat fictionalized version of the life of Saint Nicholas, explaining that Nicholas was a servant of God and that, through him, God’s love was reflected to others. The story touches on the ministry of Nicholas and his generous gift of a dowry to three young girls as a response to God’s love in Jesus. And it brings application to our own lives as we, too, respond with grateful hearts to God’s great gift of love to us.

When Is The Best Time To Read Children’s Christmas Books?

Christmas tree made of books

I know, right?

Christmas is so busy that you barely have time to breathe. Who has the time or energy to leisurely sit and read?

Christmas morning is a whirlwind of wrapping paper and chaos, so I would recommend giving this Christmas gift a little early. Give yourself and your child time to enjoy this great book all season long!

You can read while your child does Christmas crafts, while sipping hot chocolate, after decorating the tree, or while listening to Christmas carols.

You could also have your child work on the below Christmas activities while you read:

Nativity Coloring Pages

Printable Christmas Ornaments To Color

Salt Dough Ornament Activity

All of these options will make beautiful Christmas memories. I mean seriously, what better way could you spend your holiday time? 

Throw in some classic Christmas movies and a candy cane and you’ll have nailed it as a parent this year!

What would you add to this list of Christmas books for kindergarteners?

Drop it in the comments below!

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